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  1. Awesomeness! I just completed my first marathon last October, and signed up for my second one, this December. I totally cried ugly tears when I crossed the finish line It will totally change your life, as the movie says.
  2. Wufkar - Just finished my first RFG Rookie workout 20 minutes ago I feel great. I think I could go for heavier weight/more reps on some of them. jillybeans - Are you on Ravelry.com? (If not, you totally should be.) Nerd Wars is hosted through Ravelry. You have to be in the Ravelry group to participate, but you can see the tournament info here: http://ravnerdwars.info/ Yeah, I'm totally a knitting nerd. Just last night I was watching the video for Cat Bordhi's Moebius cast-on and getting really excited about it =P Like, "WHAT?? THAT IS SO COOL." Yeah, knitting nerd
  3. I agree with the above - pick a goal to start with You'll be great! Remember, at least you're doing something! You are getting yourself on track.
  4. Thank you! I'm "short and fat," so I have trouble finding clothes too.
  5. Hi! I'm vivaglam. I've been following the Nerd Fitness blog for a while now, but only today decided to jump on board and buy the Fitness Guide. History: I've been overweight my whole life. Started working out in college, but have never been particularly good at it. I've been a runner for the last ten years, but always had trouble staying motivated because with my weight and size, it was hard on my body (not in a good way). Even so, I've run (well, run-walked) a lot of 5Ks and half-marathons. Two years ago, I decided to get REALLY serious, and I just completely my first full marathon this pas
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