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  1. Busy week this week. Results of meeting were perfect, am over the moon :) As for the oats, bad news for them, which can only mean that I'm gluten intolerant, I think.... On the other hand, yesterday I got to eat a tomato. OH. MY. WORD. Do you guys know how delicious tomatoes are? I ended up having three, drizzled with olive oil and with a pinch of salt MMMMMMMMMMMMMM. And I ate potatoes I didn't have any peppers, cause I couldn't think of a nice way to cook them that I fancied, and I never eat aubergine so I'm not bothering to test that. Pretty sure I'm fine with nightshades (fingers cro
  2. Boo. Another 1.5 today... it's either bad news for the lemon on the oats, and I have a sneaking suspicion which.....
  3. Poo. Poo poo poo poo and other synonyms. Up 2 pounds this morning. Really not a good sign. ARGH!
  4. Cauliflower is only good when smothered with cheese sauce. And that is the honest truth. I don't think I've ever had grilled vegetables! Hmm something I shall definitely try. Sounds like you could definitely benefit from a mini-elimination. I tried wheat first and I was literally bouncing with all the extra energy I had! Go for it, will support you all the way Haha how did you know how it tastes? Yeah they're not good for you and honestly I buy a 130g packet and.... gone. In one sitting. Not good. Especially as I'm like that with cookies and things like that, which is because of the reac
  5. I'm exactly the same! I've actually stopped logging while I'm doing this part of the elim diet as there really is no point - I know what I'm getting and not getting and I'm definitely not worried about calories. Vegetables are food GODS! Every meal should have them. OML. I don't know when I became an ADULT (because all adult like veg, right) but I just did. I love vegetables. AHA I'M A GROWN UP *giggles* It's really hard to make food beforehand, definitely. But it feels so good to know that you're not eating junk, you're actually eating a creation of your own hands, you know exactly what wen
  6. Apparently more energy can mean "stress relief" for the body, kinda like when you have a cigarette you feel more chilled, but only because you had increased stress because of smoking in the first place. So it can mean unhealthy dependence on the food which = intolerance. I'm up .4 of a pound this morning, don't think that's enough to make me worried, so just have to hold out another day with no symptoms and oats can be put back in!! YAY. It's really strange, you know, I do NOT crave meat at all. I guess it helps that I was pescetarian for most of last year, but still I'm pleasantly surprised
  7. Haha yeah! Lucky me, huh? You know what, I actually get over 200g of carbs on average. No idea what you're having but it's protein I really struggle with, and even that's getting better as I get more used to balancing my meals. I'm also trying to make myself eat, because I often struggle to get above 1400 which isn't really practical as I'm pretty active. Update #8 I'm feeling much more happy with the elimination diet today as I'm measuring my reaction to oats which means I got to have PORRIDGE. Mmm 1/3 coconut milk drink and 2/3 water covered in cinnamon... porridge has NEVER tasted so go
  8. Yeah but it's not that simple. because I'm not doing the elim diet for the challenge, it just coincided. I actually won't be done with the diet until the end of July!! So I've read; apparently sugar is more addictive than cocaine. Or close. Or something. Go for it, it's so yummy! Haha you stop think about preparing stuff quickly on this plan... planning ahead and batch cooking is your friend
  9. Haha no you haven't... or at least no worse than me! Hope you're still going strong! Intolerance theories: gluten, eggs, cows milk protein, mushrooms, yeast, sugar. Update #7 (I think??) I've actually just logged on to moan about the elimination diet because it is SO BORING. It's especially hard as it's really inspired me to cook and there're loads of recipes I'd love to try and I can't cause I can't flipping eat any of them!! Plus yesterday I was like what the hell I'll test oats now (because breakfast is definitely the hardest meal - everything I've come up with for breakfast is eith
  10. Brazil Butt Lift Day 2 cominatcha. Just cause I can't run atm doesn't mean I'm not going hard.

  11. Yeah I made some fruit and seed "bars" (they didn't really hold their shape that well due to them being literally fruit and seeds and due to my lack of food processor!) and I wanted prunes in them to increase the stickiness. Yeah, they are totally moreish, dangerously so! But they're too expensive to gobble up aha. I would have just done it but they were like 15% of my week's budget. For PRUNES! It's not like rice or something you can have for every meal! (Ok I think I'm turning into my mother) Oh my word, the water element one please please. Most likely it will be the cheapest one I can fin
  12. Really aha cause I can wait to take them!! Thanks Yeah, I think once I add in meat it will definitely need re-working but at least I'll be in the habit of really carefully watching what I spend. Couldn't bring myself to buy prunes today even though I really wanted them cause they were £4 Haha even if I've dropped 3 sizes I won't be getting anything new, I just don't have the money for it. All the money I have has to go on living (I don't ever go out (and I mean ever), spend bus fare (if it's under 10 miles I walk), buy anything other than necessities and groceries). The only thing I giv
  13. Update #6 So it's the start of week 3. I was going to post measurements & weight loss and new pictures today, but I'm on my period so there's some natural bloating going on (TMI?), so I'll do it later in the week/ next week instead. 1. fuel the body. I'm still not counting this. I've missed one portion, what is that when you're at home? That gives me 93%. Not too shabby. 2. use the fuel. feel the burn. As reported before due to the nature of my diet I've had to put a break on my 5k runs I am, however volunteering at the local 5k parkrun as a "substitute." Plus as part of minichallenge
  14. Haha, sorry, "gasoline"? It's interesting, isn't it. Obviously we're surrounded by people eating 100% paleo, there's got to be a reason for it! So keep it up Lol - lots of things are good for you and people are still sensitive to them! I've found out that I'm sensitive to raw onions. ONIONS. They're good for you! Thankfully I can have them cooked. Yeah, I don't think it's a good idea to do it to lose weight, actually, as you do starve your body of nutrients. Ok so you're eating a lot of veg but where's the protein, calcium, carbs, vitamins that aren't A etc? I don't think my body does t
  15. Heyy (hoo), I have been the most neglectful buddy, so am just popping in to apologise and say - good work so far! Seems like you're doing really well and I'm so jealous of the lil mini life goals still, def going to be doing that next challenge! That. Dress. Is. Gorgeous. Way to go for rewarding yourself - you can do this! Keep up the hard work
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