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  1. Thanks for the advice there coffeeandbacon. It'll take some consideration I guess. I have given some careful thought to whether I'd like to lift, and I'm not entirely opposed to it. I know it will help aesthetically, and will help with overall relative strength. But as far as it goes at present most of my goals are bodyweight based instead of lifting X amount of weights. Although I have lifted before, and I do kinda miss it. I have considered doing maybe 3 days a week lifting, and some more advanced bodyweight training over the weekend, but I think as far as that goes, I'll see how it goes a
  2. Yeah ok, maybe a little pressure then
  3. No pressure Waldo, it's great reading so far anyway.
  4. No pressure Waldo, it's great reading so far anyway.
  5. Hey guys, I have been looking for some answers for a few weeks now as I've been getting really frustrated with stalling in my workouts. I've done a few searches, asked a few people and want to really fine tune my workouts to make some further progress. So, what I'm working with is 5ft4, 78kg, round about 25% body fat. I eat primarily paleo based meals complemented with some protein, and extra carbs and calories where needed. I've just started to take bulking seriously, and while it's harder eating paleo I'm doing ok. My maintenance calorie intake is pretty low as I'm pretty short and not t
  6. Yeah I'll second that. I jumped over from here yesterday and read start to finish during a slump at work. Very well done Waldo. Only thing I was bummed about was not seeing a 'building blocks pt 3' article. All in good time, great reading so far anyway.
  7. Ok, so I did some research over in the "help me plan my routine" section (I probably shouldve posted there first, sorry) and came across the sort of info I was after. If anyone's still following, this is what I picked up: Am I correct in assuming that: With bodyweight goals are much more important than a program per se - so aiming towards specific movements rather than making sure I'm exercising all the different body parts - it will happen as a matter of course due to the fact that these are compound exercises. Low reps of any exercise in a progression will be much more conducive to pure
  8. So is anyone able to suggest what sort of changes to make in my routine that might help me make some progress? Even a link in the right direction would be great. I've talked to a few friends about it who suggested upping reps to 12 and cutting the rowing machine out as well as working back with some light deadlifting, but otherwise they didn't think I had any problems. So now I'm confused as to who's right and who's wrong, or what I should be doing. Ideally I don't want someone to tell me just what to do, I want to know what I can do to progress, but also why. And that will help me to continue
  9. Thanks elastigirl. I've looked at a few progressions, I think ill try non assisted, parallel to floor and see how I go. If not ill try taking a step back and see how I go. Al kavadlo is great, his progressions are always excellent, thanks for the link!
  10. Yup sounds like you guys are right. Yes I'd like to lose the last if my fat, but that's an aesthetic thing that should really be secondary. I have the means now to work on strength and gains, money may be a little tighter in the future so it probably makes sense to cut later. I have been teetering between bulk and cut for a while and didn't know which way to turn. Am I right in thinking cutting will be a lot easier when I've built up more muscle? In terms of changing my workout structure, I'm not 100% sure what to do there. Any suggestions? Am I better to work on specific areas each day , like
  11. Hey guys, I've posted a few times about improving the efficiency of my workouts, and now that I've hit a plateau it's time to call upon your sage wisdom once again. I'm doing circuit training 3 times a week, round about 45 mins per circuit. It's kicking my butt, but I'm no longer seeing the gains in muscle mass or strength that I was. Here's what I'm doing at present: 7-8 mins rowing machine warm up 10 x Incline one arm press ups each arm (round about 45 degrees) 10 x Hanging straight leg raises 10 x door assisted pistol squats each leg (parallel with floor at present, still working on g
  12. Cool thanks guys. Sorry for late reply, birthday today. YAY 29! I-Jo if you could post a pic that'd be great just so I can visualize what ill be using for the height. Thanks!
  13. Ok so work on my pike form before submitting myself to gravity totally? I can understand that.
  14. Yeah that makes sense. A wall would do surely? So long as I'm keeping that 90 degree angle?
  15. Ok, so as far as the pull ups go, I think I'm pretty well sorted for form. I can be patient. I think I'll try my next circuit NOT dead hanging, and see how it goes, maybe throw in some dead hangs when I'm hitting the end of my run. If I feel better about my form and rep count I'll probably stick with it, if not carry on as usual. Press ups....I don't really know where to go from here. I-Jo, too many choices! I don't know which to go for. I should probably be working towards some sort of end goal which will give me an idea of what the progression is, but I really don't know what to pick as an
  16. Cool. Thanks for that clarification Waldo, much appreciated. Either way I've got lots to work on. I've only just started chin ups and some pull ups, and I gotta admit I'm finding it hard. I can get chin over bar but any reps over 5 I struggle. I'm thinking the position of my Barry be an issue too, as its in an inset door. So if eventually I get my chest above bar I'd be close to hitting myself in the head. May have to change doors at some point.
  17. Ok so if I understand this right, you're saying that a) dead hang is not necessary and will affect the number of reps I'll be able to do? and IF I choose to dead hang, it will be better in the long run for achieving better pulling height? Correct me if I'm reading that wrong please! I-Jo, I totally agree, I usually push for more in a push up set too, it just feels more right. I know I'm not gaining any more significant strength out of the extra, but it does make the workout a little more intense and pushes me a little further. I tried diamond push ups, not challenging enough, so I added a
  18. Oh and Paul that article is fantastic, what I've read so far at least. Definitely gives a differing perspective of what strength means and how it applies to the human body. Makes me a lot more keen to try some more adventurous exercises!
  19. Wow thanks I-jo that's a lot of variations all at once. Ill have a look and see what fits. Paul thanks for the tips too. Good to know I'm just being impatient with pull ups. If I was doing something wrong I'd be a little more worried. As far as where I go from here, without getting on the floor at work and doing as many diamond push ups as possible I'm fairly confident. I hadn't really thought about where I was heading, I guess I was sort of looking at strength and aesthetics as my targets, but I do like the idea of working towards more challenging exercises, keeps things interesting! Can you
  20. Hey guys, So after a little weird viral arthritic sickness I'm back into circuit training, and loving being back into it. Getting my energy levels back up, feeling stronger after every time. What I'm after here I guess is a little preemptive advice, as I can feel myself finding some of my routine very easy, and others a little too hard. Firstly, my circuit as it stand is this: Decline push ups x15 Hanging knee raises x10 Dumbell Squats x10 Chin ups x as many as I can do up to 10 Body Lever 1min repeat 4 times. It is intense, but firstly, I'm getting to the stage where the push ups a
  21. So reporting back after my first amended circuit: Pushups x20 Weighted lunges x10each leg Mountain Climbers x10 Bear pushups x10 This kicked my ass well and truly. Arms pretty much went to muscle failure after 3 sets, legs fared a little better. Those bear pushups are great for lower back, and generally are just nasty anyway. I'll carry on with this and maybe add some intensity as time goes on by elevating the mountain climbers and adding more weight to lunges. Eventually I'll get pull ups in there too and probably change out pushups for something a little more intense, but one step at a t
  22. There's some great stuff in here, totally subbing this thread. Thanks Waldo, I-Jo, you guys both already helped with my circuit training a few days ago and I didnt even need to ask for core now that I found this thread. Once our bathroom is fully reno'd I'm back into full workouts next week and I've got some great new stuff to try out now! Thanks Porkchop for starting this thread!
  23. Yeah I'd really love to add pull ups, my room doesnt really allow for it though. The only doors are busy thoroughfare, although there are rafters I could set up a bar between, so maybe thats an option. I had toyed with springing for a power tower at some point to add in tricep dips and a few other options. I'll see how that goes in the next little while though. To be honest, I'm usually buggered after 30 mins as well, it's plenty of time to do what I need to do. And I like some of those suggestions, I-Jo where can I find out a little more about those exercises? They sound like the sort of g
  24. Thanks for the clarification guys. Yeah I guess my goals are a little non specific, I kinda just started as a way of getting back in shape, and so far it's going well, but i haven't really started to fine tune my routines yet. I guess I'm more interested in endurance and cardio fitness than anything else, I'm not really interested in super strength. I'm not about to start body building or sculpting, I want strength and fitness that I can apply to my general life and what happens in it. Any sort of changes that happen to come about aesthetically I will take in my stride. Probably the other i
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