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  1. see when I say this it means I ate it all 😛 Daisy is a very pretty horse! And she looks like a very happy horse, loved the little side jump she did. It has been since my childhood, but I miss horses, such wonderful creatures. That facility looks really nice! holy frozen hell, where are you?!?!?!
  2. Week Zero summary: granted I only start the post and goals 4 days ago I want to be fully prepped to start this challenge. This Sunday start is a little weird. Goal 1: no posts, but a summary is here. Goal 2: I dusted off the FitBit, got some new wrist bands (the old ones were falling apart) and have wore it since Thursday. A little over 7k steps on Thursday, but over 8k on Friday and currently over 9k today. Goal 3: err... umm....yeah, I'm working on it. Meal prep will be tomorrow for the upcoming week. Goal 4: I have taken my pills each morning. Have been following Nerd threads but have not had the time to comment in them all. I have not done art stuff but for the last few evening I have been reading D&D books and starting the notes for characters I am going to make, to be used in creative writing that I will be doing...and hopefully to play one day. I am amazed at how fast some of your threads grow, I'll try to comment when I can but always know I am following and keeping up on your journey. I very much love you all! Now off to print some character sheets to make these characters.
  3. Yippie, Friends!!!!!!!!!! Thank you all for stopping in, just having people pop in to say hi is a big deal in my world, especially friends from here! I love you all.
  4. KKKOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG.....all the feels!!!!!!
  5. I must institute this practice immediately at my place of work!!
  6. that is a good lookin' cow right there!
  7. You Aussies always were a little heavy handed on the sugar...lol [emoji16][emoji39] I miss having a legit tea time. Ah childhood days passed.
  8. That make sense, I figured that for the apples due to sugar but was not sure how you drank your tea. I thinks a great method to start with and adapt if needed.
  9. Here for sassy pictures and NF nostalgia
  10. All the past Nerds......I has all the feels now!!!!!
  11. So many Nerds returning..... SFG, I am sorry for the curves life is throwing you. As one who has viewed NF in the same way and have tried to voice things I never I have, I hope you can continue to feel safe here and share anything you need to.
  12. *Steve appears* Forum reactions: My Reaction: "Don't be weird, don't be weird, don't be weird" also me: (it got weird didn't it...damn)
  13. here to watch food stuffs... I like the color coding system, but why is tea and dried apples bad?...
  14. I had so many questions at first....was the cow doing the painting??...were you painting a live cow??.... but thankfully this clears things up.. Here to see you de-stress and de-clutter....oh and cow painting (but I'm secretly hoping for you to paint a real cow)
  15. That's been my experience as well. Our quality of life noticeably improved when she was 2. Now, at 3 approaching 4, parenting seems downright easy compared to those first couple of years. Being able to sleep all the way through the nights, in particular, made a world of difference. this is just to lull you into ease before BAM, the mouthy attitude era starts!! Don't get me wrong, sleeping through the night is good but your loss of sanity now comes from a child who is seven and believes they are seventeen!!! Trust me, I love MidgetDee to death, but there are days I'm willing to sell her, some days I'm insanely proud of her and others when I literally am in tears cause I can't tell if she's a bad child I'm a bad parent or if this is just how the world works.....LOL But it's fun.......I think.....
  16. holy hell, it's week zero and I'm exhausted just looking at your goals, I need a nap. It should not be too hard to talk to strangers, as there's not that many out there stranger than us in here! sorry for the bad dad joke, I'll see myself out.....
  17. Here to watch a hero be awesome! (Plus D&D stuffs and things) As long as I have been in and out of these forums you have always been what I consider a pillar of this community. You are consistent, driven and more over supportive of everyone. It has been a thrill to come back and see you still here pushing through.
  18. Here to witness the lunacy of snow running.... and cause you're kind of a badass in my book!
  19. Holy hell, it has been 7 years since I first found this place......how has it been that long?!? I took a moment last night to look back at all my challenges that I have started over the years and have come to 3 conclusions: I have yet to actually complete a full challenge...wtf Mitch....I think this makes me the most experienced first timer and that technically means I should be posting in the 1st timer's forum...lol This place is still as amazing as it was when I first found it, due to all you outstanding folks Damn I used alot of gifs.... On to the challenge....and maybe a few gifs..... With my lack of consistency and my natural drive to just throw in the towel when something goes wrong, lets Keep it Stupidly Simple Goal 1: Finish a fuggin' Challenge Requirement: Post at least 2 updates in a week, AND a summary on Saturday. Goal 2: Put the damn Fitbit back on Requirement: Wear the stupid FitBit and get at least 8000 steps in a day. Goal 3: Stop poisoning myself Requirements: Stop eating any of the foods that I am not suppose to, aka off my food sensitivity test. They are bad and cause major issues so knock it off. Meal prep at least 3 days worth of meals, share pictures as proof and accountability. Goal 4: Attitude adjustment Requirements: Take you damn pills EVERY day....imagine, mood drugs might work better if you took them consistently. Keep motivated, either by posting to myself or posting and following the badass heroes on this site. Mini Goal: Try to let myself of the hook for my past and believe in myself: listen to the words that others say about me, if I have such faith in there words when they talk about themselves or other NFers, then I need to have at least half that faith in the words when they say them to me. Mini Goal part 2: Stop comparing my progress with others...their chapter 20 is not my chapter 1 or however that saying goes Goal 5: Find happiness again Requirement: for 30 mins each day do something creative, it does not matter what it is, writing, drawing, coloring, etc. But whatever it is, do it freely and for 30 mins try not to judge every word or line made, just let go. That's it for now....I should probably get back to work. More to come!........I hope...lol
  20. I love you, that simple. Your drive, your motivation, aerial pics on insta, parent shares, it's all so honest and real! Thank you for being you!!
  21. I am having a really rough day today, don't mind this rant just trying to vent stuff I can't say while at work, well basically anywhere in my life but here (as I have no actual connection with anyone here to effect my daily life)...this last week has kinda of blurred, no real separation in them. Dreams are too vivid and too normal each night lately that I wake up not sure if I slept, feeling exhausted and going through the motions. Feeling caged, emotionally barely holding on right, trying not to be so self destructive that I just walk out on my job. Self image is gone, if it weren't for wife needing the mirror I would have pitched it by now, all my clothes feel tight, including the new ones...food is a wreck and I just backlash and use it to satisfy my feelings and hurt myself at the same time. not happy with most anything and very temperamental with the fam, wish they had someone else most of the time...not sure if that's cause I just feel like I suck at parenting or if it's cause I just am so selfish I want out of it all. Don't remember what it's like to have done something right or even feel like I did something right. Confidence is zero, no faith to even look for a way out of any of it. Oh well back to work.
  22. I have this urge at least six times a day, every day. My rates for public beatdowns are very reasonable and I have a large variety to choose from... Unexpected crotch punch to fat man jiu jitsu torture or my personal favorite for annoying coworkers, the conference room table powerbomb. And for a little more we can just make the problem disappear..... For quotes and rates, call 1-800- Muh-haha
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