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  1. STRENGTH Sept. 14 2014 3x5+ dips +5 5/5/10 3x5+ ring row 5/5/7 clean wm4dl 60/80/100/110 x2 3x5+ dl 140/5,165 5/5 2x8 rdl 120 8/8 neck + grip 4way, cb/62 Good session. about 50 minutes. Stretch.
  2. Strength Sept. 12 2014 walk, glute activations ohp 80#x 5/5/8 ^ pull ups bbx 5/5/5 ^ fs 90#x 5/5/8 ^ push up 17/15/10 ring row (easy) 17/14/10 stretch Very good, wrists not fully compliant on front squats, but not bad. All felt great.
  3. I personally would find a well-regarded Sports Medicine Dr. to work with. They specialize in keeping people active when their bodies conspire against them.
  4. Congrats on a very effective three years of work, Waldo.
  5. Man, I was hardly around for this one!
  6. I'm done with the challenges for now. Here is the log: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/53671-vectors-bloody-hammer/
  7. Done with the challenges for now. This is the log. I am 47, working on getting stronger (again) and getting done with fixin' what's broke only to break it again. So while this is a strength program, it's heavily bent towards my back. I am also trying a lunar cycle of deloads during the third quarter to full moon. My biggest stumbling block is pushing too hard too soon, so I will be reining in my rambunctious side if at all possible. Working a three day a week (ish) schedule.
  8. Strength 9/10/2014 walk, a few push ups & rows, DROM dips 5/5/15 -knew this should be weighted, but wanted to see where I was at! ring row, feet elev. 5/5/8 dl 160 5/5 rdl 140 8, 120 8 face pulls 15 rear delt pull 15 45 minutes on the button, good session.
  9. Toys! The UPS lady brought toys! Rogue Cannonball grips & MWOD Gemini...all very nice. The Gemini seemed wildly expensive, and it is, but it is really the perfect peanut. Tracks beautifully, glad I pressed play. The 'balls are awesome! There's a lot of crazy play to be done with them! They work great on the ring straps...
  10. Weekly recap: Great week. One of those '4 sessions in a week' weeks you get when train every other day. Yesterday made it clear that I will have to watch & see if I should go to 3x week, as it was a rough grind. Played a ton of guitar, read a lot, meditated some. Getting back into disciplined mode after a crash & burn when I hurt my back, maybe before then. Looking at some things on reddit I came across this: http://www.reddit.com/r/getdisciplined/comments/2dd7yh/advice_peacehs_guide_to_becoming_disciplined/ Which while not in any way (nor is it trying to be) comprehensive, is a very nice write up that could be very useful to some folks, as the topic of habits & discipline comes up a lot here. My wife has been gone for almost a week now, and as always when she leaves I have watched a lot of fights. Jon Jones & Ronda Rousey have the best attitudes! I also enjoyed Shinobi: Heart Under Blade as well. Soon it's back to the normal netflix programming, when she's gone it's all martial arts in one form or another!
  11. Strength: Walk, halo, goblet squat, waters walk, DROM. FS 70# 5/5/5 OHP 80# 6/6/6/6 Pull up 5 wide grip pull from below knee 130/150/170/190 x3 No power today, all straight grind. Felt good, however!
  12. On Caturday you could do something simple and fun, like make a 50# sandbag to leave at work and use it for a 'variety circuit'. I did that at the last job I had and it did good shit for me. Eventually ended up with about 70# in the bag, doing shouldering, presses, burpees (just kill me!), and just picking it up and tossing it behind me, switching shoulder each rep. I ended up making a rebounder with two tires and played slam-bag which I actually think I need to start again. That was a good time, and helped my back a lot, which I need again. Burpees with 25# in each hand are good, if you have dumbbells at work.
  13. You wrote: "On the topic of religion, I have been considering going pagan. The issue with this is I'd feel bad because I respect paganism and I know I wouldn't be a sincere pagan. I'd treat it, despite my best intentions, as sort of a whimsical indulgence. I'd feel like a tourist and I would feel like a fake. The reason I entertain the idea is I love the stories of Norse and Greek myth. Well all myth, really. So I think Jack Donovan has a great idea: worship Crom. I love the Conan stories, it's a god that is pagan and requires little ritual, and I can be half hearted and not offend anyone. " Well, there's the Pagan side of things which is indeed usually 'religious' in the most normally used sense, and then there is the kind of pagan which is more of an animist/sorcerous approach. It accepts that we are in a big living system, and that we can interact with/on it it & it can and does interact with/on us. I do use the 'concept' of various gods, but I am not religious in the normal sense. They are faces & names for things that may not have faces or names, in my experience. Keys rather than 'people'. Ritual is take-it-or-leave-it, as well. I guess it depends on whether the focus is religion or practice, or both. Then again, I am somewhat peculiar and do not consider myself Pagan at all. I do talk to the Spirits, and my life is better for it. But then I think that sorcery is really the Ur-culture of humanity.
  14. The bands are great! You will love them! Lovely pictures, super beautiful.
  15. I hate all the crunch type things. TGU's, Planks, & leg raises I can handle, but no crunches! Years ago, when I was 37, I went to an out door punk show with my son & a couple of his friends. Got hit on by one of their friends, which was hysterical when I told her who I was. I've never seen an 18 year old look that mortified! Shaved head, black flag T-shirt, in the dark...I guess I was just another dude! She's was super awesome, actually, now that I think about. She came up and introduced herself a couple of weeks later and thanked me for being chill and very politely NOT interested!
  16. Great work on everything so far! I was massively overextended financially for a long time, and when I quite the gym, drinking, smoking, and eating out...well, all was well in the world! Of finances, at least. I wish you great success in nailing it all down.
  17. Strength 9/5/2014 Walk, waiters walk, DROM DL 100/120/140/160180x5 Dips 10/10/10/8 RDL 140x8, 120x10 Push Up 12/12 Ring Row 12/12 Farmers 44/53 x2 Very good, wasn't sure how it would go as I had a bit of a knot in my upper back, but it was fine. Major upper body pump from this workout, which is amusing!
  18. We have a whole lot of personality traits in common, that is for sure. I've always blamed it on the planets. Also, that Outgoing Introvert thing is right on the money!
  19. I think we may have similar pull up bars! Mine is quite thick, too, which I have come to like. Here is mine, with a band, the ring straps, and the neutral grips I use. Waiting for the new stupid toys I bought yesterday, which are these awesome 3" steel globes. I figure while I am building up my elbows I may as well build up my grip!
  20. Man, I hear ALL of that. I came from 'the other side'. I was a rail thin dude with a love of drugs, so when I hit the gym for the first time at 30, I weighed 145 and was soft as shit. So now I hang out at 180-190, but I seriously would have to do crazy shit with my diet to get ripped, and I'm not so sure I care. Shit, I wasn't really lean when I was running 50+ miles a week in the mountains. I also get the introvert/persona thing. I am not a real 'bonding' type. My wife, a couple of friends, that's it. And I am OK with it. But I know it is considered odd at best, dickish at worst. My wife and I joke that we had to marry each other because no one else would accept that neither of us in any way, shape, or form 'need' each other nor are we willing to pretend we do. It's a wiring thing, I think. Early on I learned that I should really only trust myself, and as Anton LaVey said (paraphrased) trust everyone else to act like humans. Have you read Marcus Aurelius? His 'Meditations' is my go to book when I am in the space I think you are in. I like the Long translation, some of the newer ones dumb it down IMO. I think you are in a good place, actually. Maybe not a pleasant place, but a place you can really shift things from once you pick a direction.
  21. 9/3/2014 Strength B.walk, DROM, fs: 60# 5/5 70# 5/5 ohp 70# 8 80# 6/6/6/6 pull up black 5/5/5 elev. push 12/12 bar row 120# 8/8 Stretch! Front squats felt fine. Wrist position better than I remembered. The rows were much harder than I expected.
  22. It's a weird time, right now. I'm actually having to devise strategies to keep things cooking along, as I feel like just...just. But it'll pass. I think I will move my challenges into a Log, as I am not really challenge oriented, anyway. But having a place to record the work keeps me at it better, and having the occasional other mind taking a peek helps as well. That zip line thing sounds awesome!
  23. I've done things like this with dice...but I 'semi-programmed' it. So I had a main lift or two, but randomized all the accessories, HIIT, cardio, etc. Worked well when I wan't trying to go somewhere in particular.
  24. I learned with the bands! Never could learn the movement w/o them. GTG with as much assistance as needed. Now, post the elbow tendon problems of last year, I am back with the bands, which allow me to do the movement without pain, working my way back tot the unassisted.
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