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  1. yum!!!!! I love doing quick simple skillet meals like this, they are so easy and so good with all the veggies!!!!! now I'm drooling at my desk..... this x1000!!!!! Wait, ya'll still do this?!?!?!?!? Great work on getting the night routine going, especially on a gaming night. Tracking calories has always been hard for me so well done being below your target and seeing the pitfall of Rumchata....(it could be a nice splurge on a low cal day ) Keep it up, hope you have a good weekend ahead.
  2. Your butt got there; rather it was dragged, shuttled, ran or did a jig, it got there and that's all that matters!! The eternal night trend does get stale real fast, but once your back at it, it won't be so bad. Love the sketches and can't wait to see more!
  3. Not allowed.... Sorry 'bout the gremlins and headache....a room full of old white guys can do that to you. Hope it gets better for you.
  4. Woot, hooray for breathing!!! and for SLEEP!!!! See why we say non-lazy and overachiever....most people make like a 3 bean salad, or 5 bean soup, you come in dropping the hammer with a 10 bean soup!!! with veggies and other goodness no less, I'm not much into full veggie modes, but that sounds good enough that even I would try it. hope you and the little one keep feeling better.
  5. Running behind, but here for the flippity stuffs and general Raptron craziness. CONGRATS on the new job by the way!! This is HUGE!!!! fighting one's fears is the hardest thing to do, so very proud of you for this and such quick progression. Anyway, I'll be hiding somewhere in the shadows, but look forward to seeing your progress...with more videos!!!!!!!!!
  6. Good evening all, It's been a while, some of you may remember me, some may not know me.....it does not really matter at this point since I'm not even sure I know myself. A lot of stuff has gone down since the last time I was here, new jobs, bad jobs, loss of weight (though not much), the gain of weight (quite a bit), kid growing, and all the other fun of life. Truth be told I find myself lost any more, but there have been two things constant for the last year or two, I hate who ever I am, and can't find anything that really brings me any joy. Time for the standard disclaimer: this post/thread is not for attention or to be dramatic or a cry for help....I have returned to NF because it was one of the few places I always felt I could say anything and not be judged or have to make justifications, it's the only place I think I can say some of the things that go through my head. That being said, this thread might address some issues that some find uncomfortable (even myself) might get to personal at times, if anything I say offends anyone I apologize now, if anything is against the rules of the forums and I didn't catch it please tell me so I can correct it. I wish not to cause harm, just vent things I have nowhere else in my life to say them. Lets get to the point, this is a challenge thread, so my challenge is simple: Survive. No, I am not a direct danger to myself, but I have realized I stopped caring, stopped doing what needs to be done and at times revolted against all things that would make me a little better. I would not actively harm myself, but not sure if I would actively prevent it...so it's time to start just surviving it. I will focus on a simple goals in three categories, mind, body and spirit/soul/whatever-the-hell-you-want-to-call-it... Mind: (2 goals here) Take my meds every day....I was put on head meds about 6 months ago, I don't tell much difference but others said they have, problem is I forget to take it a few days at a time along with my blood pressure meds; so I need to make sure I take my pills everyday! learn to voice/vent my issues - this will be done on here when the moods hit. I have a ton of stuff that sits in my head and I never say or even let out and I think part of that is what weighs on me at times. I feel here I can type them and not feel judged (I have felt it easier to talk to friends made online that I have never met irl) Body: Stop eating food I should not: no this does not mean junk food and sweets, it means the foods I literally should not eat. A year ago I took a food intolerance test and tested issues with most foods I was eating. I eliminated 90% of them and for months I felt good - most my headaches stop happening, my body stopped aching, I lost weight and felt better all around. Problem is I stopped one day in a downward spiral and never got back at it. Now I'm back to daily headaches, my joints and muscles ache so bad I fight of tears some days while popping 5 Advil every 4 hours....and to top it all of I now weigh 403 lbs. So it's time to eliminate all the bad foods again. Spirit-thingy: Find one thing I enjoy; I don't care what it is. I lost BJJ a few years ago due to my abdominal hernia (that they won't work on till I'm below 300 lbs) and I really don't find joy in video games or books (can't find any that hold my interest) so time to find something. If I find something I'm hoping it will help me start to find some good points in my self to focus on. I used to enjoy drawing (but too super critical to even practice to get good) and writing (same issue), but maybe I will try again.....who knows. Bonus: complete challenge - I don't think even back in the day I even finished a challenge and the last ones I tried I abandoned and recoiled away from in a week It might get rocky, it might get incoherent or scattered at times, but again, trying to find away to vent some issues out in a place I used to enjoy and feel safe.
  7. Thursday wrap up: Steps: 10050+, I literally walked laps around the living room to get the final 800 i needed tonight Cage: 1098 cal burn Food: all tracked, under cal target but macros were way off again... what i get for not food prepping ETK: through the intro and into ch 1 Im falling asleep as i type this so i will try to catch up on all my nerds tomorrow. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  8. Quick day 2 recap: Steps: 14484 Cage: 1149 cal burn Food: all tracked, macros were way off...damn food truck ETK: was too tired and fell asleep Weights and measurements taken Now off to work.... Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  9. Koo, she's not so little any more...just turned six last thursday, finished kindergarten and her first year of Taekwondo...Here was my reenactment photo, left was an hour after birth, the right was last Thursday And a bonus photo Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  10. *pulls in couch and takes a seat to watch challenge goodness* Rewards no matter how big or small are always a great driving force, especially when determined early so the drive is fed by the results and the satisfaction of the reward you have been waiting for. Look forward to seeing your continued success.
  11. KOO!!!!!!!! It's amazing how one can loose track of their health and wellness while trying to take care of others. I'm glad to hear you are starting to focus on you and look forward to seeing you crush these goals.
  12. Hammi brings all the folks back to the yard. I like the fact of starting off with an ease in and look forward to seeing where you go from here. ((sidenote, thanks for posting about your return, I don't think I realized how much I missed it till I saw your comment))
  13. wow, the return of so many OG's.....glad I saw the post from you guys on FB. Can't wait to see you kill another challenge like the old days
  14. **Sneaks into thread to absorb spare awesomeness that emanates from The Raptron**
  15. Well hello all, long time no see….. and I’m sorry for that fact. Quite a few things have changed over the time I have been gone but a few things have stayed the same (or gone further downhill); but one thing has made itself clear after spending the last 30 mins jumping around the forums, and that is that I have missed this place. I have spent so much time hating the world and most things in it that I have become lost, lost from my friends, lost from joy, lost from myself. There was once someone inside me that loved life, and found joy in helping others, thrived to see others achieve their goals and even had some hope and faith. It’s time to find that person and help him fight his way to the surface. NF has always been a place that I have seen the good in the world, witness others help each other, see people slay their demons, watch those who feel they are normal realize they are extraordinary!! So I start over, again, in a place of hope, to find who I am…and just how far I can go. (I will try to keep this one simple as to ease back into the challenge routine) Main Quest: 1) Track food intake and macros: I have a rather large weight issue and currently have an abdominal hernia that the doctors will not fix until I have lost 80 lbs. In order to do this I have to be realistic about my food intake and make sure I stick as close to my calorie and macro limit. Will be tracked in MFP Will focus on eliminating processed and refined foods (in prep for the next challenge) 2) Cage Fitness: Due to the abdominal hernia I’m not allowed to practice BJJ right now so I will continue to attend Cage Fitness 4-5 days a week for the HIIT/cardio. This one is kind of a gimme as I am already doing this, but I need a win right now to build the others on 3) Up my step game: 10,000 step goal daily. Should be no issue on days I have Cage but need to focus on getting at least half these steps while at work. 4) Read “Enter The Kettle bell” This will be done for preparation in the next challenge. I need to start focusing on strength again but need to cautious due to the hernia so KB are a good source to start, especially as they are a favorite for functional strength for many in the BJJ world. Side Quests: • Track measurements and weights weekly • Bed time: Target of 2200, no later than 2230 • Take ‘Before’ pics • Find one good thing in the day and post it on IG • Support my NFers I think that’s about it for now. Off to download Taptalk so I can start catching up on you all.
  16. Wow, doing all the things!! I will echo Kishi on finding things that work for you. Just because it's done one way by others does not mean things can be adjusted to meet your needs. I think tailoring your workouts to a MA theme and making them functional is brilliant! Not only do you enjoy it more but you gain multiple benefits from it. Thanks for posting the workout as well, I'm always curious to see what others do so I can see what to steal..er, learn from them. look forward to seeing your progress during this challenge.
  17. Having a lack of sleep is a huge pain, sorry to hear about you trouble. Have you had a sleep study done? I hated having to do mine but after spending days being exhausted like you are talking about I finally went and had one done. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea (to an extreme that my doc was surprised I had not had a stroke yet) and was given a cpap...I do not like it but will say there is a major difference the days after I use it to the times I don't. In any case I hope you can not only find a solution but also the cause so you can be over this issue for good. good luck, now go to bed.
  18. You always have such well laid out goals. Great idea to breakdown your larger goals to the smaller steps needed. I can't wait to see you knock these all out.
  19. The moment you come back to NF and see Raptron is still here and doing all the flippies and lifties: Guess I will stick around for a bit...I mean there is going to be pie for breakfast!!
  20. I have no input on the other styles, but I have trained BJJ on and off for 3 years now (so about 1.5 years of actual training): I agree with this in so many ways, except the shoulder and knee comment...but I would like to add that practicing BJJ when you are bigger and inflexible and be rough at times...I am 6'2" and 380+ and know from personal experience. Find a good school that you feel comfortable at and it will be like family, they will work with you and train you to use advantages you have to counter act all the areas you might be lacking in (though those areas will fade with training).
  21. Oss! Super proud of you for competing, let alone winning!!! Way to go. Just reading your thread made me mad I skipped class tonight to rest up... It's been a bit so I don;t remember if I ever asked what school/affiliate you train at?
  22. Hey Kishi, thanks for the welcome, I'm hoping I'll actually stick around this time...lol Rooks, I am only a white belt, I have trained on and off for about 3-4 years now. I absolutely love bjj and recommend it to everyone. The main thing in my eyes is finding a good school you are comfortable at...the training is hard enough and people weed out easily so it's best to be surrounded by people who you ar comfortable with and that you can truly learn from. I forget where you are located, but if you want I can ask around about schools in your area. Update to come soon...
  23. Putting this up real fast due to coming back the night a challenge started...plus, do frivolous details real matter… Goal 1: Track my attempted paleo-ish intake Yippee, back to tracking food…..but not only that, I am also trying to go at least 80/20. This will be done by weekly meal prepping so most all meals will be measured and ready to eat. Target: track all intake into MFP and make at least 16 meals in the week as paleo-ish. Goal 2: Tackle the Academy I have logged back into the newly improved NF Academy and have started the Body Weight track and am starting at level 2. Target: 3 NF Academy BW workouts a week. Goal 3: Get on the mats I have finally returned to training back at the academy, now to make it a priority. Target: train 3 times a week Goal 4: Sleep With so much going on and training again I need sleep…well more/better sleep. Target: bedtime is 2230 so I get at least 6 hours a night. Again, making this fast as I just saw a new challenge started and its 32 mins past my bed time.
  24. Im here I promise...just working 10 to 11 hour days and a sick midget at home... I willnupdate this weekend.
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