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  1. Like the was any doubt!!!! #AllBlacks4Life
  2. Is there anyway you could add moe steps at work? A few things I have been doing -park farther away -take stairs -occasional break lap around the building (inside or out weather depending) -if you need to correspond with a coworker put notes on post it then walk over to them to discuse instead of emailing (bonus if on other floor or other side of office) Just some thoughts....ick I'm in the light...must return to lurker mode...
  3. Week 2.....bleh Week 3...worse and approaching the halfway mark I have not done half of what I said I would and on top of that just finished an epic binge... eh, guess I found my answers about myself. I wish you all great happiness and success!
  4. Week 2 Day 1: Food: tracked Move: Muay Thai training during SIMS, then Jitz class: an hour+ of reps and drilling side control and passing with emphasis on transitions; 45 mins of open rolling, 3 min rounds 30 sec break between rounds, I only sat out 3 rounds...aka got my ass handed to me but loved it. Stretching took place after class not this morning. Sleep: opps, 15 mins past bedtime already M&S: catching up on threads, posted pic of lunch on IG
  5. My absolute favorite character ever!! and now I must go reread all of the DL sagas.... The annotated notes version of the legends story is amazing, really interesting to be in the heads of the author as you read it.
  6. Week 1 Recap: Ok, so week one started with more of a whimper than a roar, but I will focus on the good and what went right. Food:Tracking: 6/7. I slipped a bit on the tracking in the end of the week but went back and entered my food the best I could so I will count those 2 days as 1 missed and 1 on. After I finish my tracking tonight I will have 6/7 for the week. After tracking I have looked at my macros and will start this coming week working on hitting my goals as for macro targets as well as caloric targets and tracking goals.Bingeing: There was one instance this week that I almost went down the dark hole but realized what I was doing. Trigger at the time was the felling of a lack of control and being cornered, stopped myself before it got out of hand.Move:BJJ Training: 3/3. This was a good week, great technique class on Monday and Wednesday followed by some tough rolling. Saturday morning open mats went well for only having a few folks there.Conditioning: 3/5. was super lazy in the beginning of the week due to staying up late and oversleeping. Saturday morning Cage Fitness was killer...I am still hobbling around...but the instructor even noted how hard I was going and that I am showing improvement. Today I cleaned off my mats in the garage so this week I have no excuse not to workout.Sleep:Holy fail, need sleep.Mind & Spirit:Find the happy: 3/7. Yeah....happiness is an elusive beast, really going to have to focus on this one in the next week.Encourage others: 5/7. There are some crazy fast growing threads out there....like leave for 4 hours come back to 50ish alerts for 1 thread. Those threads have been removed from following (Know I luv ya and will pop in to check but cannot keep up and other might need a little more encouragement). Will work on getting more meaning to the messages this week. Just a fast update, going to bed early to tackle the upcoming week.
  7. Thanks for the encouragement all! He is one of our highest ranking blues just showing his trademark stoicism....if we smiled we might die of shock, but a great guy.
  8. I hope all went well for you the last few days. As far as hip flexibility goes here is link to Cheechoe's hip stretches, they have helped me a lot in the last few months (well when I have remembered to do them).
  9. Hope the week went well, I know I am not the only one waiting to hear how it went.
  10. Ummm, not a fan of cats, but I demand updates......oh and cake, I will always demand cake
  11. so shocked and offended........oh wait, no I'm not, this is what happens when the IBJJF takes over the art as a governing body. Sport BJJ is a joke as far as real world self defense goes, but I would argue that trained combative Jiu Jitzu (speaking for BJJ at least) is brutal. I'm lucky enough to train at an affiliation that trains for the real world and not points scored in a match that encourages stalling and resting. There is this aspect as well: Out of curiosity do you know what jiu jitzu she trains and which affiliation?
  12. Day 3: Food: Tracked and no binge Move: holy fucking hell yes.....did stretches for 25 mins this morning and just spent 2 hours having my ass handed to me by 2 purple belts and 2 blue belts. Body not happy and refusing to move, I may be sleeping in my desk chair tonight...lol Sleep: as of now I am 2 minutes late but heading to bed as soon as I post this. M&S: tried to keep up with a few threads, left some stuff, but I'm not counting it. As for the Happy here it is... This is what makes me insanely happy, my 10th Planet family, this picture pretty much sums us up: Our version of a normal family picture after class....
  13. Thanks NkdGaz, yeah sleep would help all around. That's what I'm trying to do....duh :-p I swear one day I am actually going to find you and tackle hug you....that will bring happies to all the world!! Shogun, I'm kind of treating the web (between here, IG and FB) as my thankful journal. If I had to actually have a journal I would just loose it, trust me.....or trust the dozens of journals lost and randomly found months later.
  14. This times a million! Good job on turning it around and eating all the things! once again, this times a million! I hope the mood stays raised....
  15. I assume you are talking about DOMS pain...in that case I would say get a good stretch in before and ease into doing them. Hopefully after the first few and the stretching the pain will stop. It's what i use to have to do, I would hurt and tge first few movements would be hellish but after that the pain would disappear.
  16. ......... ...... ....I got nothing..... **goes back to stalking in his hammock in the shadows**
  17. Day 1: Food: tracked Move: Class attended Sleep: oops M&S: posted pic of lunch on IG and it made me happy Day 2: Food: tracked (well about to go log in dinner to complete) Move: none, late night made me sleep through alarm Sleep....er...opps M&S: posting this video: This is one of my favorite videos to help motivate me, I feel the message works not only for BJJ but any art you practice, or skilled related field like lifting or gymnastics. The concepts seem universal when you take them out of the scope of BJJ in which these men share it.... EDIT: never mind, I can never get a youtube video to embed anymore so fuck it, here's the plain ole link: https://youtu.be/k8V_vwbAxbU?t=17s
  18. I am not tracking weight right now due to most scales not being accurate at my weight but measurements were taken this morning: Neck: 18.5" Chest: 54" Waist: 60" * Hips: 53.5" * *Waist measured at belly button, Hips at top of hip/lower abdomen Still debating before pics.
  19. I’m tired, plain and simple, Tired of being angry Tired of thing the world Tired of failing myself Tired of hate myself Tired of felling trapped Tired of bingeing Tired of my lack of faith Tired of being fat Tired of giving up Tired of the lies Tired of not caring Tired of disappointing others Tired of saying and not doing Just tired….. Edit: I am not big on sharing feelings or playing woe is me so this section is spoilerd cause I feel like enough of a cry baby just typing that little bit there… So, on to the challenge, ta-da (this might be the most I have typed in a challenge, lol so skip to the bottom for the TLDR version if you wish) Theme: Complete the tasks at hand, easy, do what you say you will…or shut the fuck up. Goal 1: FOOD Track: Frankly I don’t care what I eat or when right now, just so far as I set the habit of tracking it. The reason for this is obvious, I need to know what goes in my body. Between the bingeing and the not carrying about portion size over the last few years I don’t think I have a true grasp of my average day’s caloric totals. I am using MFP to track and have set a 2200cal target because I do know from the past when I tried to track I instinctively turned what I ate into a game to come as close to or under the goal set. Track ALL food dailyGrading: A=38+ days, B=37-33, 32 or less=Fail This is a first for me to really put out there, again with a lack of details Goal 2: MOVE! BJJ Training: I love my school and the whole 10P family, they have started to show me I can do things I never thought I could, they are the reason I have started to feel this little bit of accomplishment lately, this is why I have to succeed. I don’t know what it is about BJJ but it speaks to me, I understand it (even if my body does not). My instructor and classmates have all told me I have the analytical mind for it so hopefully one day my body will catch up to it. To this end I will keep training and increase my focus while there: Train 3 times a week (Tues & Thurs nights, Saturday), if possible attend SIMS class the hour before (but bjj is the focus)Grading: A=18 classes, B= 17-14, 13 or less=Fail Conditioning and strength training: Let’s face it, this big ass needs to move around as much as possible. I am very weak, especially core and upper body. On top of that my endurance sucks, I find myself sucking air a lot…and hell lets through in the lack of flexibility. All these things are needed in BJJ so time to work on them. On top of the classes above I will be doing something at least 5 days a week. Rough outline would be: Mon & Wed mornings doing body weight workout (program to follow), Tues & Thurs morning would be stretching and cardio (jump rope work, footwork drills, walking, jogging…crawling, etc) and Sat morning would be Cage Fitness class. 5 days of body training a weekGrading: A=32+, B=31-28, 27 or less=Fail Goal 3: REST Sleep: Like I said I’m tired so time to rest up. I am back in the bad habit of staying up (said while ignoring the time) and when the alarm goes off at 0500 each morning it is starting to wear on me. I need sleep so I am now imposing a bedtime, 2230. On training nights I normally don’t get home until just before 2200 so on those nights I will say 2300 is the stretch to allow for shower and food time. Bedtime: 2230​No grading Goal 4: Mind & Spirit Find the happy: I need to focus back on the things in life that make me happy, no matter how small or weird they might be. I need to remind myself that I use to be a joyful person, a great friend and someone who tried to help others in any way possible. Once a day, be it on FB, IG or here I will post something that makes me smile or reminds me of the person I want to be. I will not cheat and throw a picture of the midget or wifeDee up for every day, but do expect to see them. Hopefully this will help me start to remember there is good and fight off my natural instinct as of late to just get angry and mad. Post what makes me happy once a day​Grading: A=35+, B=34-28, 27 or less=FailEncourage others: I use to love to help boost other people spirits or change their moods, make them think something different when down, but at some point that stopped. There are so many Nerds that I follow and am so proud of and so many that probably never knew that I read there threads cause I never said anything. I found myself ready to write stuff but finding I was now late by multiple post for it to be relevant or someone else said it better. My posting became the random meme or gif and that was it. I will try my best to start commenting again even if it is just a sentence or so of encouragement I will add it. After seeing threads reach 50+ pages and others that get to 2, I realized that even one line can mean the world to someone and personally know it can be enough to stop someone from throwing in the towel. Post something substantial at least 7 times a week, more than a random thought or a pic in threads, show the nerds the support they deserve and let them know the faith I have in them.Grading: A=35+, B=34-28, 27 or less=Fail Overall grading: will average all the results, A or B is acceptable, anything else is a fail! TLDR Version: · Goal 1: Food o Track o No bingeing · Goal 2: Move o 3 BJJ classes a week o 5 days of conditioning a week · Goal 3: Rest o Sleep · Goal 4: Mind & Spirt o Post something happy each day here or FB or IG o 7 posts a week encouraging nerds Well I think that pretty much does it. I am going to throw in a disclaimer here that this thread may become bipolar. For some reason the lack of face to face relationships here makes it where I find it easier to share things that I rarely if ever have shared. So between some revelation that might come out and posting happy things this place might end up a little crazy. Well I am not rereading this as it is past bedtime and I have spent last night and tonight writing and rewriting this and am tired of it so I hope it makes some sense.
  20. Can't wait to follow and witness all your success....especially with all you have going on in just your normal day to day life.
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