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  1. Love the theme Jess!! Count me in as a follower of your success during this challenge
  2. **hangs his hammock and prepares for full lurking mode**
  3. Guzzi, the one in the back is a B-17, the close one is a B-24. See no ignorance, you haz all the knowledge.
  4. This is also a placeholder for turning a comment over in my head after reading your edited placeholder....but I has no nerd-sads
  5. **hangs his hammock** And for once I agree with maigrey on something, goal #4 should be added.
  6. **hangs his hammock in the shadows and prepares for lurker mode**
  7. soooooooo jealous, I super hate you all..... ok, not really, but ggggrrrrrrrr **goes back to his shadows**
  8. was too busy fainting at the appearance of Guzzi and Nedwin that I forgot to answer the question: First actual album I bought was when I was 5, it was the 'Star Wars soundtrack', on vinyl! First cassette was the 'Thriller' album First CD was Digital Undergrounds 'Sex Packets' to replace the cassette that was worn out
  9. HOLY SHIT!!!!! Guzzi reappears........ **Faints**
  10. LOL...10P is not scary, it's all lovin' tender hugs.....extra tight limb hugs, but still hugs. I hope it did not scare you off, I honestly can not speak highly enough of the 10th planet system, or more importantly how amazing the worldwide 10p family is! Hope you enjoyed.
  11. What 10P school do you train at? I Eddie came to our school a few months back and hosted a seminar, it was crazy. #10P4L
  12. I will be a traveling dishwasher/kitchen cleaner in trade for yummy noms!!!!!!!!!
  13. **dutifully hangs his hammock** pfft, like I really wouldn't be here
  14. **hangs his hammock and preps the blender**
  15. A day late and a dollar short......probably for the better since I have not fully committed to the challenge. I love this idea and am thrilled to see a group of those having issues willing to fully support each other.....Please don't mind me lurking in the shadows. Good luck to all!
  16. I'm just about to test for my black belt in Punched in da Face Fu
  17. QUADZZZZ!!!!! Tron FOOD PORN!!!!!!!!!!!!! *fan gurls...flails...passes out**
  18. Looks like you had a great time. The costumes look great, but your Harley cosplay is AMAZING!!!!!!
  19. I have been in the dark place, only been on NF a limited amount (aka following very few and not doing a challenge). but before when I said I had nothing to contribute I forgot about this: https://youtu.be/gyXhysmMNhE?t=19s (well I can't make the damn video embed so there's the link)
  20. Cheechoe!!! there is so much going on in this thread......all I have to add is that I super lurvs you! Your commitment and perseverance for the long haul and to accomplish your goals truly inspires me.
  21. I will not make it. Sorry
  22. Woot!!!! Too big tank top ftw!!!!! **goes back to his hammock**
  23. sorry, I had forgot about this...had pretty much left NF. I'll check back now and then, but if I'm not around either off him or control him.
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