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  1. (Please be gentle about my mistakes, im French teheh) Hello you all Proud NF followers ! I'v just receive my answer from Steeve on : Why NerdFitness does'nt have a wikipedia full page yet ?! "The thing about wikipedia is that somebody else needs to write it, i'm not allowed to write about myself or my site; so, some random person made a wikipedia page about me, which is both funny and strange :)If somebody were to make a page about Nerd Fitness, I'd be okay with it, but that's for somebody else to decide!" Bouhh.. Sadly sad story. So , I would write or translate it glady in
  2. Yay ! yes we have a Frenchie from Quebec tehehe I live in Quebec city the old capital! Glad to have you guys in NF =D
  3. Hello there ! (first im french so be gentle about all my writing mistakes ^^ and feel free to give advice to improve it !) I have a soo much inspirating story. I'll talk about my parents. Im 21 year old almost 22 in 21 days oww ^^ and i'v a big sister who's 25. My parents are in the 50ths. We live in Quebec%Canade. Since 2 year im off the family home for my studying and my sister is gone too and so my parents Josée and Roger decided to level up their life. To quit the winter, to go travel, to live. They rent our house for one year and took a year-break of job (beside that I dont think th
  4. Hello everyone, im new to nerdfitness and... im french so I will appologie right now for all the possible writing mistakes that i'll do. Beside that I'm 21 year old (almost 22 the march 24 ! ) and I live in Quebec. I'm not overweight or skinny, I 'll always be between 140 lb to 145 and 5'6 tall so not a big deal but, I m way too lazy and not so healthy. I'v found NerdFitness and the paleo diet one month ago and i'v keep reading it until I finally join in completly. I'v already did 2 basic strength trainning and i go cross-country skiing each week at least once. But the biggest difficulty
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