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  1. Wow...I can't wait to hear about it. Cool grandpa! Sara
  2. Thanks Ãœber, I've never heard of her. I'll check it out...cause yeah, the biggest struggle is getting on the same page!
  3. Yesterday was great. I did my full body workout with weights and a 25 min. Hiit walk/run outdoors. I ate Paleo for the most part. I allowed myself some white rice and cheese on my pork Chipotle bowl....no beans, corn, sour cream, or chips. I do eat dairy, but am going to be limiting it a lot for this challenge. I've done a W30...I know dairy agrees with me if I don't overdo it. For dinner, I made some ground beef (organic) and cooked up some kale w/ tomatoes/garlic/and see kerrygold shredded cheese.....and topped it with homemade mayo I made the other day.....yum! Last night I joined Mint.com. Today, I will pay some bills and have that talk with my husband about tracking money. Mint.com will be a huge help with knowing where we're at and setting goals. Also today, will be doing my walk/run outside.
  4. Thanks M...appreciate the support. I will be checking out Mint.com tonight!
  5. Thanks Ryan. I'm familiar with Dave Ramsey and do like his program. My challenge is getting my husband on the same page. I don't know why, but he puts up major resistance to following advice or doing an official plan. I get frustrated with him and try to do stuff on my own, but it hasn't really worked. Lately, I just avoid the whole issue which isn't good either. Today I'm going to suggest to him that we start tracking our spending--all of it. We need to start there! Hopefully, if I show I'm serious about this stuff and won't back away e minute it becomes difficult, we'll get somewhere. It'll be good for me to be accountable here! Sara
  6. I like the idea of a 6 week challenge. It's the right amount of time to get something accomplished with focused intensity and effort. So, here are my goals: 1. My first goal is to get back to regular workouts. For now, I will do HIIT cardio 3 x per week and full body weight training 2 x per week. I'll do the cardio on M, W and either F, S or Sunday...and the weights on T and Th. 2. My second goal is to go Paleo. I've been working on switching to a Paleo diet, but need to take it to the next level. I will do this by planning meals and shopping trips each Tuesday. I will be organized and well prepared to fight off temptation! 3. My third health/fitness goal is a tough one--drinking less wine. I usually drink 1-2 bottles of red wine per week....and I love it. But, there are reasons for me personally that this is not good and needs to change. So, I'm sad but hopefully ready to get rid of the wine habit. I will do this by only drinking in social situations-not buying wine to drink at home by myself. I'm sure I'll feel like going out more...and I'm ok with that for now. If I can stop making those beloved runs to the liquor store, it'll be a huge win for me. 4. My level up my life goal....well, I actually have several but I know I need to focus on one. The most important thing for me to do now is figure out my finances. I need to have an actual money plan in place. This is somewhat difficult for me as my husband and I have a terrible financial track record and do not communicate well about money issues. It's imperative that I push past the uncomfortableness and deal with the seriousness of this issue. Our bad habits have cost our marriage and our lives a lot in terms of peace and prosperity and I'm not going to let that happen anymore. So, I need to do hard stuff and be serious and persevering about making the necessary changes. Each Tuesday, I will have a conversation with my husband about money, and will implement an agreed upon action. By the end of 6 weeks, our plan will be fully written and implemented.
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