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  1. Looks like you had a great time. The costumes look great, but your Harley cosplay is AMAZING!!!!!!
  2. I have been in the dark place, only been on NF a limited amount (aka following very few and not doing a challenge). but before when I said I had nothing to contribute I forgot about this: https://youtu.be/gyXhysmMNhE?t=19s (well I can't make the damn video embed so there's the link)
  3. Cheechoe!!! there is so much going on in this thread......all I have to add is that I super lurvs you! Your commitment and perseverance for the long haul and to accomplish your goals truly inspires me.
  4. I will not make it. Sorry
  5. Woot!!!! Too big tank top ftw!!!!! **goes back to his hammock**
  6. **hangs hammock and waits for 5 days a week of story time**
  7. **hangs his hammock and waits for video of the ants pants dance**
  8. I will have to check my calendar.
  9. Ok, I know it's a rant but you are not alone. I am currently in a size that is either to small to fit my belly, or big enough to fit but the rest of me looks like I am 4 and wearing my dad's clothes. but Kat, as an outside observer you are stunning!! Please don't ever let clothes (that are never consistent) tell you or make you feel otherwise. If needed I will get on here and tell you that every day until you believe it!!!!!
  10. It does not matter if you know what week it is, you are doin' great and pushin' through!!!!
  11. I swear I am here, I am tracking, hell even done a few pushups.....just trying to acclimate to new schedule. I will touch base Sat and try to at leas get caught up on everyones threads.
  12. Whoa...a challenge thread and a battle log.....woohoo twice the Kat!!!! I am here as usual to follow and support in anyway I can. I have more to add but will have to wait till I am midget free and at my computer. For now I am very proud of you and look forward to seeing you finally feel about yourself the way so many of us feel for you!
  13. There is no win or loose...if there was you would win just for inspiring/driving/motivating my fat ass to do burpees!!!
  14. 100...... Holy hell those last 10ish sucked, full belly and all.
  15. only fair since I am at least double your size :-p make it 70....
  16. I got 20 Fri day and got day drunk all day yesterday sooo.....still 40 behind. And I've got a dinner and choir concert to go to....I have till midnight right?!? **leaves computer to start doing more burpees**
  17. I hate these.....but 20 more done only 60 to go
  18. Thanks guys….I realized my main issue is that I am not use to things going right. The level of self-depreciation I have hit has made me think that I don’t deserve anything good to happen…so adjusting to the fact that it appears good things are happening for me right now I am in a really emotionally screwed up place. Don’t get me wrong I am trying to change my mindset, I want to be the happy friendly person I once was, but it is really difficult. Anyway, I start the new job on Wednesday…and wifeDee is now awaiting word on if she is getting a new job, yes live is just completely going crazy here. wifeDee was thinking of getting a new job, thinking, and a friend told her of a position at her company, I cleaned up her resume and sent it in…she interviewed 3 hours later and according to her buddy it appears they are offering her the position today… So with all that I will now update the last 3 days: Food Tracked: Mon, Tues, Wed Pushups: Mon, Wed Still goin’ strong.
  19. oh burpees how I hate you let me count the ways as I do my reps.... 20 reasons figured, most all having to do with me being out of shape and super ungraceful...wait, this might be a list of things I hate about myself....DAMN YOU BURPEES!!!!!!!!
  20. Week 2 wrap up: Holy crap what an insane week of ups and downs…(warning long post o’ ranting and raving) I will spoiler them as to not flood the page, summary below: Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: TLDR: One silver lining was that I did track my food each day, though not hard when sick due to lack of eating.Only one day of 30 pushups…again sickNo BJJ training at allMental abuse and self-hate turned on to overdrive
  21. I will agree to this if it is ok that I do a very basic burpee... this bigass frame has trouble doing a full burpee (standard at our school is, squat to kick out to push up back to squat to a standing jump up as one rep). My variation is more squat, single leg (or knee) kick backs, push up attempt, back to squat, then to standing as one rep... if this is alright then yes consider the gauntlet thrown!!!
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