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  1. CM likes to party

    see, and here i was thinking 3.5 pieces was too much. not for baklava! i always assumed baklava was savory too. my favorite piece from this variety tray was something i remembered loving when we got the tray last year for the holidays and i had looked it up then to try and figure out what it was. it's shredded noodle-like pieces of phyllo on the top and bottom with pistachio pieces in the middle. all soaked in sugary syrup. it's sweet and crunchy and delicious. based on google-fu, i think it's called kadayif.
  2. Mike Wazowski: Personal Development, Lifting, and Focused Work

    haha i actually just went to check to see if there were tickets left and got to the checkout page before realizing that actually, in this case for me, sleep is probably the better choice
  3. Grumble is feeling PHULish

    i like days where you get in a great workout and then drink beers.
  4. Mike Wazowski: Personal Development, Lifting, and Focused Work

    dat sleep tho!! sounds awesome. also i totally turned down going to see star wars with friends tonight. why did i do that?
  5. Raptron: Gotta Go Fast

    pretty cool that your work gym has classes though!
  6. Taddea Zhaan - tackles inertia

    muffins! i could go for a muffin.
  7. ixaera does a new program (who dis)~

    look at you go! that fun new cut program you followed seems to have really helped get you to where you want to be! i give you full permission to stare at walls until life stops throwing you not-lemons.
  8. Chimichanga Does It Once More, with Feeling

    low back feeling better then?
  9. CM likes to party

    Week 3 – Wednesday sleepy sleep face in the morning. there were Mediterranean treats at work today. I ate about 3.5 pieces of delicious baklava type pastries. I also ate 3 servings of beef jerky while cooking dinner. no wonder I didn’t finish dinner. got a minute on the bar and 20 mins of yoga/mobility (including glute bridges; 15x2). eat out: 3/6 workouts: 2/5 bar hangs: 3/6 sunday yoga: 4/5; 40/60 Sunday yoga, meal prep Monday yoga, bar hangs, cardio, make chicken legs w/ broccoli Tuesday AM weights Tuesday PM holiday swap Wednesday AM Wednesday PM yoga (2), bar hangs, make sausage & broccoli, laundry Thursday AM weights Thursday PM yoga, bar hangs, fold laundry, make chicken & squash Friday AM cardio, dr. appt Friday PM yoga, bar hangs, laundry Saturday AM bar hangs, groceries, weights, send save-the-dates Saturday PM meal prep, 5K packet pickup, cousins housewarming? thinking i'm going to bail on that housewarming party and just stay in. we'll see.
  10. Blocky does Secret Agent things!

    i love seeing when consistency and diligence actually works for people to achieve their goals!
  11. CM likes to party

    well honestly, i don't do nearly as much core as you! I definitely was feeling the ab DOMS yesterday though arms were definitely shaky! but limiting factor for me has to be my sad sniffly abs
  12. ixaera does a new program (who dis)~

    hahaha we are having the same chili issues so delicious and macro friendly. but yet...
  13. CM likes to party

    do you, though?
  14. D85, why aren't you at your post?

    yuck! and of course on the coldest day so far. glad you were able to get something don to warm up
  15. CM likes to party

    haha! yeah i was supposed to do 15 reps of them... nope. surprisingly, it's a chrissy teigan recipe!