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  1. That was close to my other suggestion, which was 'go get a job in a lumberyard'.
  2. Big-ass sandbag. I like the one from Mountain Athlete as it is bombproof. Get used to picking it up & walking it in a bear hug. Add sand over the months until it's at or over your fiancé's weight. The bag will be WAY harder to manage than your fiancé, which will help a ton. When I was carrying a 150# sandbag around my house as a finisher I could pretty easily cary people who were 200# +.
  3. It's a funny thing, really. I learned from a few RKC folks, but when I did the Crossfit KB cert with former RKC Jeff Martone, he was clearly pleased that my snatches were as close as is reasonable with a non-competition bell to GS style. They are much, much easier on the body. That said, the AKC, at least when I took their course in about 2007, had some aspects of what they taught that just seemed outright 'incorrect' for anything other than sport training. I love the tension techniques that come from Pavel, it's something to counter all of the whack stuff that the ACSM and such groups teach (or at least used to teach, I've been out of the loop for ages on that stuff)- like not holding your breath during maximal lifts!
  4. Yeah, right?! I was reading s bunch of stuff from Jason Ferruggia, and decided to join his paid site, which is really dead-on perfect for me. Nice mix of strength work, in a lot of ranges I tend to avoid, with programmed mobility & sprint work. All the shit I avoid, all in one place.
  5. It is! The designer is MUCH better at this than I am, and it's a very supportive group. I'll still pop in to other threads I expect, but it doesn't make sense to post his stuff in public as it is his intellectual property.
  6. Justa note that I am killing my log here. I have decided to outsource my programming to someone else and will be doing all my tracking on their internal site. I'll still come & see what y'all are doing from time to time! all the best- Vector
  7. When I was about 15, a woman I know demanded that when I received a compliment, I was to respond 'thank you for noticing'! I didn't say it, but THINKING it helped!
  8. This whole journal is the most beautiful thing I have read in a long, long while. Thank you.
  9. Yeah, I use them downstream only to keep some dirt from washing down the hill. I've got cedar logs from trees I took down for the stuff that is actually anywhere near anything we eat! Heavy bastards, indeed!
  10. I love the IT hoodlum pic!
  11. Sept. 17 2014 Deload (fail!) Today I tore apart an 18 foot long planter left here by the previous homeowners. Made of railroad cross ties. Relocated the ties, half nearby, the other half down the hill and into the garden. Fuckers are heavy, but other than one jammed finger and a few scrapes, I won. Hell of a workout!
  12. Twilight- exactly! In time the pets learn to stay clear, or you get new ones!
  13. This is a fantastic read! Thank you for journaling it for us. Sleep well, little Catspaw.
  14. I do my snatches GS style, as the hard style snatch just makes no sense to me. Given that, to build up to lots of reps I used a big wall clock with a sweep second hand (this is what I learned from the AKC). Start with an easy number for you, be that five or six, whatever. Divided the minute by that number. So lets say it's six snatches. Now do those six over the course of a minute. Start when the second hand is at 12 o'clock, do your first snatch, hold it at the top until the second had is at 2 o'clock, send it down & snatch, hold it at the top, send it down & snatch at 4 o'clock, etc, etc. It's great for the shoulder & traps as well, due to the time in the top position. Do a couple of one minute sessions, with a few-ten minutes break between, then add 10, 20, 30 seconds. Speed up over time, to 8 in a minute, ten in a minute, but always controlling the pace. It's a very interesting way to train, which I have not done for years and should!
  15. I think you will love this! MUCH nicer than Detroit!
  16. I think you are pretty awesome! Just saying. I knew a very excellent young lady about 20 years ago. She had some similar issues/concerns. It was really unpleasant for her. She lucked into a roommate, a girl from Russia, whose standard response was 'well fuck _____!'. After a year of every time she said 'I don't think he could ever like me' "well fuck him!", 'I am a shitty student' "fuck you, I wish I was a s good of a student as you", 'they dont don't understand me' "then they are stupid!", 'but it all messes with my head' "fuck you and your head, you are awesome, and I am right. Don't try to deny it" she was much less contained by it all. It was still there, but she had learned to roll right over it. So maybe try to imagine a really abrasive, supportive friend to speak truth to you, and do what she says. As Shoma Morita said: "Give up on yourself. Begin taking action now, while being neurotic or imperfect, or a procrastinator or unhealthy or lazy or any other label by which you inaccurately describe yourself. Go ahead and be the best imperfect person you can be and get started on those things you want to accomplish before you die." Which you are already doing, from what I can see.
  17. Trying to grow a brain! Seems like it might work this time!
  18. STRENGTH, Deload day 1 Sept. 16 2014 row 10/15/15 push up 10/15/10 squat 10/20/20 1ldl 10/15/10 kb c&p ladder 35# 123,123 Nice & easy.
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