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  1. Wow week two was an insane roller coaster....wrap up and rants currently being wrote up in word to transfer over.
  2. No, nope, nada.... I veto your challenge power due to your mega-ninja skills of disappearing on us :-p
  3. Mon & Tues update: Sick....ate very little, tracked and have napped alot.....time to go curl back up in a ball
  4. Week 1 wrap up: Track food: 6/7 days tracked. I even tracked the days I was not proud of. Push ups: que sad buzzer. Cleaned the workout space so I have the room to work on this, only got one round of them in. Plan of attack is for M,W,F next week.
  5. omg omg omg omg omg 'tron flippy goodness omg omg omg omg omg omg
  6. NO BELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. And now I remember what DOMS feels like...... Yesterdays update: All the food trackedPush ups completed Today's a busy one so I will try to avoid food on the go.
  8. It looks like you are being attacked by said cloud
  9. Wow, double post split by another post....interesting.....but that means everyone dance on Maaya:
  10. When did they finally do the interview?
  11. STARS is FAMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on everything you have accomplished, you are a badass!!
  12. Thanks guys, I think one of the reasons my funk has continued is the fact I have not had my alarm set in over a month. I have not been getting up and working out, taking the time for myself and to clear my head. There is something therapeutic about being in the moment of an exercise when all you are thinking about is the movement, your breathing, your pace, etc. So today's workout was definitely needed but also very humbling. Workout: Pushups: 10, 10, 9 (not counting the last one)Inverted Row: 10, 10, 10BW Squats: 10, 10, 10Plank: 45s, 30s, 30s Lessons and thoughts from this mornings workout: Jump ropes can be differentMy rope is a weighted rope, while the ones at the school I have been using are speed ropes...there is a differenceMy rope is almost to short, plus added weight makes it much harder to useNo matter speed or weighted they both hurt the same insane amount when they hit your bare feetHOLY HELL did I forget how different suspension push ups arehumbling experience when I had to readjust to a much higher incline to even do them successfullywow do I feel all the muscles when I have a full range unlike my regular gut blocking onesI still super love inverted rows!Been doing aerobic warm up speed curtsies in class...and I like working deep squats sooo much betterthe squat bucket felt easier to get to and I did not feel like I butt winked in the endPlanks are still not funAnd now the pain of being a broken down man is kicking in.
  13. Ok new day, new attitude. All food tracked, around 2100ish. No push ups done but garage workout area is now cleaned and ready Alarm is set for morning workout tomorrow and I am off to bed. holy hell that's a big pic...sorry
  14. Great job avoiding all the temptation...it always seems the church events always have the best food at their spreads...you are a better person than me.
  15. I really want to learn the DnD system (all my pen and paper falls to the Palladium system) and need to play before I would be willing to DM. If one is found and there is room and no one minds that a noob is playing and I can swing it I would like to join...
  16. I fully agree with you on this. Everyday that I wake up in so much pain that I look like a 90 year old man shuffling his way down the hall and pass a mirror I think to myself 'why the F am I doing this again'. But stay strong keep pushing and remember the little changes you do not notice are what everyone else sees first, then they will add up and you will eventually take note. Great job on throwing together a great breakfast on the fly. What kind of tea are you brewing and why did the first pot have to be sacrificed to the drain?!?!
  17. ​KAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at all the WIN in your update!!!!!!!!! There is so much win that I really can't figure out what to say... I am really happy that you are doing so well and excited for your test conquering. I will save the deep motivational speeches for the later weeks
  18. Well beings I was informed today that I did not get the job that was damn near perfect for me so I will continue being unemployed, spent 3-4 hours fighting with the IRS and Healthcare.gov about an issue that has been going on since late Feb only to find out I was told wrong on everything till today and a knock out gut punch conversation with my mother, I figured why the fuck not... ....oh and the bottle of scotch was half price, so I figured it was a sign!
  19. Food tracked, well mostly....I stopped tracking the glasses of Scotch... No push ups yet but wifeDee is off tomorrow so she can watch the midget while I finally clean up the garage workout area so I can start. Ok, back to my Scotch.
  20. YYYYYEEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. All food tracked yesterday, under 2200. No pushups yet. Today has been crazy, semi-productive and insanely stressful....could be why the only thing in my system so far at 1500 is a glass (or more) of Johnny Walker...
  22. Just reinforces my mental image of hugging you....
  23. ^All that right there is a day one win!!!! Challenge success comes from day to day wins, especially those that involve ignoring MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..haha..ha....ok, got a lil carried away there **runs off**
  24. (yes, I did just make a semi coherent statement out of veggie pun memes....that is if you carrot all....tehehe)
  25. So much WIN in this update!!!!!!!! I really am giddy for you right now and happy to see you in a good place...I've got so many things bouncing through my head to say and cheer you on but can't seem to calm my mind enough to type them coherently...so I'll just some it up like so:
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