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  1. Yikes...not the best week. Drank both Friday, Saturday and Sunday (at a hotel and then at a wedding shower). Drank 2 bottles of wine in the last 3 days. Have been eating whatever (not Paleo and not "healthy" either) and have not done any workouts. So it was a bad week....BUT...I started a new job on Monday with my company...working in the same building but different department. I have to go thru 6 weeks of training and pass tests and stuff..ugh..haven't done that in years...so, I'm under some pressure and stress. I'm moving to the one department I said I never would work in, because it's TOO hard. A friend talked me into it. So, lots of points for me for facing my fear of failure and going for it. I get a pay raise too, which is always welcome. I'm having Easter dinner at home so I've got cleaning and cooking to do this weekend. Next week I plan on doing much better. The $$$ goal is going ok..have had a few conversations with my husband and am now tracking spending via mint.com...next is coming up with an agreed upon plan...
  2. You're doing great. Especially considering how much you care and do for other people. So yeah, keep on keepin on and you'll get to that better place! Sara
  3. Grayfang--thanks for stopping by my thread. I looked at your goals too. I'm transitioning to Paleo too...mainly, trying to get in the habit of having stuff cooked and ready to go. My wine/drinking goal is a difficult one. Don't wanna give it up entirely. I'm okay if I have it when I go out, but when I drink at home I usually drink too much simply because it's there. It puts me in a good mood, but my 8 yr. old notices that when I drink I don't pay as much attention to him...(or give him too much annoying attention lol!)...I go off in my own "fun" world I guess...which is why I like it and my family does not. My sister that died was like a second mom to him...he spent a lot of time with her. She didn't drink at all...I just gotta step up here for him. Sometimes, I fail...but I will keep trying. I love your hobby goal. Maybe the next challenge I'll do something similar. Have a good weekend! Sara
  4. Thanks. I will take you up on that if the need arises...I almost talked myself out of it-- I am doing this challenge after all. But what's done is done. Won't do it this week.
  5. Good job this week. It's hard to eat right and exercise when traveling. Glad you got out with the group too.
  6. Ugh...drank a bottle of wine last night at home...I'm not supposed to be doing that. It's been a stressful week and I found myself pulling into the liquor store on my way home from work--of course, I wish I wouldn't have done it...oh well. Live and learn...again. Went to my uncle's funeral on Tues.-- found out he committed suicide...he was a great guy-always smiling and fun to be around. So sad. Called my brother to talk about some stuff, and the conversation turned kinda ugly toward me for no apparent reason...I wasn't expecting that, and it's got me feeling really down today. The last few years have been tough for our family. We lost our mom in 2011 and our "favorite" sister in Aug 2012--both to cancer. Family dynamics are shifting and it's uncomfortable. My sister was the safe haven I could talk with about whoever or whatever was bothering me. I feel fearful and vulnerable without her. I'm doing this challenge because I need to keep myself going and am trying to move forward in a positive direction. Life just is so different for me now. Gotta work this weekend. I did make some Paleo food, so I'm eating pretty well and I've gotten some workouts in...all is not lost!
  7. You're doing a great job preparing for your trek-- It's fun to follow your progress! It'll be REALLY cool to hear about it! Keep going strong! Sara
  8. You're doing great! Congrats on the 2 lbs. I wanna try those buffalo wings....yum! Handstands and Burpees...wow! Keep up the good work....
  9. Overall, I did pretty well last week. I did 2 full body workouts and 1 30 min. Hiit cardio walk/run outside....hmm...I should be doing 3 of those..but, twice I took William to the park (walked) and played basketball in the snow. That was some exercise. For now, I'm kinda sticking to the Hiit cardio/weight training routine, because I'm an old Body-for-Life girl and I know the system works. I'm glad to get away from eating 6 freakin times a day. That was a pain--I like Paleo much better. After this challenge I'll look at doing more caveman style workouts. Too much to take on at once! The money goal is going ok. Got set up on mint.com. Now, need to get serious about tracking and spend less. Lots of random expenses coming up this month....ugh...my Paleo goal for the week went great. Made plenty of food to pack my lunches and a crust less quiche that's been great to have on hand for a quick breakfast. Under the current grading system I'm working on, here's what I get.... Workouts- C plus- 1 cardio 1 workout with free weights (full body) The plus is for playing basketball (physical activities that are not official workouts, but are still exercise.) Paleo- B- cooked a Paleo meal (quiche) made mayo pre-cooked some meats and a vegetable to have on hand Drinking habit- A- went out one night this week. Drank one Cosmo, and 2 glasses of red wine, with water in between. I'm very happy with my progress here..not an easy one for me! Money- Working on my grading system for this goal. In order to feel positive and keep going with it I'm going to give myself an A cause I need to think positiveand move forward with it. No failing allowed on this one! A- accounts are on mint.com Talked to husband about tracking spending (now it's the doing that needs to happen) Payed some monthly bills-some a little over what I need to in order to catch up and get current. The rest will be paid today or tommorrow. So, all in all a good week. Room for improvement for sure, but I'm pleased with my effort so far.
  10. Great to get those compliments. Keep going strong Monster!
  11. I love Paleo. Most days it goes really well. I'm getting into the planning part of it. I did a W30 back in July, and it really helped to clarify what exactly I should and shouldn't have. I sometimes have things I shouldn't, but it's a lot less frequent.. I decided I'm a horrible "tracker" and it doesn't really help me much anyway. So, I just try to eat clean most of the time. But if I have some fruit juice, or fruit snacks or a piece of candy...I don't stress over it. The more I learn to cook and have Paleo food and snacks at the ready, the easier it will be. Thanks for stopping by! Sara
  12. I make a double batch of homemade mayo from the Well Fed cookbook. I use it for mayo and as a base for homemade salad dressings. I love it and will be figuring out even more ways to use it!
  13. Cool! I haven't been able to get my wedding band OFF in years. It bugs me, but most days I don't really notice...you got me thinking about it now! Seriously, keep up the good work! Sara work!
  14. First thing this morning I found out that my favorite uncle died. He was 84--which isn't young, but so far all we've been told is that he has been depressed and may have "over medicated" himself. This makes me so sad. Growing up, he was so great with us kids..took us to the community pool and Dairy Queen countless hot summer nights when he wasn't at the fire station. In recent years he's been super involved with his grandkids and even up on all the cool TV shows-- an active guy. I knew he was a recovering alcoholic, but didn't know he suffered from depression....RIP uncle Don...and thanks for the memories. On a good note, I did my workout which was both upper and lower body with free weights. So, not an easy day, but a good one so far for my goals. And that's why I'm here-to be accountable and move forward! I got even more done today. I made Paleo mayo...a double batch so I have enough to last about 10 days...I made crustless quiche with Brussels sprouts and chicken sausage in it. I made some bacon. I bought Larabars yestersday. Took my son and his friend to the park again to play basketball in the snow. Did all the laundry and dishes. I'm prepared to work my job for the next 4 10 hr. days...
  15. Yeah...bummer. I wanted to post some pics. I'll still do it...eventually.
  16. Doing great. Took my 8 yr old William to the school playground to shoot hoops yesterday....in the SNOW! Crazy, but we had a blast playing HORSE and PIG. He was surprised at how good I was at shooting, and I was surprised at how good he was too. So it was fun and we played until our hands got too cold and then we walked home. Ate Primal..no cheats. Today, I did a 30 min Hiit walk/run outside. Going out to watch college basketball game with my husband and son...will drink responsibly which for me means no more than 3 drinks! Will make good food choices too, I promise..... I did it. I talked to my husband about tracking our expenses in order to see where we're at so we can come up with a plan and he agreed we need to do it. Didn't resist at all. We are going to start tomorrow! :) . I got all my accounts on mint.com! Yeah me, I'm winning at this challenge!
  17. Awesome work. You're clearly determined to reach your goals, and take care of your family at the same time. Good luck this weekend! Sara
  18. I especially like your clothing goal. I tend to buy the same stuff, (styles, colors etc.) and I need to wear more stylish clothes. Something to think about when I go thru my closest again.. I have a wedding to go to in May, and will be needing a dress. Since I'll be in decent shape again, it'll be fun to buy one. Never been inside the White/ Black store, but I'll look there when I'm ready . Keep up the great work! Sara
  19. Sorry about the stew, but glad you had well deserved fun at the beer joint. I checked out ufyh...i can see how taking pictures could be motivating. I have a brother that's a bonafide hoarder. He bought a new home with his wife and kids in 2004,but kept the other one full of stuff. He was supposed to change his ways, but he filled up the basement and garage in the new home too....his wife left him 4yrs ago. His sons now live in the first house and have gotten rid of almost everything. It bugs my brother, but he's been over there painting the rooms. The house is getting transformed. And hopefully, he's learning something and will at least try to improve...we always call him first when we want or need some obscure thing--lol...he usually has it. And he know where most of the stuff is. He packs it up in an orderly fashion. Keep up the good work! Sara
  20. So far so good today. Did my full body workout with free weights. Eating Paleo. Getting ready to post my starting point stats and point system. Wanted to upload pics from my ipad but it seems I can't do it without Flash player which the ipad doesn't have. (Unless there's a way I haven't figured out). I haven't been on a regular computer for a LONG time...except at work of course. I would like to post photos here sometimes, so I might have to dig out the old laptop. Grrrrr....
  21. I'm going to tackle the first step of talking to my husband tomorrow after I figure out what needs to be paid this week. It'll be a good time to broach the subject. It's definately an emotionally charged issue for us...and has been all 28 years we've been married. It's a loooong story....hard to turn the ship around, but we're not getting any younger so we must get a grip. Thanks for the encouragement! Sara
  22. Interesting to hear about your adventure in China. I would definately have a hard time with those living conditions and the food situation. Your goals look great. I just found and joined this site recently. I've noticed there are many smart and educated people on here doing doing cool stuff with their lives. Lots of aspiring writers too. Have a great week! Sara
  23. Always good to start out strong and feelin' it especially on a Monday! Sara
  24. Hope you had a good first week of the challenge! Sara
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