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  1. My wife has bought the Insanity program and wants me to join her for extra accountability and support. I have just started my new workouts based upon the videos from NF. Does anyone else mix programs?
  2. Just wondering if anyone is mixing programs. I am a newbie to this group and started really focusing on my strength with some of the programs given in some of the articles. My wife has now purchased "Insanity" and really wants me to do it with her for added encouragment and accountibility. Does mixing work or should I just stick with my recent workouts and continue my running? Thanks. Steven
  3. Thanks for all the replies. I am going to keep at it. I must admit I am scared of the assisted pull up machine. I feel like an idiot doing even the negatives in the gym. I have been going to a park and trying a few after my workouts. So far, not a lot of progress, but I keep telling myself that last year I couldn't run a mile and now I am up to 8 miles. I have to take the same attitude with strength training. Thanks again guys.
  4. I am new to Nerd Fitness. I have been running for a year and have lost around 30 pounds, but now want to seriously include overall fitness and strength training. I tried a pull-up.. It's not happening. How long does it usually take to develop that kind of strength. I just want to set a realistic goal. I was going to do bicep curls until I read to not do those. I have started the basic program and hoping that I will improve past my sad 10 push-ups soon. I am sore today, but it's a good sore. Here's looking at the newer, stronger me next year. Steven
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