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  1. When preparing for the zombie apocoplyse it's also important to get to the range once a month and fire off 100 rounds to ensure you can make those headshots.
  2. http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/gallery/album/182-roberts-hall-of-shame/ Let the hazing begin!
  3. Identify what you want to change, start with achievable steps. Myself if I don't leap into something feet first I never get moving, so my diet is 80% paleo starting today (if I don't have a reward system in place I lose motivation) and I'm going to be doing at home body weight work outs on top of the normal dog walks I take every day. Set a schedule and stick with it, if you have a friend close by who you can work out with that is even better.
  4. Unless I miss my guess just about everything at subway would meet paleo if you stuck to turkey breast or chicken and then tossed it onto a salad. Add all the extra veggies you want, get black pepper and then oil and vinegar for dressing.
  5. A little necro posting here but speaking as a complete stranger on the internet that doesn't bode well for your relationship. I used to have a wife (divorced) who would sabotage my weight lose efforts, bringing in sweets, cookies, chips, buying those types of things and keeping them in the house after I asked her not to (I have no control over myself in that regard if I see it I eat it, so I don't buy it anymore). If the person who loves you the most can't back you on your quest to be healthy, and they themselves are unhappy it will become much harder for you to keep up your new good habits. S
  6. Working out in a group is always better/more rewarding than doing it yourself. Also I'm a huge judo, MMA fan and thusly my recomendation is to go that way. Push yourself, give each session true honest effort and the results should be almost as good.
  7. I honestly didn't even realize there was such a thing as a knitting nerd, I'm not sure if I should be disappointed in myself or not. When I was on active duty in the Coast Guard and on the fat boy program I got introduced to crossfit by the folks who were monitoring my work outs, it was awesome. It just felt so primal and real to pick up real objects and cart them around, or do real work using my body to accomplish things instead of being a gerbil or just lifting a piece of metal over and over again. Fear (self doubt) is the mind killer! But I know exactly what you mean, personally I need
  8. Hey folks, my name is Robert currently living in the desert in Yuma, Arizona. My sob story is fairly horrible but probably not atypical I lost my job (laid off) my family (divorce) my dog (died) and my car (totaled in a wreck when I got hit from behind) and unemployed for 9 months last year. My 2012 ended with me getting a new job in my career field (industrial security and COMSEC) and moving to Arizona. A few days ago my brother who is also a chunky monkey just like me sent me a few links to some articles he read on here, and for a few days I browsed. Now I was already 'trying' to lose we
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