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  1. i got in 6 miles last week. We have to move so my walking will mostly be from me walking around the house cleaning and packing for a bit. I hate moving! I'm on a kindle and it won't let me use the spreadsheet. Booo!
  2. lol I guess I lied. My brother in law is Wiccan so I guess I've met 2 .... and if catching my kids jump bed to bed counts, then yes I've also seen flying monkeys.
  3. Too funny! 85 is a piece of cake compared to the over 2 months straight triple digit days we had last summer. I rarely went out. I hate the heat. Hopefully this summer wont be so bad. You will need a court order along with a taser, snakes, and hungry alligators to get me out. I'll be doing water aerobics in my bathtub.
  4. oh, forgot to say I'm from Kansas. A midwest girl. No, I have never had a dog named Toto, I don't have ruby slippers (although I'd totally rock em!), I have never seen witches or flying monkeys just covering the questions I get asked a lot.
  5. ok, so I just looked like a total crybaby whining about 40-50°.
  6. Spring is teasing us! Friday was 80°, but since it has been in 40-50s. Today it looked like it might rain around 40° but started snowing. Crazy! I'm ready for nice weather. Not too hot not too cold. unfortunately it seems to almost go summer to winter then back to summer. Spring and Fall (my favorite) are far too short! Oh well, suck it up right?
  7. Yay! I'm short, but no furry feet. I did go read the link provided in op, so I do know there will be a lot of walking. I think it'll be fun and give me a chance to get know some people. Looking forward to it!
  8. can I join? I honestly don't know what a hobbit or mordor is (don't shoot!), but I think this would help me be accountable and have a goal.
  9. Thanks for the input! I do think I was expecting too much of myself to begin with. Bodyweight on M,W,F, walking 30-40 min almost every day, yoga most days, plus all my normal housework. Going from zero besides housework to all that I think made my body freak. I will for sure be adding in bodyweight for a 3rd day as soon as possible. I know I need to improve on sleep. I don't sleep well at all. My 2 yr old thinks she's a newborn and keeps me up a LOT.
  10. Thanks, Pretzle! I took a few days off only doing yoga and I'm feeling better today. I just got back from walking the kids to the store 2 blocks away and my legs didn't bother me. Maybe it was just my body's way of saying slow down a bit. edit to add: last time i did the beginner body weight routine, my legs didn't want to make through the first set. It was getting harder to do and I didn't think that was right. I think I'll try it 2 days week for next couple weeks to give my body a chance to keep up.
  11. My issue isn't so much the soreness now, it's fatigue. We have a park a block away and walking my kids there made my legs tired. Even at a slower pace so little legs could keep up. Normal when first starting too?
  12. so far so good. 21 pounds down. I'm still keeping mostly on track. I did slip up and drink a soda when we were at my mom's for dinner. I immediately regretted it, it made me feel so sick! After over a month of going without, it wasnt what I was dreaming about. I'm kind of glad I did it and had that reaction though so now I won't waste so much time wishing for one. I was a MAJOR soda drinker. Exercise is ok. I've found just walking is making my legs so tired so quick. Not sure why, but hopefully will resolve soon.
  13. yum! thanks! those would be good for breakfast I think.
  14. thanks for the welcome katinka, thanks for the encouragement! good to know it goes away. polargirl, I hope this helped you too!
  15. Thanks! I've read so much stuff but I dont always retain everything very well. I appreciate your help!
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