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  1. Hi NF! So, I was a regular way back in 2012-2013 but have since moved on to other fitness paths. But then I got an email about this great deal for the academy and guess what, I'm back! I'm now 29 (almost 30) and mom to a GREAT 17 month old boy (whom we named after a character from the Dune series. Talk about nerdy!). Unfortunately, I now have diastasis recti (BOO!!!) which means my core strength is not what it used to be AND I have to be really careful about certain exercises (no more crunches ever, but not sad about that Anything front loading that puts too much pressure
  2. I've you're interested and can be bothered (imo, it's not that much work and gives you SO much insight in your cycle) have a look at 'Taking charge of your fertility'. It's a book about the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM for short, it's different from the Rhythm Method, don't worry!) which can be used to either get pregnant or avoid pregnancy naturally. I use an app called Kindara to keep track of my cycle and just read the book this week, too. It's SO interesting and makes me happier with my body in general (unexpected side effect there!). Just exercising/lifting in and of itself shoul
  3. Thanks for your reply. Yup! I LOVE my new workout. It's shorter than the last, and feels even shorter than it is. It's all just super involved - now do this, give it your all (except for the back extensions) and BAM be epic! I haven't had bad DOMS (and those were very manageable) after the first workout. Bench is now up to 27.5 reliably (just need to get the last set up to 10, I got 7 or 8 reps yesterday) and squat to 35. Seems low for squat (or to me it does), but I GET really/proper low nowadays So I'm happy. Meds seem ok so far... Hubby told me I'm all over the place today (no cryi
  4. Oh boy. Sorry guys. Guess I did the disappearing thing again. End of challenge update: I kept up the working out two days a week I'm also eating healthier (wootwoot). I got a new gym programme on Monday, did that twice this week and it's pretty brutal (especially on my core). It has bench, squats, lat pull downs (I think), knee tuck, 'superman' (plank, lift right arm/left leg - switch) and back hyperextensions. Sounds easy? Try it. Gosh Definitely had some decent DOMS this week, but the good kind (not the 'I can't walk at all! kind). Other than that? Today is my first day at reduc
  5. I used to be stuck at 62/63. Like, literally stuck. Even during the month nothing would change. Anyway, I'm back at 64 (from 66, so I guess there must've been some water weight involved) and that's close enough to my normal to not be worried --- Healthy eating: Been drinking an extra glass of water in the morning (before my first cup of tea). I think I did this back in my third or so challenge as well... Still not a habit Attempting not to graze all day long, so far pretty successful. Also... HUGE WIN: Yesterday I really, really attempted to eat slower (I ... am a monster. I usually fi
  6. Headache did eventually go away, but I never managed to do a proper workout last week. Anyway, no use in bawling about that. Today I made it to the gym and joined the Intens lesson. 2 round of 8 exercises, 50 seconds on, 10 seconds off. Intense circuit training. I struggled through most of the second round, but I did it! Woot! Also, it seems like I mysteriously gained about 3 kilos over the last 1 1/2 months. Seems a bit outrageous (yes, I know not to trust the scale too much, but it's been consistently going up a bit every time). Makes me nervous. Especially as I've not been eating more,
  7. Ugh, I'm almost angry Yesterday I had a busy day, so today was going to be gym time. I woke up with a headache (same story last week Thursday ugh.) and even a paracetamol didn't help one bit. I also have to go clean (my voluntary job, love it) but I'm feeling sick as well as still having the headache. Last week I cancelled because of the headache, really hope I won't have to cancel today. Anyway, if gym still happens this week it has to be tonight or tomorrow morning, but I really doubt it... Headaches like these usually last (if sleeping for a bit and a paracetamol doesn't help, it's j
  8. Fooood pictures (fffuuuuuu huge, be warned): Contents? Iceberg lettuce, snack tomatoes, snack bell peppers, 1 apple, 1/4 cucumber, pieces of père Joseph cheese, pumpkin seeds and the sausage... If I'm not forgetting about anything
  9. Today's workout: ---- 10 minutes cycling to gym 5 minutes epilitical Bench: 3 x 8 @ 27.5 kgs Dumbbell rows: 3 x 10 @ 12 kgs (each earm) back Hyperextensions with 7.5 kgs extra: 3 x 12 Squats: warming up: 3 x without bar, 3 x bar, 3 x 25 kgs then 3 x 10 @ 30 kgs Leg raises 3 x 15 5 minutes epilitical, some stretches and cycling home after a well-deserved shower
  10. I might take some photos if I remember --- Week 2... I'm still sore from Saturday's workout (just from the push-ups, haven't done any in a while) and I feel very sluggish and tired today. I have a meeting at 15.00, my aim is to get a workout at the gym in before that appointment. I don't feel like it, but hey I hope that when I get to the gym that'll be different. It's going to happen, that's all I know Haha. This is what challenges are for, hm?
  11. Yes! Usually it's either a few hours (I feel it coming on, take a nap and the headache will be gone). If that's not possible I usually have to take a paracetamol or two, sleep and hope it'll be over in the morning Very rarely does it last any longer, although sometimes I wake up with a migraine starting Bah. Always inconvenient. Saturday bonus: Yesterday I wanted to either A) go to church (special prayer/music night, pretty cool) or go to the gym. I went with A because that's something that happens only 6 times a year. This morning? I was up late, it was raining, and the gym's only open
  12. Maybe (probably, hehe). To be honest I've just been following the gym's advice for this round, partially because lazy, and partially because I was curious what it'd be like. It's a different experience for sure, but I feel like I can practice some discipline (actually going for those last 2-3 reps if I can, but think I can't). I'll probably do lower rep counts once I change my programme (which should be soon). ------- Update: Got a migraine on Thursday, blah. Which meant that I didn't go cleaning at the church (3 hours of cleaning is like a decent workout I tell you!). Shame.
  13. Thanks everyone <3 always great to see familiar (and new) faces and get some encouragement! Day 2 & 3: Day two healthy food choices: Adding an extra egg to my salad (I need some (extra) protein), meal salad for dinner. Day three: Workout: Similar to the other one, but squats instead of lunges and no planks. I did 3 x 10 @ 25 kgs for the squats. I've been practicing Grok squats lately so it's really quite easy to go super deep Proud of this. Weight will come, eventually, but need to get form and depth uber-awesome as a first priority. Healthy food choices: 1 so far, hard b
  14. Thanks all! Kind of reluctant to specify, haha... kind of joking, but not really. I've lost quite a bit of progress since last year and am only very slowly making some new progress. :/ Life happened, I guess... Anyway, today's workout (I've been doing this programme for 4 weeks now, sometimes only doing it once a week... I asked the gym for a programme to mostly just keep active and do exercise I enjoy doing - such as the bench press). Warming up (cycling to gym + 5 minutes on the epiliptical). Bench press: Warm up (3 reps @ 22.5 kgs) 3 x 10 @ 25 kgs Dumbbell row (10 kgs) 3 sets of
  15. Welcome back! I'm also back from hiding (ehh, more like just not caring :/). Good luck on this challenge!
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