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  1. Sending you love. This is so sad to hear. He will be missed <3
  2. Good gracious, have I changed or what? well, sure hope I have. That's growth right? I'll be here for the next challenge cycle just updating when i can and want to. for those previously following my challenges, we did sign up for Anytime Fitness and now need to catch up on sleep in order to get up early enough to go. Evening yoga has become harder with a long commute and visiting my dad. This weekend should be relaxing and probably emotional - I'm going to start cleaning out my dad's house. Next week i'll be traveling for work so let's see how much i can get my shit together before then!
  3. So I made the decision to take a break from NF and instagram. Work has been busy and my dad's status got changed to hospice care about 2 weeks ago. I've been focusing more time on myself and the people around me. Let's take a look at how I did: try two new gyms - tried 3 different ones and think I'll pick the Anytime. it's the only one with a DL platform! 1 morning workout/week - 14/5 well that was easy. might consider upping the length of at home BW workouts 1 evening yoga/week - 3/5 i'll have to come back to this habit later sleep: get an average of 7h30m - 5/5 weeks I hit the average, though last week I did not eat vegetables, 3 per weekend - no idea but i remember being cognizant of it each weekend so that's good i guess liquidate dad’s 401K - check unpack some boxes - check, boxes are gone from my living and dining room except for one that's a donate box for the animal shelter sell or donate some clothes - check, i sold 14 items on thredup and earned $48.66. i still have 41 items listed on there as well actually not bad at all! yoga and vegetable, y u so hard. the next few weeks are going to be tough and busy so I might reawaken my battlelog until I get back on my feet. <3 in better news, the David Harbour SNL episode was really good
  4. anything by Fredrik Backman I've read A Man Called Ove, My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry, and Britt-Marie Was Here and they were all delightful and hopeful
  5. Thank you everyone, I really am so glad to have a space where I learn to talk about my feelings and everyone is so supportive. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you <3
  6. It's friday of week 4 and I haven't updated you all at ALL! work has been hectic but not toooo stressful like a week or so back. we signed up for a 7 day pass at a nearby Anytime but haven't gone to get it yet (they make you come pick up the key which isn't available until 11am most days). sleep average is 7h46m so definitely still going strong there. I've gotten in movement on monday, tues, and wed mornings: half hour of yoga; 20 min walk; and 20 min bw circuit. we started packing for our ptown camping trip this morning. i haven't unpacked a box yet. things haven't been great on the dad front this week and i spent a good amount of time crying on wednesday. so i'm going easy on myself for maybe a slow week goal-wise
  7. but really that's awful timing and wtf indeed.
  8. many good choices here! i hope you are able to get in more sleep this week, is there anything you can do to make sure it happen or is the lack of sleep more due to poor sleep quality?
  9. here for any responses on how to eat ramen congrats on trying new places and realizing that you don't need to go back to two of them! now at least you know and won't forever be haunted by WHAT IF stretching and maybe foam rolling type stuff? like rolling the bottom of your foot on a lacrosse ball, etc should help the fascia!
  10. i mean... these were boxes of some wild DVDs. anything's possible
  11. oh man i so wish we could help you fill out the cast! that's going to be an awesome show MEET WEEK!!!
  12. Week 3 – Thursday Made it to the gym! LA Fitness again because we finally got our actual guest pass. wasn’t too bad – there were actually 2 other people deadlifting with me in awkward non-spaces DL 95x5 110x5 120x5x3 Inverted rows 8, 10, 10, 10 Squats 95x5 105x5 110x5x3 EZ curls 50x5x5 Thursday and Friday were both very busy and stressful work days. I don’t even remember what I did Thursday night. Week 3 – Friday We decided to get the most out of our free pass to LA fitness and went again. I did accessory type stuff to compliment Thursday (and by “compliment” I mean “inflict all the DOMS on myself”) Front squat 45x8 65x5x4 Underhand cable pulldowns 85x8 100x5x3 Farmers carries 25# DBs x90 steps 30# DBs x90 steps 30# DBs x100 steps 30# DBs x50 steps RDLs 65x8x4 We went out to eat with a couple friends to an amazing Cuban tapas place. it was delightful. Stayed up a bit too late with the housemates but still got to bed right at midnight. Week 3 – Saturday I had a bit of a lie in and then got ready to take the pup to her vet appointment. We tried going shopping but didn’t have much luck and only got angry at the crazy amount of people there. we ended up going grocery shopping and finally watching captn marvel! very cute, but I couldn’t help think of her as an afterthought. veggies: kale with lunch, salad for dinner Week 3 – Sunday 5K in the morning! I was kind of grumpy but I did finish and mostly jogged. I’m slow AF but whatevs. we grabbed the free beer with our friend who had joined us and had a good time catching up. by that point I was very hungry, I don’t like to eat before races. Spouse and I grabbed burgers since I had a coupon for a free one this month for muh birfday! We had a very sleepy ride home but powered through to get breakfasts batch cooked and laundry folded. we went out for coffee and also picked up Endgame (also finally). unpacked THREE boxes with Spouse after the movie! finally figured out a place for our DVDs veggies: a little bit of salad but mostly no vegs week 3 scores! Food: 2/3 weekend vegetables Life: 3/1 boxes unpacked; 1/2 dad spend down Fitness: 2/1 AM workouts, 0/1 PM yoga Sleep: 3/3 midnight cutoff, avg 7h35m no evening yoga last week but I did at least get it in twice in the mornings. I’m doing well on sleep and mostly everything else which is probably keeping me so sane! I really need to get going with pre-paid funeral costs for my dad and stuff though.
  13. Week 3 – Tuesday and Wednesday Tuesday I stayed home from work. it was definitely needed. I did end up getting some work done but mostly cleaned up a bit, ate ice cream, Indian leftovers, and finished a book. And a quick yoga session. (spicy indian and ice cream are best left to be eaten on separate days. just FYI) More yoga Wednesday morning and then left work around 11am to visit dad after his surgery (it went well!). back to work until later than normal to catch up. I haven’t unpacked a box yet this week but I have put two pieces of summer clothes away for the season… baby steps right?? the plan. M: visit dad T: yoga W: yoga; dad’s surgery T: gym; yoga F: run; yoga S: gym; groceries; meal prep S: 5K
  14. this is already somewhere heavy!! we are in it!! you are testing 1RMs for the first time, yes?
  15. I don't think i previously knew the best way to spell out electronic beatzzzz! now i do
  16. haha yes!! yesterday was just getting enough sleep, working, and visiting dad. no progress towards goals.
  17. agree! if you decide you want/can afford a meal service, I've fallen in love with hungryroot. ~10min prep times, lots of veg. it was so worth it when i was visiting my dad in the evenings and Spouse needed to cook and now we're hooked. we get it every other week. what book are you reading with such short chapters?
  18. proud of you for saying something to your friend!
  19. I'm sure there will be plenty of additions! The VCR was first since we had a good number of VHSs that we wanted to display. We thought bean bag chairs would need to be next so that we can comfortably sit and watch them there was also talk of glow in the dark stars for the ceiling lol depends how "adult" we want to keep the design/additions. we were all younguns in the 80's so it's hard to resist some of that nostalgia!
  20. Week 2 – Thursday went for a run and DNF – did not fall! went just over 2 miles. visited dad and Spouse had to stay late at work. by the time we both got home there was no way we had the capacity to make dinner. so we grabbed chipotle bowls. Week 2 – Friday did a short yoga video in the AM. got through the work day. came home and housemates were cleaning the siding of the house (just the front porch areas). I grabbed some music and went to help. lots of scrubbing and mopping but the entryway area looks so much better! Spouse cooked a big chicken stew for all of and we had a great night in. I also got another box unpacked! in bed a little after 11pm. Week 2 – Saturday grocery shopping and consignment store. I sold 2 of the 7 things I had brought there! and made way more money than thredup… but obviously not selling as much or as quickly. I brought in 3 more things so the store has 8 total now. I also bought new to me jeans and a running zip up (bright pink for morning darkness). Spouse put together our new coat rack/storage bench and we chatted with out of country friends. picked up a free tube TV (with VCR) for our now appointed 80’s guest room on the 3rd floor. we put all our VHSs and an old Nintendo up there had a lovely dinner out in boston and then a great time at our friend’s casual wedding reception. Did not get to bed until 2:20am but what else do you expect with a wedding? veggies: kale salad, spinach in dinner Week 2 – Sunday Day of hungover. Spouse actually had a terrible stomach ache most of the day – she didn’t drink so much at the wedding so we’re thinking either she accidently had some gluten or a stomach bug. we did get the breakfast casserole made and lots of laundry done. we stayed up maybe a bit too late for a school night watching Anastasia and then Fifth Element. in bed around 11:30 veggies: salad week 2 scores! Food: 3/3 weekend vegetables Life: 1/1 boxes unpacked; 1/1 dad 401K Fitness: 3/1 AM workouts, 1/1 PM yoga Sleep: 2/3 midnight cutoff, avg 7h47m
  21. Jumping in about non-dairy creamer! we do canned coconut milk (light or full fat). quality is going to depend on the brand, luckily my store brand is pretty good!
  22. I was also going to comment on arrowverse but you cleared it up with the hashtags that's probably where I'm at with The 100 nice goals!
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