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  1. Trying to update more often... Sunday was kind of a mixed day, WifeDee went to church and midgetDee (Aria) was up at my MiL's house. Got a call from Aria on MiL's phone, she was crying and I guess was in trouble for having grandma buy sushi from the store and then not eating it. MiL got on the phone and told us the story about how they were in the store and Aria saw the sushi and told her she loves sushi (which she does) and asked to buy it for lunch, so MiL bought it for her and now she is barely touching it and is just picking at the rice. "She begged me to get it so I bought the frozen sushi and now she won't eat, so no TV or playing or ipad or anything till she eats" (said over phone but at Aria)...first, ultimatums don't work with my daughter she takes after me and will fight to the end of the earth if you presenter her with an ultimatum (trust me). Second, Aria does love sushi, but her 7 year old brain equates sushi to the fresh sushi we by at the store, made there, or from a restaurant, so when she sees the word sushi that's what she is thinking and has no idea that it will be different, which leads to third, who the fuck buys FROZEN sushi!!! to say I was baffled is an understatement. So WifeDee went back up and got her, which actually helped with a miscommunication on who was watching her on Monday since she had no school and I was in a little hot water with my Ma (who they they were watching her and set up a play date...). So family communication lunacy on all sides. The good part of the day was the time I spent at the smoker...over the last few years I have developed a love for smoking meat and is one of the few things that I have some joy in. I have gotten good enough that I now have a small network of friends that buy weekly meal prep proteins from me. The one thing I have always held off on smoking was a brisket, it might sound dumb, but this was always a cut of meat that I felt deserved respect and a proper amount of experience before trying. So Sunday afternoon/night was spent butchering, prepping and smoking a large brisket. I was actually impressed with my butcher for the first time with such a large cut, but the flat and the point looked better than some I've seen in stores. I was nervous the entire smoke (especially cause it was 17° with w 5° wind chill) but the fire held temp well and the end result was great. The flavor was spot on, the point was perfect, the flat could have used about 45 mins longer but when thin sliced no one would know the difference. Pictures below in spoiler (was not sure if raw meat would bug any vegetarians here), the solid piece, the point and flat separated after butchering it and the final result of the flat: Monday, not bad, bosses are out of office for the week so quiet and a time to catch up on stuff. Was pretty sore from eating bad foods on Saturday and Sunday; but I ate about 90% good foods all day (one bowl of cereal makes up that 10% bad). Had a long talk about some issues that I have been silently facing with myself and wifeDee, it was a good talk and I feel a little better about some things on that on front. Tried to work on some Pathfinder characters...finished of the rogue and started the sorceress (basically making one of every class...3 1/2 down...lol), but was too tired and went to bed. Today, forgot to take meds, if I get out of office for lunch I'll grab them and take them, this week is week long potluck at work where we get out the panini maker so trying my best to avoid the bad foods (aka bread and cookies in this case). Trying to catch up on others threads and comment something worth while (instead of just memes and failed attempts at humor). Anyway back to work I go.
  2. "hit the desired target of my challenge goals"......there, fixed it for you. Watch how you phrase things in your mind; it's simple but, the way you word things can have a large effect on how you then see yourself. When you wrote up this challenge you set goals, you thought them out and determined a target to hit for success, not a minimum to reach just to pass. It's something small, but from someone who is unraveling years of self hatre, I can say it started with small changes in words I used to describe myself or achievements. I saw the video of the little one at the stairs on IG and started laughing at the thought/memory of this time frame for kids. Sending positive parenting vibes your way and hoping for a little calm to come soon.
  3. I bearly (pun intended) know any of what goes into lifting heavy, but I do know I loving seeing your videos! They are so great, you can see the push and the hard work behind getting to this point it but you make it look so easy. Dem number's. You can literally deadlift me....holy shit!! *swoon*
  4. the hair looks GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Pure and simple...and for a good cause! Way to keep at it even in the rough weather. Here to see the pictures of you crossing the finish line!
  6. That video is awesome, way to go!!! What are you writing (or did I miss that)? What do you thing makes it hard for you to get to; finding the time, prioritizing it, or is it like a nerves/anxiety issue? I only ask cause I find myself in the same boat, have tons of thoughts and ideas but have never gotten them down. (A little late to the party but her to follow)
  7. Just remember, fighting is very foreign to people (unless you have been in a lot of fights) some folks have a bit of trouble adapting to a class, especially when it comes to actual sparring. You seem determined in driven in all that you do so I think you will be ok, but it was one of the things we heard the most in our adult training classes for BJJ, the fact of not being prepared for the physicality. So we use to focus with new folks to prepare them mentally for it....fight or flight can be hard to overcome. Something to keep in mind, but it is all worth it in the end. Why are there no groups near me . With so many playing NFer's has it ever been thought of to start something virtually, like a google hangout or Roll20 (I think that's what I saw the other day)? I take it you are DMing, how long have you played? PS: Love the picture!!
  8. Well that all fell apart fast....I guess we are at the end of the week already. So week 1 done (technically week 2), time to review: Mind: (2 goals here) Take my meds every day: 4 out of 7 days...I guess a majority works learn to voice/vent my issues: Fail, there were many times I was going to come back to the computer and type some things up but every time I either told my self that it was pointless or got so wrapped up in my head that I just bounced problems and shutdown to go to bed. Even sitting here now I have made the time but find myself back in the old habits of lurking the forums instead...not even commenting in other threads when I want to (it's hard to explain maybe some kind of anxiety, no clue) Body: Stop eating food I should not: 50/50: I can definitely say rice is a major problem to my body. I had two different meals with rice, and hurt so bad during the night and next day; mixed with other meals that contained even a small amount of anything I'm suppose to stay away from and I had two nights that I was damn near in tears from the aching throughout my body. Spirit-thingy: Find one thing I enjoy; I don't care what it is: Read through most all of the 3 Pathfinder books I got and started laying out plans for characters. Start quick back story ideas and team makeups, and have rolled out 3 of the characters so far. got a few other ideas and then might write up some stuff on them all. Bonus: complete challenge - 1 week down, not the best, but made myself come and post so I wouldn't just fade away like I tend to. Week coming up the bosses are out of down so should be a less hectic week. Might be able to unwind some. Oh, and smoking my first brisket this weekend....story might come later.
  9. Have a fun trip!! .......... ........... ........... Is she gone? can we party in here now?.....here goes
  10. not to besmirch a Padre, but: LIES!!!!!! And so it begins!!!! ALL THE THINGS WILL BE IN REACH, MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Is it bad my mind was like 'how does she do that stuff on sequenced material...Chiffon must be hard to hold'...the influence of a DIY wife and crafty Midget.... LOL, complete almost everything in two days some how seems overkill for "slacking" for 2. plus you "slacking" is probably a normally busy day for any one else! You are my hero!
  11. Yes your honor, here I present proof that Kat is indeed crazy.....
  12. wait...what?!?! we start on Sunday for the week now? Look at these numbers!!!! Comin' out of the blocks into week 1 in full stride!!!!
  13. Ok, I'll call this weekend week zero... - 2 out of 3 days taking meds - 0 out of 3 days eating right...and damn have I paid for it the last two days. - I did however get my hands on the new 2nd edition Pathfinder books and started laying out character ideas...they will never be played but there has always been something about character creation that I have throughly enjoyed...so I got that going for me. Fresh start tomorrow, time to be on track. "Look Raist, bunnies..."
  14. Soooooooo jealous of all the gaming! As far as the snacking at the table, what if you limit the 'usual' snacks to a smaller amount and offset with veggies like celery, cucumbers, carrots etc? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  15. I'm here, just busy in all ways. Hoping to post with detail tonight after kiddo has gone to bed. Remembered to take my pills today and friday....forgot yesterday...opps Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  16. 1st, hey Kat, long time no talk to 2nd, single digit run after sickness, you CRAZY!! 3rd, I can send my address for you to ship all the yummy goodness to 4th, and most important...CONGRATS on the up coming nuptials!!!! So happy for you. Glad you are feeling better, cant wait to see you rock this new year! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  17. 'ello, new comer to your thread here....first thought: please give me even a 1/4 of your ability to do all the things and read all the books!! Love the goals, boxing sounds like it will be great for you. Have you ever trained in any form of fighting? If not you'll be amazed at the feeling of stress relief it gives. The picture of the dance is amazing, you can feel the confidence from you in it. Look forward to seeing progress, hearing book reviews and hopefully more dancing videos! (And any D&D stuffs) Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  18. hey doll! I forgot to say how great you look, and in case you didn't see my IG comments, I'm so thrilled for you two and the little one!!!!! She is such a cutie!! Welcome to unending exhaustion, we are glad to have you. Love seeing your lyra (think I used that right) work, it amazes me, it seems like just a little while ago you started and now look at you. Hugs to the family. Keep killin' out there!
  19. First off, hey Spezzy Secondly, holy crap you are a beast and I love watching you lift on IG third, so sorry to hear about Madi, she was good puppers...happy to see a new one to help you out Fouthly, best/worst website ever....I now know I can lift a baby kitten....but weigh as much as a manatee....lol Can't wait to see you lift a polar bear!!!! (by the way I am now trying to figure out how to make, fill to weight and ship a faux-polar bear)
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