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  1. I will now be bingeing on this channel. I loved MRE's as a kid, PopsDee and I would always take them when we went on week long walkabout trips in NZ...a fishing pole, black powder rifle and 3 MRE's each; for in case you didn't catch or kill your own food that day. Now I need to order some....Thanks!!!! Sidenote: The old MRE packs (from the '70's and '80's) had a heat stone that contained magnesium in them, so if you cooked a 2 peoples meals on one stone you could use the extra stone for a variety of things (mainly a small pressurized explosive when combined with water and a seal-
  2. A new animal is your choice, but to echo everyone else, dragons are pretty much the best!!! These are just a few of the ways dragons are portrayed. Throughout human history the dragon has held a place of legend and lore in so many cultures that it can't truly be tied a few solid aspects of "what makes a dragon". Their portrayal is as varied as the cultures of humanity are....from powerful and god like, to frail and deceptive; signs of luck and prosperity, or the sign of impending doom; the keepers of wisdom and knowledge, as foolish as a jester; charitable and giving or as the
  3. This should be easy, I have no specifics on days for goals that last week or so, but I have averaged doing them about half the time....lol, I should probably explain. Week 1: Goal 2: Put the damn Fitbit back on: I was ok, wearing my Fitbit, even hit my steps a few different days, then had charge it and forgort it for 3 days...lol Goal 3: Stop poisoning myself: Not so hot here. Having trouble pulling my self back off of the "bad" foods, mostly cause I love them and 2nd because the ones on the veggie list were always some of my main go to's. Goal 4: Attitude
  4. I cannot stress how STRONG and COMMITTED this shows you are!!!! Holy $hit, this is amazing, so few have the will power to do that, especially as it is such a habbit, but then for you to recognize that and not just say F'it I already lit it....HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! many people will not realize what a feat that is but I am amazed and VERY VERY VERY Proud of you!! You are my hero!
  5. This could be a good thing, sometimes people are to involved/too close to see issues that are starting. We went through something like that at the jitz school once, and had a talk with them and everything got better and avoided some issues.
  6. Sooooo much WIN happening in this post....poor picked on cylinders, they're the big & tall thicc boi's of the art world
  7. I know you can't see it, but I did a little happy dance for you in my desk chair when I read this (think snoopy dance from a chair ) Kat starring down this challenge:
  8. I swear I am here, and alive...been a crazy last 2 weeks.....I will update today at some point I promise
  9. not only a badass but a mega talented hottie... Keep killing it out there!!
  10. be careful with this. Hopefully just a stain, but man y many years back I messed up my foot (long story) thought it was a sprain....stressed it again a month later, (pan, swelling, discoloring) took it easy and then 2 months later stepped in a pothole and destroyed my ankle! Moral, better safe than sorry, make sure you have your ankle looked at really good. Looks delicious, you can send some my way!!
  11. don't let it mock you, just remove it. maybe add it in on another challenge. Adaptation is the key. Keep killing it, your trip looked like a blast!
  12. hope your doing ok! I assume the silence is because you are just out there killing it!!!!!!
  13. hope you are still able to read this! Sending positivity your way
  14. A good bone broth can do wonders. My mum drinks a ton of broth (mainly due to food issues, it's her secondary source of protein) but 3 of her doctors had made mention about how happy they are with her increase in bone structure and muscle health (no working out besides mild PT). I make a lot of bone stock for her, and she buys some brands she researched and trusts, but she has been using it for years, so it could never hurt. PT should always be followed. I have broke more bones and F'ed up more muscles than I can count, but I learned at a very important lesson at an early age
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