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  1. Make sure to always have fun, if you ain't having fun, you ain't livin"!

  2. For today's magic trick, I will turn this $.42 bullet into half a million dollars

  3. Goodbye external world, I shall see you again once the Destiny Alpha test is done in 3 days...

  4. It truly is the simplest things in life; a loaf of bread, stick of butter and a toaster

    1. Elastigirl


      maybe...but MEAT will give you power for MOAR pushups :)

    2. mitch_dee


      but bread is good for self hating and loathing

    3. Elastigirl


      true..now go do a set of max pushups for self loving

  5. Mmmm...Beer!!! that is all...as you were

  6. why yes, yes I can eat that entire pot of mac n cheese...

    1. Nedwin


      Not if I get to it first!

  7. I wish you all success in your future endeavors

  8. Stop the world, I'd like to get off!

  9. that moment when your arms won't even lift up the luffa, let alone raise up to wash your hair....

  10. Bacon=Unconditional Love!!!

  11. that point where you can;t sit down to take of your shoes because your legs will refuse to lift you back up.....

    1. Tas


      Such a satisfying moment! :D

  12. just watched ALL for the BroScienceLife videos in a row.....Brain has exploded!

  13. Thank you to all the past and present service men and women who have stood that line to protect my freedoms. Your sacrifices, both small and large, will always be remembered, and you will always be in our hearts!

  14. hoping to catch up on the forums and friends sometime tonight....

  15. that point after a good workout when your shirt is drenched and your arms are so tired you have problems taking it off....

    1. Ceasefire


      That's when you say 'F it' and shower with your shirt on? =D

    2. otter905


      Try texting on a touch screen at that point! Soo much fun!

  16. RIP Tom Clancy, you were an amazing author and your work will be missed.

  17. Beginning of wk 3 of the 6WC....keep pushing strong everyone!

  18. lawn's mowed, fire's started, meat is cooking....I would kill for a beer!! guess water will have to do :)

  19. Back lunges should be used instead of water boarding!!!

  20. currently committing death by bread & butter!

    1. Jay87


      Noooooo!!!! put...the...bread...down!!! :P

    2. Ceasefire
    3. DELETED


      someone get some broccoli, stat!

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