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  1. Gemma gets curiouser

    those are very justifiable reasons not to leave the dang thing up! and i absolutely would avoid setting up that whole thing just for a few minutes of hangs.
  2. Gemma gets curiouser

    or also could you leave the pull up bar in the guest room and only remove it when you have people staying there? or is it too aesthetically displeasing?
  3. CM enters muddy waters

    right?! hahaha the pup luckily did not come running. they put them on their website! idk how long they stay there so you might want to save to pdf it really was. especially seasoned with EXTRA IRON
  4. Raptron Enrolls at NFU

    go squat go!! so awesome
  5. ixaera keeps on going~

    you still got in some wins yesterday tho! i have the same Q as TZ on your company
  6. CM enters muddy waters

    Week 0 – Tuesday quick ladder circuit 18-15-12-9-6 jump squats sit ups slow day at work. got home and unpacked my free hellofresh delivery! I don’t love these subscriptions because I have a pretty good cooking system that I’m used to and typically cook things that don’t need constant eyes on it. but it was free so, whatevs. I grated the skin right off my knuckle and then spilled half the crushed tomatoes all over the cabinets and floor. so that was fun. meal was delicious though. chicken sausage “orzotto” which is just orzo cooked like risotto. it was baked with bread crumbs and mozzarella on top – nomssss. divided it into 3 servings instead of 2 which was plenty and will have leftovers for lunches. I did get some yoga in while watching another episode of the crown. did not fold laundry yet but will get to it tonight (hopefully) weekly tracker workouts: 2 restaurant food: 0 avg daily fiber (g): 45 yoga: 24
  7. Taddea gets off the roller coaster

    ugh no! so weird too because i was up half the night last night coughing... it felt like a spider had crawled into my throat and got stuck there. which is of course possible and totally disturbing
  8. A Pickle's quest for... Throwing?

    nice job! i know those arm feels when you have to shower and just can't move them lol!
  9. Gemma gets curiouser

    this is AMAZING to hear. i can't wait to prize myself with these soon!
  10. CM enters muddy waters

    yes! i was gifted the plain black a year-ish ago and fell in love. i'll be doing the bronze ones for the big day (and many other days thereafter ) welcome! i'll let you know how it goes! I had a blast doing the shorter Spartans but it got too expensive. you could just skip things and you don't necessarily get super muddy except for one obstacle towards the end. i think i'm probably more nervous because this is a NEW thing and NEW things are scary. too true! if i could wear sneakers to work my fall/winter shoe options would be very different. hahahahahaha yes.
  11. Mike Wazowski: Becoming Unbreakable?

    wow! i'm so intrigued! yes please report back.
  12. Gemma gets curiouser

    i had so many things to say about your awesome goals but then you distracted me with rothys! you must like them if you want to treat yourself with another pair? i have wide feet and a bunion* so i'm always on the lookout for comfy shoes. *technically a bunionette because it's on the outside of my foot near the pinky toe.
  13. A Pickle's quest for... Throwing?

    i would probably call it a soda - but i also wouldn't get rid of it if i had it in the house! maybe you can treat yourself to one a day (or whatever sounds reasonable) until you run out?
  14. CM enters muddy waters

    YAY! i was hoping someone would reference him
  15. Mike Wazowski: Becoming Unbreakable?