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  1. Hope the issues accessing the forums aren't too bad still......know we are all pushing for you and waiting for more sassy selfies!!!
  2. FIFY (only able to communicate via meme as my head and social abilities shut off 3 hours ago)
  3. Those sketches are great, thanks for sharing!!!!! wait...are you throwing sketches away?? Or are you pulling out what you want....I missed something
  4. I think that translates to "He tiny pee-pee dumb-dumb" if talked about in front of lil people (or those of us without dem $5 dollar word skills)
  5. I can say first hand that I understand how huge this change is, and I am happy for you!! I use to be a pack a day smoker but quit, holy hell, 10 years ago the end of this year. It will be tough, but if you ever need to chat just send out word. and we get to hear it when? YES it DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In a fight like this, every small tiny step counts! again, trust me on that.
  6. Hopefully the therapy is working for you...as far as the relationship/friendship, what will happen will happen. The hardest part is to not read too much into the little things in this time that you both are on whatever it is you want to call it. The tenseness might pass quicker than you think, and stressing too much on any interaction might make things more awkward. There is alot of if's and maybe's in a scenario like this ( I have done it a few times with friends, some successful, some not...but I look back and feel that when I/we let it just kind of iron itself out it). All I can say is trust your feelings on how to proceed, consider you first, and try (though hard) to not stress over the mean time. If you need to vent feel free to reach out, we might end up talking in circles, but I'm always willing to talk it out if needed. Great Job on still getting you stuff done!! The picture looks good, wish I had half that talent.
  7. That's why I hate 90% of the folks in the midwest...no damn idea how to function, let alone drive in it. I don't blame you, damn for 12.50 you could shop and make enough to have it for multiple meals...lol
  8. OMG!!! All da nerds returning!!!!!!!! I will return when I have time to read.
  9. lol yes you did! After last challenge when you talked about 5e being the "big brother" of Pathfinder I scraped my PF character team I was drafting and switched to 5e.....and boy did that change everything up, none of my PF ideas would move well to characters in 5e, so I had to re-draft an entirely new set....lol. But I have finished rolling 1 out of the 6 that I have rough plans laid out for. I'm using them to start a story line to write from...trying to use the creation process to fuel writing short stories of their backgrounds and possibly lead that into writing quick one off stories. And if I would ever find a game I can join I would have something ready to play... They probably have a timeshare with mine in a state across the country... This is why I came back, I need the positivity this place contains for us all!! Thanks, I hope it will!
  10. All da flippies!!!!! I have always enjoyed seeing your IG posts of gymnastics stuff. There's one I remember of you in a dress doing a flip or something and it is so cool how the dress flowed while you did it! I remember thinking, that is so off the wall, awesome and mesmerizing that I felt it represented you in video form. Can't wait to see more awesomeness! But dat booty though... Edit: That pictures was suppose to be under "All da flippies", it moved....lol. I'm leaving it cause it's so much funnier now (but I wanted you to realize I was not trying to be pervy, for once in my life)
  11. Neither did I, which made me laugh more!
  12. Me whenever I see snow: But that is the difference in Northerns who are used to snow and all the idiots in the Midwest that have no idea how to handle it.... Though the picture of the cabin in beautiful with the snow! I mean, who wouldn't?! Sorry about the chaoticness, hopes it mellows out for you soon. Not allowed! Remember you is Yes to all of these, especially the Orca!!
  13. Escape from Tarkov is teaching me bad Russian words...lol
  14. I have read it to MidgetDee when she was a lil baby and even played the audio a few times...that is until she started to say her first words...lol, then we stopped
  15. For future avoidance just post mark them to me I suggest butt rubs
  16. Push through, and know we're all here if you need us!
  17. a story might help....I know she is young, but soothing words are always good....here's one that worked for us. (Don't have your speakers up too loud) ❤️ Thank you. It's a better day so far. Hope the story makes you smile.... 😀😁🤩
  18. OMG!!!.....How did I forget about this, and why did my alert not go off when you posted as I'm still subscribed....lol I LOVE this and am so thrilled to see you returning to something you enjoy so much, seeing you happy and funny and singing is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just subscribed to the new channel and will definitely be finding you on Twitch. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. So here for returning nerds!!!!! Can't wait to see you and Starpuck kill these challenges!!!!
  20. Saw the flippies on IG.....you are awesome!!!!!!
  21. My kryptonite There is NO such thing as too much Chinese food!!!! Hope you enjoy the concert!!!!
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