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  1. I'm thankful for: O2CH2Owithout these, all you fine people would not be around creating such a great community!!
  2. lawn's mowed, fire's started, meat is cooking....I would kill for a beer!! guess water will have to do :)

  3. I started the Zombies Run 5K training last challenge, and I think no matter what trainer you are using there is that point where you go: Trust me and the others , you will get past it and it will get easier. Just as an example I started the 5K training and could barely run a min, by the end my 350+ lbs ass was able to run a mile nonstop in 13:41. If I could do it anyone can do it!! When it gets hard, use the faith we all have in you to keep going!
  4. Subbing, even though I know 0 about lifting,for two reasons: holy hell look at those weight totals Between the cats and the pulp fight I have cracked up a few times in class causing the professor and all the youngins' to turn and look at me....oh, and mmmmm to real chicken "whatever you want to call'ems"
  5. MotD: Everything we do starts with a thought. We can not change our lifes for the better without having the proper mindset and I choose to have a positive mind. Negativity no longer has a place in my thoughts when it comes to myself.
  6. I second this!! Ooh ooh ooh, don't forget the joints! Got to love the noises that those can make being twisted and pulled. Very little face bruises, but lots of abdomen discoloring.....stupid knee on belly position.
  7. I hope all goes well with the Doc. Quick question though, have you taken your measurements lately and compared them to past measurements? With the change in eating and all the exercise through 3 challenges, could some of the weight be muscle? Either way I hope you can get some answers and try to stay positive. Remember we all think you're pretty badass!
  8. Ok, first of, way to hit the ground running on this challenge!!! Your workout days are enough to make me exhausted just reading them. I will say the reading your thread makes me hungry, if you keep talking delicious foods we will demand recipes or samples......yes I am planing a worldwide food stealing criminal organization to strike at all the NFers that make great food!!! I digress, I just wanted to stop in and say great job and I look forward to seeing your continued success.
  9. Hey Sassy, welcome to NF. I'm glad to see you join the challenge instead of waiting for the next cycle! Great job adapting and finding a great way to do cardio and spend time with the kids! I completely understand the difficulties that a spouse and child bring to finding workout time. I get up at 0530 in order to get a little time to myself and get my workouts in. I am also happy to see the life goal of writing in your grateful diary. Finding the joy in life and keeping a positive outlook is one of the most overlooked tools a person needs to complete goals. It is also one of the strongest tools to helping you stay on track! Good luck with this challenge, I look forward to seeing your success!
  10. I agree you are not a disappointment. You are making a sound decision that is right for you right now. None of us knows what the future holds. Trust me it is smarter to withdraw at a time when you are not sure if you can complete it successfully. And come back when it is a better time for you, it will be better for you in the long run. What gives me the right to say that.......the mountain of debt I am still paying off after going to school on and off for the past decade!! That includes being thrown out of two major universities, and changing my mind/degree no less than 5 times. I hope some of the pressure has released, I remember the fear of explaining to my parents that I was not allowed to return to the university......it was a nightmare but it was a small relief after we talked. Please whatever you do, do not allow this to weigh on you. Again you are in no way a disappointment or failure. I have spent many years torturing myself mentally, emotionally and physically (through various addictions) because I have had those feelings about myself. If I could go back, I would reassure myself that it may not seem right, and I might have felt like I failed, but in no way does that reflect on who I am!!! Please Please Please do not allow this one event to dictate your self image or your future! True hugs, and know we are all here for ya!
  11. How are you still moving?!?!?! I would need a wheelchair and someone to push me after all that!! Way to push hard!!
  12. Quick lunch note. Was up at 0521, and out in the garage to workout by 0540. Workout: Kettle bell swing squats (15 lbs): 20 x 3 Inclined suspension push ups: 15 x 3 Back lunges (assisted for balance): 20 x 3 Inclined inverted suspension row: 15 x 3 Overhead kettle press (15 lbs): 10 x 3 each arm Overhead tri extentions (15 lbs): 10 x 3 All movements done in 'super set' with rest only long enough to switch to new movement. 2-3 minute rest between rounds. Completed in around 30 mins, then hobbled up the stairs and through the house. The workout took a lot out of me, but I feel really good already, thighs are a little mad every time I stand up but not as weak as they use to feel. I guess that's progress
  13. Blaidd, you are a superhero!!! And I feel lucky just getting to know you!
  14. Back lunges should be used instead of water boarding!!!

  15. Ok, need to back track a little between life, work, school and a 16 month old it got a little crazy this week. Monday: Goal 1: All food tracked 2073 cal Goal 2: No bread or sugar consumed Goal 3: Suspension/kettle bell training completed. Had to cram it into my lunch break and with not working out for 2 weeks and post bingefest it was rough. Only complete two rounds. Life goal: Calendar was made and x's added Tuesday: Goal 1: All food tracked,2026 cal Goal 2: Still good here Goal 3: I will consider the 1 mile walk to and from my car to campus as moving, and played with my daughter for a while Life goal: got busy with class, kid, work and anniversary..... That leads to today, and I will post on that tonight, but here is the motivation of the day: This is directly pointed at me, it is something I have to do with myself every day, leave the past there!
  16. This right here is the greatest accomplishment of your week, you have not become discouraged and you are willing to learn! Keep pushing on, and always remember you are a badass in other peoples eyes!!
  17. Take the scale and but it in a closet that you do not go into very often, remove the vile tempting beast!!! Remember that scale only gives you a numerical value of your relationship with gravity, what other relationships in life do you assign a number to?!?! None of the important ones that I know of. Keep feeling good and keep up the great work.
  18. I fully agree, I will be plotting a raid to SA to steal all of Blaidds awesome food!! *insert evil laugh here*
  19. E_Mo, great job on this challenge so far. I agree with the thank god it's fall sentiment. The ginger apple pork sounds great! Sounds like a full two weeks, midterms can be a bitch! Just remember to at least stop and take a breath, all the work will be worth it once it's done and you can take that accomplished sigh of relief once vacation starts. In the meantime I hope things don't get too crazy, keep pushing strong through this challenge.
  20. Hey Leonine, I just wanted to stop in and say great job so far with this challenge. I have been following but had not yet had the time to comment. The roasted almonds look and sound amazing! If you can push through an entire extra round of reps I believe you are no longer "pretty out of shape"!! And great job on beating the snacking beast. The willpower it takes to stop snacking especially after the first bite is insane. Most people would take the "oh well, I'm already eating it and it's right here, I'll just do it this once" mentality, I'm glad to see you did not. Keep up the great work!
  21. I will try to get mine in tonight, all I need is to add discription/background. If not tonight it will be tomorrow, wife might not appreciate me on the comp on our anniversry.
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