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  1. my forearms have been on fire after doing focused grip work, definitely makes sense. i know you were asking Urgan but jic you want moar opinions, i count my steps for farmer's walks. so i look super crazy silently counting steps to myself while i walk around the gym with big dumbbells. (PLEASE NO ONE TALK TO ME OR I WILL LOSE COUNT)
  2. Week 0 – Monday haven’t got back to regularly scheduled workouts yet, will be on that tomorrow morning! I did get 8h45m of sleep last night though calories: 3,846/14,000 weights: 0/3 cardio: 0/3 burpees: 0/60 yoga: 0/60 Tuesday PM: laundry, make casserole, make curry Wednesday AM: running & yoga PM: yoga Thursday AM: bench PM: laundry. dinner Friday AM: BW circuit & yoga PM: book club Saturday AM: hiking and brunch
  3. I’ve got my first 10K smack dab in the middle of this challenge. I will be attempting to prepare myself for this hell so here's the plan: lift 3x per week run/hike/cardio 3x per week - first two weeks will be running then the last two weeks will be any cardio i want burpees 3x per week: 20 per session yoga 60 mins per week stay within 2000cals per day or 14,000 cals per week life things to keep in mind 7/7 & 7/8: Wedding party duties for SO’s brother’s wedding 7/15: Gansett 10K 7/16: Dad’s bday brunch and Kevin Hearne 7/21 – 7/23: Saco River camping and canoe float 7/30: Garbage and Blondie
  4. Week 4 – Friday 30 minute walk in the morning. lots of being slow at work. at work: 3 planks @ 75s 1 wall sit @ 60s boat pose @ 60s lunges @ 60s each 15 mins of yoga when I got home, dropped off the dog with my mom, and packed up! Calories: 11,924/14,000 Weights: 2/2 Spartan: 2/5 Burpees: 40/60 Yoga: 60/60 Week 4 – Saturday got up at 3am, left the house by 530! we stopped in front of the “Entering Provincetown” sign to put some rings on it around 2,770 calories that day, ~700 of which were alcohol… 20 drunk burpees happened under the supervision of SO’s mom Calories: 14,695/14,000 Weights: 2/2 Spartan: 2/5 Burpees: 60/60 Yoga: 60/60
  5. 1:05 is AWESOME for a first spartan!! well done! so excited for ya, and yes OCRs are addictive this is awesome and totally can see it happening. what with ninja warrior and the crossfit games already being a thing
  6. typing?
  7. oh perfect! i was hoping i could omit that as well
  8. yes!! that's the one i found and pinned this morning
  9. wow! glad you are okay and hope the weather isn't too bad today. living in the northeast means we can handle a ocean-load of snow but have no idea what a tornado is. i've never heard of Chicken soboro donburi so i googled it and now i want it. did you order in or make it at home?
  10. Week 4 – Thursday goblets 45x5 65x5 back squats 85x5 105x5 115x6 walking DB lunges 4 sets of 16 with 30# DBs in each hand floor BB hip thrusts 45x10x4 and 3 mins running on the treadmill while SO finished up. my glutes are on fire. at work: 2 planks @ 75s 1 wall sit @ 60s chair pose @ 60s lunges @ 60s each skipped WOD as planned but then realized I didn’t take out the ground turkey to thaw for dinner. I ended up getting a chicken salad wrap from a nearby pizza place which was gross. womp. watched some Kimmy Schmidt, did some laundry and was in bed by 8:15. Calories: 9,617/14,000 Weights: 2/2 Spartan: 2/5 Burpees: 40/60 Yoga: 45/60 so I got 8 hours of sleep last night but I’m still feeling super tired this morning. decided on a 30 minute walk with puppers instead of a run/walk. but that also meant I forgot to yoga. will try to get in 15 minutes between tonight and tomorrow morn. I neeeeed to get to bed before 8pm tonight as we’re leaving for vaca before dawn.
  11. you really do find the best (strangest? terrifying? amazing?) gifs
  12. nice work on bench and squat!! i should pause squat next deload. maybe there should be a paused lifts mini next challenge... and YAY! gym frandssssssssss
  13. yikes! usually if this happens to me i can tag it back to something i consumed (or didn't). either that or heat exhaustion - but you're getting into colder weather right? i hope you can identify what might've caused it so you can avoid it happening again!