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  1. Laghail is a Sexy Shoeless God of War!!!

    nice work so far! also i love going back to cringe at my old LJ entries.
  2. CM keeps it simple, keeps it safe

  3. Raptron Falls Repeatedly

    you took a day off and did all of the things...
  4. Miss Marissa cuts the excuses

    good reward choice! and that soup sounds divine
  5. ixaera trains the breadlift~

    this is a great description that i will steal
  6. Taddea Zhaan: planking, not just for ships

    ruf-i-ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh anyway i like your plans
  7. Constructing the Battlestar Blocktacular

    hope food went well today!
  8. CM keeps it simple, keeps it safe

    yeah i'm not really focused on trying to get a pull up - just working on using the tools i totally needed omg it has to be in my house now type deal i was gunna cut it out entirely but it's my birthday month and i can just cut back for now
  9. CM keeps it simple, keeps it safe

    i enter a lot of contests but only ever win local stuff - which is fine! but like a flights paid vaca to california would be cool too. and yesss that was my logic with the evening. i've been saying i'd like to go to more theatre (we live in boston for pete's sake! and i love theatre). this was free and a show i've never seen but heard amazing things about soooo yeah it wasn't hard to make that decision! right?! got turnt up with fiber on a wednesday! who needs wine?
  10. Emerald_Dragonfly doesn't buy candy.

    ughhhhh candy! and in october! you got this!
  11. WhiteGhost Does Druidy Stuff

    ooo for another veggie what about a chinese cabbage type thing? bok choy and it's brethren?
  12. CM keeps it simple, keeps it safe

    Week 0 – Wednesday TM Day 7 5 rounds of: 10 OHPs with 10# DBs 5 mountain climbers 6 incline pushups 15-20sec bar hang then did some yoga and a short walk with the pup. would have changed up the circuit to include some nice bench pressing but we just did the circuit at home. two friends of mine and myself entered an Instagram contest to win 4 tickets to see fun home last night. we were the only ones who entered! so plans changed a bit and I was out late but oh man was the show and tour cast amazing. much feels. I got in my fiber with an on-the-run dinner of an epic bar, an rx bar and a to-go pack of olives. I wanted a glass of wine at the theatre but resisted to keep to my one day/week goal! pretty sure I remembered to take my Mg when I got home. fiber: 41g/30g Mg: 2/5 TM: 1/4 pull ups: 2/5 yoga: 20/40
  13. Korranation's Back Onboard

    hey! nice looking challenge you got here NomNomPaleo has some amazing pressure cooker recipes! She's never led me astray. My recent fav is this: soooo easy and delicious and makes like 8 servings especially if you dole it out on top of spinach or rice. and yes - i would only pressure cook chicken breast for 7 minutes ( and that's two pounds of chicken breast! i lurve my pressure cooker.
  14. CM keeps it simple, keeps it safe

    cool - so i'm not just making shit up! i will continue to work towards staying in the activated position though.
  15. Spezzy Focuses

    good luck, girl! you are totally allowed to do 3 or 5 minute meditation sessions when 15 seems overwhelming