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  1. Ok, I've found tons of youtube videos to help with makeup, although I'm not sure how well it will all hold once I'm sweating. I have acne and very oily skin, plus I am super active - riding horses and trying to look professional at the same time while you're outside working hard, sweating, etc is a tough combination haha! I've dug up some of the threads on here and they have been helpful as well! I will get this all down eventually, and I will look my best
  2. So I've sort of slowly realized that I don't do a very good job at coming across well with how I look. I suck at doing my hair, makeup, picking out clothes... all of that. I need help figuring out what shape clothes look good on my body, what color makeup suits me, what haircut looks good on me, etc! Are there any good websites or anything that can help me learn this sort of stuff?
  3. Well, I've been crazy busy so I haven't been checking in here, but everything is on track so far! I have 3, yes, 3 injuries I am nursing so I am working out the best I can. As always, I have no time to post, but wanted to make myself at least write a quick note here.
  4. I guess I could have mentioned I'm in Cincinnati... If anyone ever wants to meet up, let me know. I need to meet some new people who actually care about being healthy!
  5. Ok, I haven't had time to post much lately. But Week One was pretty successful! I am doing great on all my goals, except I am not able to work out as much as planned because my old knee injury is bothering me... again. Ugh. But, overall I'm pleased with myself lol, and I will keep pushing!
  6. Day Two I knew I shouldn't have jogged two miles yesterday... my stupid knees are bothering me today, esp the right one. I should have kept it shorter and easier yesterday, but I wanna push myself! Phooey! Now I'm debating whether or not I should do the Jillian Michaels workout video tonight or not, I don't want to hurt my knees worse by doing too much, but it's been over two years since they were injured and I can't be easy on them forever and ever, they need to toughen up and quit being wimps!
  7. Love hearing stories of successes, and I like the simple yet important goals.
  8. Sounds like you have leads and options here, that's encouraging! Keep us updated!
  9. Maybe you can find some other dog-smart people who understand the challenges you are working with, and who wouldn't be judgmental. You could set up a "mock" out in public trip a few times with them, so you can work on her reactions but not in a place with strangers?
  10. That's interesting, it does sound like a withdrawal doesn't it. Good for you for recognizing it and changing habits!
  11. I want to know what biccies are, too! Also, I so love that you are already looking forwards to getting up tomorrow! I could launch into a deep lecture about happiness lol, but I'll just leave it at that!
  12. I love it. I really like that you just run for 25 minutes and don't worry about anything else... that's sort of what I'm doing in a way, too. Keep it up!
  13. Week One, Day One So I started two days late, oops! So today was my first day of this challenge. Overall I kicked ass today... Fitness: I went running (2 miles averaged to around 13 minutes each). I threw some attempts at parkour type stuff in their since part of my jog was in a field with a playground and benches and random tree stumps, etc, and it was so fun! I started on pavement, but had my older, less cushy running shoes on and my knees were killing me within a couple minutes (I tore ligaments in both knees about 2 years ago, and they have never been the same since), so I found t
  14. I love the way you're doing the cleaning.. I think I will try to work that into my next challenge! I'll be checking back often to see how it goes!
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