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  1. CourtnieMarie

    CM and the Veritable Smorgasbords

    i am the weirdo that will prefers hot and humid over cold weather i don't dislike them? they're moves that i know and can do. some leave me out of breath and fairly sore which makes my body feel good. and it's a good intermediary before doing a 2x per week running program along with 2-3x per week of big girl weights. i signed up for a november 5K so i figured i should run at some point before that...
  2. CourtnieMarie

    Jord - tackles inertia

    ha! we have a Fratelli's Pastry Shop nearby. good stuff to know!
  3. CourtnieMarie

    Raptron's Spandex Season Begins

    rest is good too! good plan for the next few days
  4. CourtnieMarie

    [MaD MaLKaV] takes it easy this challenge

    good luck!
  5. CourtnieMarie

    CM and the Veritable Smorgasbords

    Week 1 – Wednesday Self Fall Challenge Day 4 do each move for 20s, rest for 10s: burpees bicycle crunches x4 rest 60s mtn climbers bw squats x4 rest 60s counter pushups skaters x4 went for a lovely and slightly chilly walk, 20mins of stretching/yoga, cooked dinner but didn’t really like it (or I wasn’t hungry for THAT) so I got a pint of ben and jerry’s. watched GLOW which had some great cameos workouts: 3/5 walk: 7/5 restaurant food: 0 yoga: 45 Week 1 – Thursday Self Fall Challenge Day 5 40sec for each move, resting 20s after: DB deadlifts (10# DBs) Triceps press (10# DB) Glute bridge march Lateral lunges to curtsy lunges (10# DB) DB sit up to press (10# DB) Rest 60s x3 Squat thrusts for 60secs Ended up going out with coworkers and Spouse! I did go home first to take the dog out and make lunches for today. no yoga, laundry, or TY cards were done… workouts: 4/5 walk: 7/5 restaurant food: 0 yoga: 45 ...tomorrow.
  6. CourtnieMarie

    RedStone Is Totally Clutch

    that's crazy about the massage gift and you knowing her! i would like to find a new masseuse. where'd you get the chair one done? all i can think of are those stalls in airports...
  7. CourtnieMarie

    CM and the Veritable Smorgasbords

  8. CourtnieMarie

    Brovatar Korra - Terms of EnRAMPAGEment

    sorry about the flare up it looks like you're already doing all the good accessories for it. you're probably right on the more rest needed.
  9. CourtnieMarie

    CM and the Veritable Smorgasbords

    can you get the deep friend filet but caramel crack fry style? bc i choose that!
  10. CourtnieMarie

    CM and the Veritable Smorgasbords

    ^what he said. i actually just read an article about one of the reasons lunges probably hurt your knee(s) and it's due to weak hip muscles. the article pointed me to this: ETA: regular lunges hurt my knee i came across many a mesmerizing cheese gif this morning looking for an applicable fall or faire one... which of course just made me want cheese more.
  11. CourtnieMarie

    Mike Wazowski: the SHeL thief

    it is! from the broadway version
  12. CourtnieMarie

    Scalyfreak creates a place holder

    it's always okay to quote shrek
  13. CourtnieMarie

    Mike Wazowski: the SHeL thief

    whoops, sorry i'm late! i bet the extra calories were needed due to lack of sleep.
  14. CourtnieMarie

    Spezzy's New Groove

  15. CourtnieMarie

    Grumble Suffers in the Marathon Game.

    could the shortness of breath have to do with external factors (weather, etc.)? or did you just push yourself? yes, we want pictures