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  1. Oooh forgot to update Monday. Last week: 1.) Didn't go climbing... C 2.) Did yoga twice. A 3.) Went running twice. A 4.) Beat the office munchies last week. A So far this week I've ran once, did yoga once, and I'm beating the munchies!
  2. Looks like you're rocking your challenge! Keep up the fantastic work!
  3. Thanks Lexie Cal! Xanjra, I quite enjoy the C25k, You're definitely right about the structure. I don't need any motivation to run but I definitely need help structuring my runs, especially since i'm just getting back into it. It tells me what to do and when to do it I love zombies and the idea of running from zombies but I vouched for the set plan approach! Monday update time! 1.) Went bouldering/climbing... NEVER! I want to be remorseful about not going buuuut it was finally nice oustide (and by that I mean over 20 celsius, not cloudy, not rainy, not just-finished-raining) so I was outs
  4. Monday update: 1.) Went bouldering/climbing twice last week. A 2.) Did yoga twice. A 3.) Went running twice. A 4.) Beat the office munchies last week despite a few close calls. A It was good week
  5. Did my run with no distractions! No music, no companions, barely anyone around. It was rather peaceful
  6. Update time! So far this week I have: 1.) Gone bouldering/climbing once. 2.) Did yoga once. 3.) Went running one. 4.) I have resisted the office munchie scourge so far! There was a meeting yesterday so there was pizza, cookies, and cake floating around. I hid in my office and avoided the kitchen. I made new climbing friends at the wall so the group of us set up a climbing play date for Friday afternoon. I discovered the couch to 5k running plan and decided to give it a try, starting yesterday. The initial impression is good. Run number two will be Saturday or Sunday (whichever day is les
  7. I will resist the office cookie!

    1. Chris-Tien Jinn
    2. Ba'sini'on


      Remember, sweetness on the lips, a lifetime on the hips!

    3. TheCrimsonFist


      Office cookies got me so hard this morning. Win the war for me, OllieFox!

  8. Thanks ladies and gents! I should clarify... yoga is usually doubled up with the other activities when it's workout yoga (I also have sleepy time yoga, desk yoga, I feel like randomly doing Child's Pose yoga...). I'll go for a run or climb then do yoga after. That way I can move things around to have more or less rest days as I need them. I found that when I tried to stick to a super strict time table I fell off the wagon more It also helps that I work on a 4 and 3 schedule since I work at a mine. I work four 10 hour days and then have every Friday to Sunday off. It gives me a little more t
  9. It looks like you're doing good! I should totally get a dog to run me
  10. That's a wonderful cause to run for and a fantastic source of motivation. It looks like your first week was pretty fantastic! Keep it up!
  11. I thoroughly applaud the rowing machine choice! Rowing machines are one of the only machines I actually like . Once you get rolling with the bodyweight workouts it will get really easy! You can do it!
  12. First week update: 1.) Went bouldering once. B 2.) Did yoga more than twice. A 3.) One run. B So last week wasn't fantastic but it wasn't too bad. It was pretty busy with convocation and family. I think I'm going to investigate this couch to 5k thing I've been coming across in my internet wanderings. My aunt is one of those crazy ultra marathon runner types so maybe I'll talk to her too.
  13. Well rebels and rebellettes, it's been a while since my last official challenge. So much has happened! I have learned to surf, left the continent for the first time, discovered I was lactose intolerant (it explains a lot), graduated university, found and got my "grown up" job... you get the idea . Convocation was last week, which is why I am posting late, but I did remember to "start" my challenge on time. Life Quest: Quest of Five. I realized the other day "Hey I'm done school now. I can focus on accomplishing whatever I want now." And three things came to mind, all involving the number
  14. I think it might be time to get back on the ol' challenge horse.

  15. While this started off really well, I really let it slip in the last couple of weeks. My roommate was in ICU in a coma for a week. It was scary but she's going to be fine. Needless to say my priorities rearranged themselves drastically. I still haven't decided if I'm doing the next challenge but I guess we'll find out in a couple of days.
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