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  1. Recap: Did really well, especially coming out of the back spazz. Got my strength work in, noticed the lunar cycle issue, and actually paid attention to it. I've totally shifted my workout, as usual, to focus on three things: 1) bombproof the low back. Realized I have not been programming to overcome the weak points, so they stay weak and keep failing. No more! 2) overall posterior chain focus (see above). Deadlifts, RDL's, pull ups, barbell & ring rows make up the majority of the work. Starting light on all of these, treating it as an accumulation & hypertrophy period...actually, viewing the whole shebang that way. More on that later! 3) best 'bang for buck' pressing work. I've always been strong at dips, and used to be a decent presser. The pushups & pike pushups have been doing good shit for me, so they are in as the assistance press work. Working on a 4-6x5-8 on the main movements, and 2-4x8-12 on the accessories. Started with very low weights & will progress as slow as I can. Added in 35grams of protein to the diet via ON Natural Whey. Immediate improvement in mood, that's for sure, so now I am hitting right at 200gm a day. Read: Base Building by Paul Carter (sort of an ideological adjunct to Easy Strength by Dan John & Pavel, in an attempt to get me to back the fuck down into working mainly in the 75%-80% range), Oryx & Crake by Margaret Atwood (awesome!), and started The Dog Stars by Peter Heller (which is a fantastic end of the world book so far, full of heart. On it's way to being my favorite doom book, up there with Into The Forest by Jean Hegland). Played: A ton of guitar, got one decent track recorded. Need to find out if they still make my fav reverb plug in, Resonance. "all in all, a pretty good day"
  2. I've suggested this post to a number of women that have had great success with the approach: http://www.bodytribe.com/2013/01/17/how-women-can-do-pull-ups/
  3. STRENGTH A: Tuff Gnarl warm, walk, weedwhacker, drom dl: 80/100/120/140 x5 dips: 6/6/6/6/ RDL: 100# 10/10/10 Pike Push: 10/10 Ring Row:12/12/12 Stretch! very good, feels like I did not do enough…i.e., perfection!
  4. Looks like another awesome week. Good work, you!!
  5. So sorry about the toe! Thinking 'not broken' thoughts in your direction...
  6. The last time I packed more shit than I could carry on was freight hopping across the US & Canada. Many are the things that died along that road. After that, never again! I usually consider it a great success if I am forced to buy something I need when traveling now.
  7. 8/30/2014 Walk, DROM, and APT work to warm. Goblet Squat 35# OHP 60# Assisted Pull Ups 4.4.4 BOR 80# 12.12.12 Push Ups 12.12.12 Stretch.
  8. You sound like you need to listen to some Earl Nightingale. Search 'The Strangest Secret' on youtube. It's something like 70 years old and still incredibly awesome.
  9. Rif & his wife, Tracy are great inspirations. Rif was a gymnast, then powerlifter, then WAY fucked up. He is a testament to the ability to overcome. We both had the same six month period at one point where we didn't get derailed by old damage a couple years ago, and I don't think anyone who hadn't been as messed up as we were could understand the milestone! Funny, I don't know the guy but have always liked him. Tracy is amazing for her journey as well, as she decided to lose 100+ # and keep it off largely via diet and the kettle bell swing. Her blog is full of awesome food.... http://tracysfoodandthought.blogspot.com
  10. What Amdhiel said above was my staple for more than a decade...I'd oven or slow cook a weeks worth of meat on the weekend, and everything else was veg I could do eat as a raw salad. The rice cooker is your best friend if you are eating rice, as well.
  11. Just to hammer it home...learn to cook. Even if you eat the same thing every day, you can still eat well & inexpensively if you cook all your own food.
  12. I am lucky in that I live about an hour and a half from Hi Temp, and they sell seconds of their bumpers at the factory for not too much $. That's what will be on the pipe bar, which will live outside.
  13. Also, I have the CAP barbell version of this, and it works fine for me. I admit that I hate the spin-lock collars, and will someday buy an 0ly set again as they are just much better...but it works fine for what I am doing right now. The drawbacks of the standard bars are that they usually are only good (and this is for a one piece solid bar) for 250-300# max, they aren't wide enough for snatches, and the lack of rotating sleeves can be an irritation id you want to snatch & clean. The spin locks are also a pain for the clean, as one side wants to spin tighter while the other wants to spin looser during your cleans. But for basic barbell work, it's fine. My next cheap bar will be a schedule 40 pipe fat bar to use for deads & rows, to use with ply plates...
  14. Good article! Dan John is great. The interview on the Starting Strength site with him & Rip is great. And yeah- high rep squats seriously suck, but do great things for muscle mass! Lastly, Dan is a heck of a nice guy, spent a weekend at his school gym about 7 years ago. Strong as shit, too.
  15. Play It Again Sports is often good for this.
  16. When I was doing the Super Squats programs back in the late '90's I lived in Ben Davis work pants.
  17. Great article on the Strongfirst site from Mark Reifkind: http://www.strongfirst.com/strong-mindstrong-body/
  18. 8/28/2014 Strength Warm with walking the dog & taking care of the chickens, them some APT correctives. RDL 90# x8x6 Interesting to see the video after the correctives, much better position. Dips x8x6 medium ring rows x15x3 push ups 10/8/7 stretch. All felt awesome.
  19. Raptron, it was just a case of catching myself saying "I can't fucking wait for the New Moon!'. I realized I say it every time. So I checked out my logs, as well as how I tended to o in the shop, and there was a clear correlation. Now to see if my approach will actually help!
  20. Twilight- I have had a the awareness that I have a shit week frequently. It's rough in the shop and in the gym as well. I also have this 'super powered' experience every few weeks, where I am super jazzed in the gym, as well as the shop, and more importantly, super efficient. I like to work, and do it VERY well at those times. So I started looking at when those times were...as well as when I tend to get minor injuries, wreck more pieces than usual in the shop, etc., and there is a clear lunar pattern. I kick ass from the New Moon until the Full, and do good from the Full until the 3rd Quarter. 3rd Quarter through the Dark Moon? SUCKS! I have a poor attitude, my sleep is not great, my recovery is the shits, and I make stupid mistakes in the shop & in the gym. So I think a Lunar Periodization makes awesome sense. Basically drop volume & intensity from 3rd Quarter through the Dark Moon, up the re- pre-hab, and then cruise. This should drop me rejuvenated & VERY ready to put out in the gym & the shop with less likelihood of time wasted due to injury or shop mis-haps. Will it work? Who knows. But I will find out!
  21. 8/26/2014 Strength Maintenance Today the back is fine again. Did a small workout to keep things up: diamond push up 3x10 ring row 3x8 BSS 3x10 then 3 sets of 20 in the easy ring row. I have made some absurd realizations looking at my logs, and will be adjusting training to a Lunar Cycle shortly.
  22. Sound like good plans for the sitch. Welcome (as if you weren't already aware of it) to the Darkside of Extreme Competency.
  23. Use the Monkey bars! They will help your other thing.... just saying!
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