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  1. CliffNotes: - New Corona rules/laws - Can't go to the gym anymore - Emotional up and down and down some more - I just want to get shitfaced 24/7 11.08.2021 - 23.08.2021 Mobility: 13/20 Neck: 8/15 Energy drinks: 35 big ones (500ml)/ 5 small one (330ml)
  2. 10.08.2021 Mobility: 3/20 Neck: 4/15 Energy drinks: 15 big ones (500ml)/ 3 small one (330ml) 11.08.2021 Mobility: 4/20 Neck: 5/15 Energy drinks: 17 big ones (500ml)/ 3 small one (330ml)
  3. 08.08.2021 Mobility: 2/20 Neck: 3/15 Energy drinks: 12 big ones (500ml)/ 2 small one (330ml) 09.08.2021 Mobility: 3/20 Neck: 4/15 Energy drinks: 14 big ones (500ml)/ 3 small one (330ml)
  4. Mobility: 2/20 Neck: 3/15 Energy drinks: 11 big ones (500ml)/ 2 small one (330ml)
  5. Mobility: 2/20 Neck: 3/15 Energy drinks: 8 big ones (500ml)/ 2 small one (330ml)
  6. Mobility: 2/20 Neck: 2/15 Energy drinks: 6 big ones (500ml)/ 2 small one (330ml)
  7. Dropped from 48% progress to 18% and I'm glad I waited with adding my new numbers till today cause I'm back below a 100 kg so it doesn't affect me that much.
  8. Went to the gym to finish the missing stuff and tried "Karen" which is a Crossfit workout which involves 150 Wall balls with a 20lb ball. I've managed to do 24 in 1:30 minutes and was dead. I had two big and a small energy drink done the Agile8 minus the groiner jumps and trained my neck might even add weight in the next but one workout. I also measured my neck today so we can see the progress in numbers it's 43.6cm. Mobility: 2/20 Neck: 2/15 Energy drinks: 5 big ones (500ml)/ 2 small one (330ml) On a serious note, I'm kinda worried that I have Prediabetes or even real diabetes, it matches with a lot of my problems and the way I lived makes it something that shouldn't be surprising to me. I will go to a pharmacy this week and let them check my blood sugar, if it's normal I just keep going on with losing weight and getting healthier and if it's high I just go straight to a doctor.
  9. Today was a mixed day, went to the gym this morning but had to skip some excercises near the end because it was getting too full. So I might do the missing stuff tomorrow. Done the whole Agile 8 and went for a walk, which was nice because the sun was out 90% of the time. I had two energy drinks one big and a small one, I could feel my heart beat after the small one. Mobility: 1.5/20 Neck: 1/15 Energy drinks: 3 big ones (500ml)/ 1 small one (330ml)
  10. First day started bad, I oversleept and didn't hit the gym and I already had two energy drinks. On the plus side I went for a walk, trained my neck and did half of the Agile 8. Mobility: 0.5/20 Neck: 1/15 Energy drinks: 2 big ones (500ml)
  11. Since the last challenge was I mayor success, here I am again. The most important part is still getting at least 20 minutes of moving in each day. However, I gonna add a few more things this time. Waking up shouldn't be this painful, right? Since I started to go back to the gym, I stopped doing yoga as often which my body doesn't like so I will do either yoga or DeFrancos Agile 8, four times a week. Being old sucks. Yoga or DeFrancos Agile 8 four times a week What's that spindly thing holding up your head? I lost a lot of seize on my neck, it's not even funny, so I gonna gain it back by hitting it three times a week. I can do this at home so it shouldn't be that hard. Train my neck three times a week How much energy is too much energy? I have a problem which might be worse than me getting drunk daily (which I'm over). I drink far too many energy drinks and it takes away from my well being and increases my anxieties (might be just a nocebo tho) but with a resting heart rate that's damn close to 3 digits, I definitely shouldn't drink them. Also shitting liquid fire isn't nice Drink as few energy drinks as possible
  12. Damn the challenge is over and nobody told me. I had two more days of doing nothing which makes it a whole week but since I was smart and started a week early, it's like I havent missed a day. So I count this challenge as a full success and I will participat in the next one too.
  13. Tried something new for Sunday. I went to the gym and just pumped some smaller muscles, rear delts, calves, abductors and lower back with high reps low/no weights. At the end I stepped on the Treadmill and got 15 minutes, kinda slow but with 5% elevation. I also reached a new record low with 99.7kg
  14. Thursday was gym again. Haven't done anything on Friday. That's the 5th day of me doing nothing since starting this challenge. Saturday was gym time again.
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