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  1. Hi! I was reading back through my thread, and saw that you enjoy urban/paranormal romance. Have you read the Fever Series, by Karen Marie Moning? It's excellent, some of the best of its kind out there. If you don't mind teen fiction, Laini Taylor's Daughter of Smoke and Bone series is also excellent. It's beautifully written, and is - I think - quite original for the genre.
  2. Hi there! Don't be shy - I know one reason it took me so long to commit to a challenge was because if I fell off the wagon more than once during any given week, I felt like a failure and like I would be judged by the others in the community, but not so, I say! Also, it's perfectly acceptable to tweak your goals along the way, so if you've found they're too intimidating, adjust Let us know how it's going!
  3. Look at it this way: you're choosing to improve! That's a great mentality to have going into Week 2!
  4. You were so thorough with your goals - they seem to make perfect sense for you! They're strong and solid, and I look forward to your progress updates! Good luck and welcome to the Rebellion!
  5. Simple goals, but solid! I like the side quest - that's a GREAT idea, I think I may have to use it next time around (...the mastering a new recipe each week, specifically) Good luck!
  6. Hi chasely!! I'm five-one-and-three-quarters, but I round up to 5'2'' I love volleyball, but am hilariously bad at it. I haven't played it since gym in high school - I should really look into rec leagues around me! Of course, I also would love to look into roller derby, but MY GOD is THAT an expensive hobbie to pursue (and I thought scrapbooking was bad!). I would love to be able to bike to work, so I am especially excited that you are able to do so! I know everyone says this, but yoga is an excellent way to increase flexibility. So is pilates (I'm told), but my understanding is that it's
  7. Your Week 1 looks solid! You accomplished one goal entirely, over-achieved the second goal, and recognized the areas that need improvement going forward. I think you're in a GREAT place starting Week 2!!
  8. I definitely keep popcorn around for this very reason. I also sometimes indulge in pretzel chips with hummus! I was never a hummus fan, but the farmer's market near me has a hummus stand with all sorts of cool flavors, so I was bound to like something! Currently I've got the summer pumpkin flavor in my refridgerator, which is actually rather cinnamonny sweet! Also, sometimes celery with crunchy peanut butter does the trick, though like slicing carrots, it takes a little bit of prep
  9. Week 1 deemed a success!! Heading strong into Week 2!!

  10. So Monday update!! Overall, I'm REALLY pleased with my perseverance. In the past, it's been really difficult for me (read: I'm lazy) to maintain any kind of consistant workout schedule multiple days in a row. It was nigh impossible for me to make myself commit to something more than three days a week, so I'm really, really impressed with my progress so far. I intentionally skipped yoga on Saturday. My bridesmaid and I went to the Phoenixville farmer's market and then came back to my apartment, and I hadn't yet packed for my bachelorette party that evening, and was feeling my anxiety increa
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