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  1. CourtnieMarie

    CM keeps calm

    it is. i'm bad at snark lol do you even recipe, bro?
  2. CourtnieMarie

    CM keeps calm

    in truth, i thought you'd just run away... since that's what you're training for.
  3. CourtnieMarie

    Raptron on Ice but the Floor is Lava?

    also loved the history lesson! and i would hazard a guess that the people making the rules back then were not women.
  4. CourtnieMarie

    Harriet's Year of Transformation: Act V

    i would like to know when, exactly, pushups become this mysterious thing you call "too easy"
  5. CourtnieMarie

    CM keeps calm

    thems just the facts. Week 1 – Thursday slept a solid 8h20m! woohoo. woke up for some yoga and did my bridges/clamshells. i worked a bit late, did some chores around the house, and brought the pup to my moms since she's home today. i did not make dinner but that's okay bc Spouse brought home leftover pizza for me from work and she was able to have leftovers. we watched this week's episode of The Passage and i haven't had to wait a week for a TV show in a loooooonng time. it's maddening, but also builds that fun anticipation. Gym: 2/9 runs, 2/9 weights, 2/5 bridge & clamshell practice Sleep: 1/5 midnight cutoff, current avg 7h36m Life: 0/4 TY cards, 0/1 obtain tax paperwork Food: 2/10 weekend vegetables
  6. CourtnieMarie

    Harriet's Year of Transformation: Act V

    YES! it's gorgeous!
  7. CourtnieMarie

    CM keeps calm

    yeah! basically why i dropped back down to 155 after doing a set of 160. you got this
  8. CourtnieMarie

    CM keeps calm

    for squats, stronglifts recommends starting at 50% of your 5rm. for you and for deadlifts, that'd be 75x5x5. so no, you shouldn't be able to do 5 sets of 5 so close to your max!
  9. CourtnieMarie

    Miss Marissa idk let's not do a creative title

    haha! if you want to learn about small town American politics in a hilarious way, there's no better place to start than with Parks and Rec
  10. CourtnieMarie

    CM keeps calm

    yes i've bastardized the 5x5 program pretty thoroughly. it's just how i LIKE IT i thought about do mixed grip but i'd rather keep working on grip in general with DOH right now. i'm literally doing nothing else to work on grip these days so it needs the werk. the pounds or lack thereof don't matter to me at this point.
  11. CourtnieMarie

    CM keeps calm

    i would probably do a couple more warmup sets than me! 155 is basically my working weight in this instance so i only technically did one warmup set. but i know my body can handle it. i weigh over 200# and have been deadlifting for years. based on the LITTLE i know of your training (you obviously know better though), for just doing 5 sets of 5 reps, i'd start at 95x5, then jump to your 75% which is probably around 125. BUT 5x5 is supposed to be all one weight AFTER you do sufficient warmups.
  12. CourtnieMarie

    CM keeps calm

    nope! i'm going for a 5x5 type thing and once i did 160 i knew it was too heavy to do 2 more sets of so i deloaded a tad. in a perfect world it would've ended with 3 sets of 160x5 but i don't mind slowly working up to that since i'm spending so little time in the gym these days.
  13. CourtnieMarie

    Harriet's Year of Transformation: Act V

    it DEFINITELY hurts! i realized this quickly when i first started doing yoga. i now put a pillow under it or fold over my yoga mat for extra cushion.
  14. CourtnieMarie

    Grumble Steals a Century (in miles)

    glad to hear you got some help and are listening to your body! i know the marathon is terrifying but you're going to be fine no matter whether you finish or have a slow time or whatever the case ends up being.