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  1. Thanks for all the encouragement guys, your words and reading your challenges motivate me more than you realize. On the motivation note: Day 4 Motivation: And I am SORE today, so I guess I did something right yesterday!!
  2. Day 3 recap: Goal 1 - Lower body workout completed. Squat, lunge and rasies all done body weight, leg press on the sled at 180 lbs. Day 1 sit-up challenge completed as well On a side note, holy hell are side lunges hard.......how the F can moving out at 45° make an exercise that much harder?!?!?!?! Goal 2 - 35 min C25K interval training, forgot my scheduele so I did 2 min jog (or fat man run) and 90sec walk intervals. 2.19 miles and 459 cal burned Forgot what a difference the treadmill is to the ellipitical.....so glad I came back now then waiting to lose more weight Goal 3 - 1st non-paleo meal today; breakfast was good, had to grab a bite on lunchbreak, but did do an ALL paleo grocery shopping. Dinner will be chicken and grilled veg, so good there. Goal 4 - Motivation posted and followed. Also finding increased motivation following other rebels challenges, so thank you to you all for the bonus push Beings today is Wednesday I did my usual weigh in, I decided to take my measurements as well: Height: 6'1.5"Weight: 337.2 lbs.Body Fat: 44%Neck: 18"Chest: 54"Waist: 57.5"Hips: 52.5"I plan on not taking my measurements again until the end of the challenge, and may do the same with the weigh-ins, not sure. But if these very large numbers say anything, it's that if this big boy can do it, so can any of you!!!!
  3. No throwing in the towel!! Young lady you think that way again and I will figure out how to have all the towels in your house taken! This goes for any of you reading the forums, I am willing to become a world traveling master towel theif if thats what it takes to keep us all on track Oh and on the rugby note: Go ALL BLACKS!!!!
  4. I use to do this to myself all the time, and then binge on top of it. Then I found this mind set: Anytime I have to alter of my meal plan I just remebr this, eat the best I can and realize that it's not as bad as I want to make it out to be! Great job throwing down on your goals, especially on adapting you workouts to work around an injury. Keep it up!
  5. Day 3 Motivation: This was the case for this morning at least.....but my brain woke up half way through the workout. At that time I was reminded how different it is to run than use the elliptical!
  6. Outstanding job Orc! I remember how hard it was to start the C25K training. Just remember that even if it is only run/jog, run/walk, or even walk/jog, it's still better than nothing/nothing! Keep it up.
  7. In today’s issue of Becoming the Hulk we find our hero in training suffer a set back….bom bom bommmmmmmm! Well as of my doctor’s appointment this afternoon I have been informed I have an unaligned upper rib (near the shoulder), a bicep tendon out of groove and some tricep something or other…….So Hulk NO upper body SMASH!! I have been benched from shoulder, chest and bicep workouts for the next two weeks minimum. So, Hulk SMASH squats (and core)! I will me revising my 1st goal to reflect a new workout. Unfortunately it has also been recommended that I skip BJJ for the next few weeks also, so I will have to work extra hard to keep back the rage beast without this stress reliever! On a good note, the semi-paleo diet is working out well, two days down! Well off to ice my shoulder and try to calm a teething baby that got 3 shots today…….HULK NOT SMASH BABY.
  8. Day 2 Motivation: This is the approach to life that all Rebels should take: Now SMASH day 2 of this challenge!!
  9. Kate, great job on pushing through day 1! As far as workouts go, I would recommend looking through Strength Training forums, specifically the Programming one. Feel free to ask questions or start a post there you might get some good insight from any other lady lifters; since I personally cannot add insight there. As for me I have started with the Rebel Fitness Guide and love it, it is a great combo of body weight and free weight routines that can be done at home, the office, gym, anywhere. I understand the insanity of a new family addition, my first just turned 1, so extra props on taking on this challenge at this time. I look forward to seeing your "baby steps" turn to full running strides!
  10. Outstanding start! I have said it before, the first days are always the hardest. How is this possible?!?!?!? I have almost banished my wife from the house after she has made these type of things around me.........I can avoid suger pretty well, but homemade goodies are a major weakness. Props to you!
  11. That's what I wake up to every morning, and trust me after the 30 sec mark where he calls you out for hitting the snooze, you will never do it again!
  12. I found that after having a newborn in the house it was very easy to get up with no snooze!! I do not recomment this tactic for anyone! But as time has gone by and I find myself sleeping uninterupted now I have realized it's harder to get out of bed each day. I fell back into my old snooze habits again. The way that I found to break it was by having something stimulating/engaging be my alarm. Motivational songs worked for a while, but then I found the audio version of this: http://youtu.be/PQI6qN34roc Since I have had this on my phone I find myself getting up the first time around and eager to tackle the day!
  13. Motivation Day 1: I have the audio file of this as my alarm clock each morning. Figured it needed to me shared! http://youtu.be/PQI6qN34roc
  14. I have the dumb question of the day: How did you post that youtube video? Thanks in advance. Never mind figured it out.
  15. My wife does this and she has had good success at getting up and about earlier in the day. Dorothy, great goals. I am impressed at the plan of attack that you have created, know thw route to take to achieve each goal is probably the best tool you can have to achieving that goal. Take it from someone who has spent way too many times saying "I will complete X goal" and then not following through due to no reasonable plan of attack. Day one down, the hardest days are always the first days!
  16. Nice goals, well stated and pretty streamlined. I was wondering what your were planning on using to track your food & calorie log?
  17. Great goals AB. As with everyone else I really like the "C" snack food avoidance goal. I did wonder at first about the "c" foods in general since I can't make it through a day without carrots! I was wondering what you are using to track your calories and nutrients? Way to push through day one, the first days are always the hardest in my opinion.
  18. Wow, how time goes by already. Sorry it took so long to get back here and to even post my own goals, but between normal life and the fact that my daughter is now fully mobile and is cutting her first tooth, the last few days have been, well insane!!!!! Well goals are up and I will be checking everyone elses logs tonight. Thanks to Angel for listing and linking everyones posts it will make it easy to track while chasing my kid around the room. Good luck to everyone, I can't wait to share in your success as well as mine.
  19. .........Unfortunately without the gamma radiation this transformation will take a hell of a lot longer than an instant rage change. Since seeing the "Superheroes in training" group I have spent the last few days trying to figure out what superhero I am similar to. This led me to the fact that I am most like the Hulk/Bruce Banner. Unfortunately I do not possess any of the good attributes of the Hulk as I am severely lacking in physical strength and endurance and I eat like a beast. What I do possess is the anger and rage, which is not a good thing. Like Dr. Banner more and more I tend to seek solitude, partly because of disappointment in myself and part out of the fact I have become bitter and cynical. I am determined to push farther from these negative traits and move toward the heroic ones! This will be achieved by working on the Hulk side of my life as well as the Dr. Banner side as well. Hulk Goals: SMASH!: (+3 Str, +1 Sta) Strength training 3 times a week. Over the span of this challenge I will complete the Rebel Fitness Guide Level 2 & 3 workout plans. Edit due to Dr's orders, Legs and core it is now (set in two programs like the Rebel Fitness workout): Program 1 2 Sets Program 2 2 Sets Exercise Reps Exercise Reps Squats 15 Squat to Calf raise 15 Side Lunge 16 Forward Lunge 20 Calf Dips 15 Step Ups 20 Leg Press 10 Leg Curl 10 Sit Up Challenge See grid Sit Up Challenge See Grid Reps/weight will increase per week Hulk not tired!: (+4 Sta) Complete a 30min Couch to 5K training session 3 times a week. Time to get off the elliptical and on the treadmill (although the image of the Hulk on an elliptical is now humorously embedded in my mind) Dr. Banner Goals: No longer eat like a beast: (+3 Con) Time to stop shoveling it down like a beast! Follow a mostly Paleo diet as described in Rebel Diet Guide. I will allow one bagel thin and one laughing cow cheese wedge a day (So I can still eat breakfast) Edit for grading: Per week -> 18+ meals = A, 17 = B, 16 = C, 15 or less = FAIL Motivate the beast: (+2 Wis, +2 Cha) Most of my anger comes at myself for not doing what I need to do. In order to stop this rage I will motivate myself daily to keep on my goals and stick with this. It is only 42 days and I will make it through each of them. Motivation will be put in this thread to help prove to myself that I can do this and then start a blog. I will become a superhero, it will take time but I will make it. My wife and my daughter deserve no less that a superhero to stand by them and I will be that hero!
  20. I have read so many of the challanges and am really excited to try to complete my first one. Now that my daughter has turned one I realize that I need to become a superhero and am in need of a lot of training. I signed up on the sheet already, is there anything else that I need to do to join the crew?? I am off to create some goals and prep myself for this challenge. I look forward to meeting others and support us all in this journey!
  21. Thanks guys. All I can say after that video is WOW! It may take a lifetime but Beast Mode is my new goal!
  22. Though I am starting my first challenge and I am starting a week late, I look forward to proving myself....mainly to myself! I have just found FN and spent the last 2 days reading it, I have spent enough time in RPG's it's time I made my life one. I look forward to experiencing this with all of you. (Highest Grade available will be a B due to late start) Goal #1: 4 Gym visits per week Within these 4 visits I must complete 3 couch to 5K work outs and three 3 set Beginner Body Weight workouts focusing on proper technique. B = 4 Gym visits per week C = Miss 3 or less Gym workouts D = Miss 5 to 3 workouts F = Miss more than 5 workouts or fail to complete either 3 C25K and 3 body wieght workouts in any given week Reward: STR +2, STA +2, Dex +1 Goal #2: Record all food intake on myfitnesspal.com. I have had a huge problem doing this! *Any missed meals/food creates a missed day B = Miss 1 day or less per week C = Miss more than 4 days total or 2 days in any given week D = Miss more than 7 days F = Miss more than 10 days Goal # 3: No Fast Food The weakness to all Clan FatAss'ian Ogres B = No Fast food C = 1 fast food meal D = 2 fast food meals F = 3 fast food meals Goal #4: Life level up goal = post to my blogB = avg 3 post per week (at least 15 total) C = avg 2 post per week (at least 10 total) D = avg 1 post per week (at least 5 total) F = forget how to write Well I might be behind but that is sure as $h!t no excuse. Good luck to all of you out there, I hope for your success and am here to help in any way I can.
  23. Hello fellow rebels! I somehow stumbled upon NF 2 days ago and have not been able to stop reading the main site or the forums. I don’t think I have been more impressed or entertained by a site that helps so many, I look forward to contributing. My past up to this point is irrelevant, as I have read….$h!t happens! So what’s important is that I am here now, and I am here to conquer my fears and inadequacies. I am currently: • 6’ 2†• 338 lbs • Not flexible • Weak • Slow • Insecure • Hateful • Unhappy Through this adventure that I share with you all I will become (no matter how long it takes): • 235 lbs • Able to touch my toes (hell just seeing them would be huge!) • Do my first pull up ever and then do more • Find strength • Become confident • Learn to enjoy life again • Love who I am I know that these goals are not really measurable, but what I will do in order to achieve them will be, and will be posted in the future. For now my current week goals are: • Gym 4 times this week • Couch to 5K week 3 complete • 3 days of Beginner Body weight workout • No Fast Food Here’s to our future! I look forward to being a base to help support
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