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  1. That's definitely an aspect of MovNat that I enjoy as well. Sometimes better means smoother or more efficiently, not just heavier or more complex.
  2. So...I was definitely experiencing lagging fatigue whenever I trained with weights: the moodiness, diminished performance, drop in motivation, suppressed appetite even on a cut, all the things. (I also probably experienced this during my last year of taekwondo because I was competing). Not only would it have been okay to back off, I was actually supposed to back off. I might put the book on my Christmas list. We'll see. I am definitely not ready to be back in the dojang; my feet can't take it. I sometimes miss forms training, but not sure that would equate to significant strength gains (forms looks something like Tai Chi). At the moment, I am thinking to take a few months to build consistency/resiliency with MAPs, maybe making sure to do the ones with the big lifts at regular intervals. Then, try to develop a proper strength training plan that doesn't kill me I appreciate your insights!
  3. If you do Spartan or Tough Mudder, I would imagine there is more pressure to run, but in smaller/more fun-oriented "races" there are plenty of walkers and run-walkers. It's one of the things that I enjoyed about the mud runs I have tried: comraderie over competition. It does feel validating to know that it's a thing, although I wish that you weren't on the same struggle bus. That definitely feels doable. I need to do some thinking about what all I can handle right now. Probably not running, but I could do more rigorous walking trails to at least be able to cover more mileage. The MAP stuff helps, too. I don't think I have ever heard this before -- that mental fatigue is as important to manage as physical fatigue. Most programs I have read have been along the lines of "suck it up, buttercup". This is honestly revelatory. I wouldn't mind hearing more details if you are willing to share them. I would like to do more climbing work, for sure. I would like to improve my set up, but I have enough equipment to start with. As for Taekwondo I am a black belt candidate who hasn't practiced since COVID
  4. Funny you should mention that. I was just now looking at obstacle course races, which I greatly miss. I had given them up because I was always getting injured -- probably from training hard while I was pretty heavy. So I am in a sort of catch-22 where I need to train in order to lose weight in order to train. But maybe I should have a 2 phase plan to lose enough weight to be "safe" (focus on diet, with low-level exercise for injury-prevention), then switch to the more high-impact training stuff. I am not really aiming to be competitive, I just want to be able to complete the course with my head held high. Technically, yes, but I struggle more with "head hunger" than with stomach hunger, so it's more about the mental stress of restraint or not having food as an emotional outlet than about being hungry. Does this mean I have some mental health issues I need to address as part of my plan? Probably. I have tried both bodyweight and barbell-type workouts. The MovNat Adaptive Practice I do now is sort of a combination of both. But I find it more tolerable because the emphasis is on developing movement skill rather than strength per se (strength is more of a nice side effect). So even though I might sometimes do deadlifts or overhead presses or squats in a workout, it's only a small part (like 5 minutes) of a larger focus on balancing, climbing, crawling, throwing, etc. As to what I hate about it, I guess it's that the nature of weightlifting makes me feel like I am always teetering on the ragged edge of failure. As soon as I can handle a given weight, I am supposed to move up to struggling with a weight that's too hard again. It steals my joy at accomplishing the new weight. And the entire workout is just moving from one almost fail (or actual fail) to the next for an hour. I find it emotionally overwhelming (I am almost in tears just writing this). I don't know why I don't feel the same about running (adding distance or running faster) unless it's just that running itself is mentally rewarding in a way weightlifting isn't (fresh air, change of scenery, etc). Or maybe because I don't attempt an increase every run, so there are lots of days that status quo is fine. So that's me.
  5. Maple pecan sounds amazing! Is this a new recipe or a holiday favorite? I decided to put mine off until tomorrow because today was a non-sweet day and I didn't want the temptation. Will share later, though!
  6. Today was a 100% slug day. I decorated the tree and then took a nap lol. I almost messed up my no sweet day by auto eating when my son offered me some maple Moose Munch (popcorn), but I remembered at the last minute and didn't eat it. No writing today. MAP: Sweets: Writing : 1,211/10,000
  7. I agree. Hmmm...so more of a performance/functional goal. I can definitely see that value in that.
  8. Week 0, Day 3 MAP: Sweets: Writing : 1,211/10,000 Very long and stressful day; I wanted to curl up in a dark corner after it was over, but I said NO EXCUSES and did deadlifts instead. I don't know why I am always surprised that workouts make me feel better when I am stressed, but guess what? Workouts make me feel better when I am stressed. I even tacked on a 30 minute walk after my gym workout. I got another tiny bit of writing done, so I am slowly chipping away at that goal. I hope to have some time tomorrow for a bigger chunk, but not sure. We are supposed to be putting up the tree this weekend and make cookies. Saturday is the better day in the schedule. Hopefully there is time for both. Time to curl up with a good book and maybe some Chai tea.
  9. Yes, I feel a Christmas cookie weekend coming on. I have a new ugly sweater cookie cutter I want to try out We should all virtually "share"
  10. According to this article from University of Rochester Medical Center, fatigue is a very common early pregnancy symptom (sometimes the first symptom) and is totally normal. The article also makes some suggestions how to cope.
  11. No, that doesn't come off as dumb. And it may be that with muscle mass or whatever I find that my actual TDEE is different from my calculated/projected TDEE. I guess that is something I will have to deal with when I get to that point.
  12. I just realized I might have to have a couple of these during the challenge to accommodate certain parties/events : I have been thinking lately about setting some long-term goals for the New Year. So, I did some calculating yesterday on what it would take for me to hit my goal weight by my next birthday. The result was both encouraging and discouraging. Encouraging because I would only need to lose 0.7lbs per week. Discouraging because how low my TDEE is at my goal weight. It's only about 150 calories more than I eat now when I am restricting calories. Which makes me feel like the diet will never end. I mean, I guess that is what they are saying when they say "It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change", but fuuuuudge that is depressing to think about. So that is where my head is at today. /rant
  13. Week 0, Day 2 MAP: Sweets: Writing : 855/10,000 Today wasn't exactly as relaxing as it could have been, since I took a 45 minute walk with my kids to refresh their minds this morning and I had to pay bills after school let out. Then I repotted two of my plants I started from cuttings, did the laundry, cooked dinner, etc, etc. I did manage to avoid sweets all day, even when my husband brought home a new mug cake to try. It's technically a protein mug cake, but I already had my one serving of protein powder in this morning's coffee, and I feel that mug cake, however much protein it may contain, is a bridge too far. I worked on the novel for about 20 minutes, which was enough for today. Now I am watching Wednesday with the family and I can hopefully relax the rest of the evening.
  14. That's a tricky call to make. Sometimes exercise would perk you up/loosen tight back muscles, sometimes it would aggravate and rest is better. Maybe try a 5-10 minute walk to build habit, then nap?
  15. This all sounds amazing! So cool that you are a part of the project, even if it doesn't end up being direct involvement. Again? Dude expects you to shovel snow til your hands hurt, least he could do is pay you for it.
  16. Thank you! I greatly appreciated having you as part of my cheering squad last month!
  17. I agree, these are good questions and this time of year is a good time to be asking them, since the New Year is motivating for making those kinds of adjustments (just be reasonable about how much/how fast to make them)
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