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  1. hey! sorry about my absence. I moved across country, (back home) and unpacked and got a job and all that. In the course of all that time, I have worked out maybe 4 times? one or two weeks I didn't exercise at all and others was only 2 days at most. Food also took a hit, but I still never went back to what I was before the challenge which I'll call a success. I'm working on getting back into the workout grind and paleo meals. I don't do the grocery shopping now so it's a bit more difficult, but we're getting there. Basically, once I can establish a routine, almost anything can work for me. Und
  2. HELLO EVERYONE My apologies for my absence. I'm in the last week of my last class of my last year of college while simultaneously preparing to move across country very soon. My attention has been focused solely on school and all things related for the last while. Things with my goals have slid some, but I wouldn't say I've fallen off the horse. Since my last update, I have exercised 4 times. The first 2 workouts I managed to do two WHOLE circuits! Already accomplished my target for the end of the 6 weeks, which is grand. The two after were limited to one circuit because I was either A) dan
  3. Holy hiatus, Batman! I may have taken a break from nerdfitness but I did NOT take a break from fitness- on no. BTW, the DBZ movie was great if you are a fan of the series. It's basically 90 minutes of the best kind of fan service. ANYWHO ON TO THE UPDATES DAY: 15-18 Check out that sweat "V" EATING It's basically been two paleo meals a day (or skipping a meal) and one fast food meal a day, keeping successfully with my goal WORKING OUT I've done the workout twice since my last update which is in line, however I did take a 2 day break meaning I'll have to go without a long break t
  4. DAY 14: Running out of photo ideas lol BREAKFAST: skipped. it doesn't have any dairy or grains so I'm calling it PALEO LUNCH: Chicken teriyaki Bento Box with california roll and whatnot NOT PALEO DINNER: Paleo Tomato Bisque PALEO EDIT: I'VE BEEN COUNTING MY LUNGES INCORRECTLY! I just watched the BBWW video for kicks and saw that each leg counts as 1 lunge each, not one lunge for both. by that logic I've been doing 40 lunges. score! lol. with that knowledge, I think tomorrow I'll try to move into a second circuit!
  5. DAY 13: OKAY, so going from 3 real and 7 knee pushups to 10 real pushups is a bit of a stretch, but I PROMISE it happened. I got a phone call after the first 3 then decided to throw caution to the wind and go for it. I'm unsure about my form though, so next time I'll video myself. BREAKFAST: ground beef, two eggs, onion, mushrooms, more broccoli than I anticipated PALEO LUNCH: Arby's Three Cheese and Bacon sandwich with fries and orange shake WAY NOT PALEO LIKE WOW DINNER: POOF nothing PALEO? I know I didn't have anything for dinner, but I still feel UGH after that lunch. I had
  6. WOULDJA LOOK AT THAT, I forgot to update yesterday. Let me do that now DAY12: Renewing my nerd card by seeing the new DBZ movie BREAKFAST: 1/4 lb Beef, 2 eggs, onion, mushrooms spinach PALEO LUNCH: 2 hard fish tacos with chips and sweet tea NOT PALEO DINNER: Swai fish fillet, half sweet potato, way more broccoli than I planned PALEO
  7. Yeah, I'm probably just going to suck it up and stay on the spare till I move. DAY 11: I made it to 20 lunges! That's huge for me! Now to repeat those actions with good form till it becomes second nature. It feels good to be going in this direction. I may not be seeing a lot of results, but I sure as heck feel better BREAKFAST: 2 slices of bacon, 2 eggs, spinach, onion, mushrooms PALEO LUNCH: Grilled chicken sandwich, fries, and sweet tea from Chick-Fil-A NOT PALEO DINNER: Thai coconut soup PALEO
  8. DAY 10: SO, today was a little... weird? Yesterday I had a blowout on my car so I applied my spare got got on my merry way. WELL, this morning I got up early to go and find a used tire to put on my wheel (I'm moving back home across country in 4 weeks and my car will be towed with two wheels on the ground so I only need a tire to last 4 weeks so I can get home and get 4 new tires from a familiar shop, cause I want to like, go on the highway and stuff, WHATEVER ANYWAY) only to find out that not a single used tire salesperson in the city had a tire to fit my wheel. SO To quell my frustration,
  9. LOL thanks. I had 3 left and I was saving 2 for after working out today. FORESIGHT, HO.
  10. Thanks everyone! DAY 9: BREAKFAST: One whole peach, one strip of bacon PALEO LUNCH: Two hard shell pork tacos, chips, and unsweetened tea (fun fact, I went for sweet tea, but they were out. then I was going to make an arnold palmer with unsweetened tea and lemonade but they didn't have lemonade. I just can't lose.) NOT PALEO DINNER: Thai coconut soup with a bunch of good stuff in it. PALEO SNACKS: Cherries. PALEO
  11. DAY 8 AND WEEK 1 REPORT COMBO: Muscle tone? I've never seen that before! For the first week, I think I did pretty well! I Slipped up twice in the eating, but TECHNICALLY I still had 13 paleo meals this week so I'm going to call it a B. For my Workout Goal, I've stayed on track consistently and increased my numbers steadily. A! For my drinking goal, I gave in one night and that's going to give me a B. At the end of my first week I have lost 3.4 pounds! It's been a while since I've seen any sort of solid loss that isn't a daily fluctuation. It's feeling very encouraging. Today I decided t
  12. I'M AN ADUUUUULT I forgot to update yesterday! NUTS. Lets do that real quick DAY 7: BREAKFAST: Sausage, 2 eggs, mushrooms, broccoli, onion PALEO LUNCH: BBQ pork and slaw sandwich. NOT PALEO DINNER: Half a peach and some cherries PALEO Not half bad! Stay tuned for today's update!
  13. DAY 6: No angry, it's recovery day! BREAKFAST: 2 eggs, sausage, broccoli, white onion, mushrooms, ghost pepper sauce P-P-P-PALEO LUNCH: Swai fish fillet, raw red onion, all natural ingredient bbq sauce, spinach salad PALEO DINNER: Icecream at a friend's place NOT PALEO SNACKS: handful of nuts, 1/4 cup of cherries, 1/2 a peach. PALEO Good day I think! I feel good at least.
  14. DAY 5: Today was the most difficult day to workout yet. I woke up with no energy, and didn't really find any even during the workout. My heart rate was elevated, but I felt tired the whole time. Blame it on last night's alcohol? BREAKFAST: 2 Slices of thick sliced uncured bacon, 2 eggs, red and white onion, spinach, mushroom PALEO LUNCH: Grassfed burger with bacon and an egg plus a pile of fries. NOT PALEO DINNER: A couple clementines, a few cherries, a handfull of nuts. PALEO
  15. Those weight numbers are telling me to pick up my game! Thanks for the inspiration, dude.
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