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  1. Taddea Zhaan in Breaking Bread

    nooooo indian sauce! whyyyyyyyyy. was it the TJ sauce I think i saw mentioned earlier? i'm always a fan of the ground meat, canned tomatoes/jarred sauce, bag o' coleslaw concoction. it's like a deconstructed cabbage roll that you just saute all up in one pan. ...also... you had leftover pizza?
  2. RedStone Turns Left

    just catching up, friend! yeah this weather is a real bummer. i'm trying to make sure to take Vit D erryday to boost the feels without sun exposure. i don't know about your neck of the woods but next week's temps are looking up
  3. Gemma rests up in Rivendell

    YAY! i loved the Mary Story. with a dastardly villain and nail-biting moments. so glad it had a happy ending. bone broth is so great to have ready to go
  4. JustCallMeAmber is just getting warmed-up

    HI! just catching up. i like the goals there are a couple ways i know of to fold a fitted sheet. i lay it out like this: and then just fold in half so the scrunched up elastic parts are hidden. then i keep folding in half until it fits in my closet shelf. SO does it this way:
  5. courtniemarie puts one foot in front of the other

    OH HAIIII EVERYONE! yeah, starting the challenge late this round, but it's all good. getting back into the swing of things. SO is still in Austin for work so schedule and chores are a bit different than the norm still. Week 1 – Wednesday I did a 26min yoga with adriene video to ease myself back into morning movement and so i could sleep in a bit. ate all my own snacks at work. cooked up a big batch of lentil soup when I got home and then ate too much of it in one sitting. Wednesday AM yoga Wednesday PM lentil soup Thursday AM pilates Thursday PM laundry, beef & brussels Friday AM cardio Friday PM yoga, roast brussels, out with friends Saturday AM bday bfast, groceries, weights, organize rsvps goals for today: eat all my own snacks first (there are donuts in the kitchen todayyy) plan weekend meals/grocery list cook dinner, stop when full
  6. Juni0r83 goes basic

    good luck! i like your progression programme
  7. Mrs. Emerald_Dragonfly, are you free?

    oh man i love that show - i'll have to see if it's on any of my streaming apps!
  8. Mike Wazowski: A Different Kind of Healthy

    ooo i like this as a challenge goal. may steal that one for later
  9. Raptron Reigns Supreme

    that yoga stretch is one of my faaaavs, glad the hip is feeling better! and YAY LONDON! do not skimp on photos/videos/boomerangs pls
  10. courtniemarie puts one foot in front of the other

    thanks! also dying at that gif lol
  11. CM eats snaaaaaaaacks

    new challenge do-hickey is up!
  12. Taddea Zhaan in Breaking Bread

  13. taking this challenge one step at a time. just returned from a 5-day trip to Austin during sxsw for our bachelorette and i'm liking the idea of daily goals for now. i'd like to get back to the gym for some squats and deadlifts. my shoulder has been bothering me for the past month and my sister (studying to be a DO) thinks it's subscapular tendonitis. it's definitely feeling better after some hard rest but i'd rather not push it quite yet. yoga will play a part too, plank to down dog still bothers the shoulder a bit so i'll be modifying as it feels necessary. i like trying to eat my own food that I bring to work before any free food that might be available in the work kitchen. i'd also like to get back to planning weekend meals, even if the plan is to go out. i'm also going to try and keep recognizing my hunger/full levels on a 1-10 type scale. here's what i'm working with so far this challenge: 3/23: drinks with friends 3/24: bday bfast for brother and stepdad 3/25: 5K 3/28: work outing 3/31: book club drinks 4/6: drinks with friends 4/12 – 4/15: back to Austin for a wedding hopefully new england will stop looking like this^ by the time this challenge ends.
  14. ixaera does not surrender~

    YES!! so glad your back is feeling better. also it's like day 2 and you've already had a day sans lifesavers?! +100