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  1. Mike Wazowski: Back to Basics

    And Misty!!
  2. Mike Wazowski: Back to Basics

    hahaha darth fred!! let's re-write the show first order of business. iron fist is a girl, that girl. and she saves the whiny man. her bff darth fred comes out in S2.
  3. Mike Wazowski: Back to Basics

    hahahaha awesome. also i determined (in those 5 mins of the last episode) that the son of the bad guy looks like a Fred Armisen character. that's interesting about the martial arts. i feel like the fight scenes in daredevil are SO GOOD as we were watching the defenders trailer last night, SO says, in all earnest, "oh good! as long as there are fight scenes in hallways, i'm happy"
  4. Mike Wazowski: Back to Basics

    same! never watched iron fist but i watched the trailer last night as well as the first 5 minutes of the last episode to just orient myself lol
  5. courtniemarie goes royal

    absolutely! although next time i cook them with cod i will bake them up a bit first. i thought bc there were only 3 strips that it wouldn't take long but they took much longer than the fish to get to crisp
  6. courtniemarie goes royal

    <.< >.> i haven't bought bacon in so long and i knew i wanted to make kahlua pork, but also used it for my egg casserole (bacon and roasted brussels? yes), and then had a few strips left overrrr sooo bacon all week!
  7. Barbell Brain for 200 Alex

    goofballs are seriously THE BEST
  8. Taddea Serfs Up in Ye Olde Renaissance

    love it when beer fits into your macros! not so much when dogs eat my bacon muscles....
  9. Barbell Brain for 200 Alex

    I will sacrifice myself as one of the Seven.
  10. courtniemarie goes royal

    Week 1 – Thursday OHP 45x5 60x3 65x3 75x5 incline bench 55x10x5 bent-over BB row 70x10x5 farmer’s walk 25# DBs for ~100 slow steps 20 burpees, timed them! took 2 mins and 9s 1 min pull up bar play at work: 2 planks @ 75s wall sit @ 60s boat pose @ 60s chair pose @ 60s 12 mins of yoga, baked cod fillets with a few pieces of bacon and steamed some broccoli on the side. Supplemented with an Rx bar since I was only at 1400 cals folded laundry! calories: 9,183/13,000 weights: 3/4 pull ups: 5/10 cardio: 1/2 burpees: 40/60 yoga: 48/60 Thursday AM: weights, burpees, pull ups PM: yoga, make cod, fold laundry Friday AM: sprints, PM: yoga, pull ups, groceries Saturday AM: weights, pull ups, burpees, beach dayyy PM: I have ~1910 cals per day left for today and tomorrow. NO TAKE OUT FOR ME THIS WEEKEND! I got chipotle on Wednesday. also shark week is starting. ughhhhhhhhhhhh
  11. Emerald_Dragonfly uses her words

  12. Juni0r83 goes full Jerry Maguire

    YESSS!!! meal plans! burpees! saturday mornings are a good time to take progress pics
  13. courtniemarie goes royal

    haha! i would not have room for my massive amount of clothes if I did this. I actually hacked my folding awhile ago to fit more things... and I still can never find anything I want to wear! (besides workout clothes of course)
  14. HSAC!WDTK?DTKT??LFO! - Ask Warriors Anything

    Looks like Gainsdalf says at the end of Challenge eight which is mid-October
  15. Starbuck aims for routine instead of chaos.

    GECKO!! also... what's a tute?