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  1. CourtnieMarie

    CM charts a course on autopilot

    thanks i hadn't really found a good way to explain what I was feeling, but this is very close <3 good to know, i'm sure it'll take some time to find a good fit and price if i'm not covered. but it's something i've been touting as GREAT but never getting into it myself. time to get down to the business of healing! yessss for science!
  2. CourtnieMarie

    Raptron Repeats Herself

    yusss productive night of lifting and cooking! i might have to steal that lunch recipe. how do you season it? i always had my college baguettes with brie. it made me feel like i was on a fantasy adventure because that's basically what every character ever written eats on the road
  3. CourtnieMarie

    CM charts a course on autopilot

    Week 3 – Tuesday okay so I slept in AGAIN but not as long and was able to get another quick BW circuit in. 60 squats and 30 counter pushups. work was fine thankfully. I did laundry when I got home and made dressing for a crucifer salad this weekend. folded some clothes and then made dinner. we finished watching stranger things and I did not do yoga. we got to talking about the house and installing gas lines for new dryers but it kind of tipped me over the edge and I ended up having a bit of a freak out cryfest. with everything going on, I’m not surprised and I’m going to try to be kinder to myself about missing these fitness goals. I’m definitely having way more cold feet about moving into a new house than I did about getting married. that was way more fun. i also think it's about time i start looking at my health insurance and see how to get therapy covered. Fitness: 2/5 runs, 4/5 workouts, 3/5 bridges & clamshells, 0/30 yoga Sleep: 7/11 midnight cutoff, avg 7h54m
  4. CourtnieMarie

    CM charts a course on autopilot

    Week 3 – Monday slept in after a semi-late night unpacking, making bfasts, etc. visited my dad after work, it was a tough one. went home and cooked dinner. we’re trying to use up stuff in our pantry and this pancake mix had been there for over a month. so I added some garlic powder and dried onions to it for a savory side. we had some leftover sausage & peppers so I heated those up and added spinach. not to shabby! I made some overnight oats for today’s bfast and watched half of an episode of stranger things. Fitness: 2/5 runs, 3/5 workouts, 3/5 bridges & clamshells, 0/30 yoga Sleep: 7/11 midnight cutoff, avg 7h54m the plan. M: visit dad T: AM circuit; PM yoga; make dressing for camp salad; laundry W: AM run; work dinner T: AM gym; visit dad F: AM yoga; travel to Maine S: AM yoga; canoeing S: travel home; groceries; meal prep
  5. CourtnieMarie

    Mike Wazowski: When to Try HARD, and when to chillll

    sleep tonight?!
  6. CourtnieMarie

    Raptron Repeats Herself

    yowwwwwwww we'll be in Maine this weekend too! lots of sunscreen and being underwater
  7. CourtnieMarie

    JustCallMeAmber is a space cadet

    i hope you get that AC system going again soon! it is hotttt
  8. CourtnieMarie

    Snowkc Gets Back to Basics

    awesome job! regarding sleep: it has taken me a looonnng time to try and get a decent average going. and i'm still not there. in my case, a lot of it has to do with habit. i also feel like it's one of the hardest things to change/improve and typically lower on the totem pole of priorities. hope you see some improvement! it's okay if it takes awhile
  9. CourtnieMarie

    Mike Wazowski: When to Try HARD, and when to chillll

    nice work! hope you can catch up on sleep this week
  10. CourtnieMarie

    CM charts a course on autopilot

    wow! that's an undertaking. my non-expert opinion says, no. bacteria typically needs water to grow. if they were brand new pipes and they didn't put them in use until all of the pipes were ready, you're probably fine
  11. CourtnieMarie

    Raptron Repeats Herself

    yussss lovely weekend!
  12. CourtnieMarie

    WhiteGhost is Nephalem

    how do you cut the potato into those perfect strips?? free hand? this sounds similar to Boda Borg but with more "stress inducing" obstacles! love it
  13. CourtnieMarie

    CM charts a course on autopilot

    Week 2 – Friday good day at work albeit a bit stressful in the middle of the day. got out of there on time and picked up some coffee for the 2.5 hr ride out to bro-in-law’s house. I ate cheezits and chocolate for dinner lol Fitness: 2/5 runs, 3/5 workouts, 3/5 bridges & clamshells, 12/30 yoga Sleep: 5/11 midnight cutoff, avg 7h37m Week 2 – Saturday woke up for about 15 mins at quarter to 6am to play with our niece I was able to go back to sleep for another hour and a half though! made the additional 2.5 hr drive to the venue town of the wedding. We were able to chill for a couple hours before getting ready and heading over. It was a beautiful ceremony with a delicious bbq buffet dinner! lots of dancing and drinking ensued. veggies: cabbage salad, coleslaw, green juice Week 2 – Sunday We had made sure to pack at least two totes and our winter shovels so that we could drop them off at the new place on our way home. unfortunately we forgot to pick up a couple things we needed for the next couple weeks so Spouse has to go back on Tuesday. BUT we finally remembered our vacuum and cleaned out the kitchen cabinets. veggies: green beans & spinach week 2 scores! Food: 3/3 weekend vegetables Life: 6/10 boxes packed; 2/2 moving; 1/2 dad insurance Fitness: 2/5 runs, 3/5 workouts, 3/5 bridges & clamshells, 12/30 yoga Sleep: 7/11 midnight cutoff, avg 7h35m fitness fell by the wayside last week. but everything else is looking good! hope to make it to the gym once before our river float trip this weekend!