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  1. Just call me Dungeon Master.

    1. ninjakitten


      How about Dungeon Keeper?

    2. Raincloak


      I always liked DM better than "storyteller" or such. It rolls off the tongue, bounces off the walls. "Dunnngeon Masterrrr."

    3. Aena


      I second this ^ :)

  2. Solid goals and an even better motivation to get them done. Do your girls proud. Welcome to the Rebellion.
  3. I've been busy and away from the forum for a bit but I'm dropping by to confirm I'm still down for this race.
  4. Well this hasn't been well organized. I'm a book binder by trade and it is Yearbook season. I'm slammed with work and overtime. Well like I said my gf and I will be at Izzy and Moe's to play the boardgames. Then head up to the mall for the 5:10 cap I'm thinking. I'll be sporting one of my NF shirts.
  5. Yeah that's what I was thinking. It's big near the interstate. And everyone knows the mall. Personally I'd be up for the 5:10 or the 8:10 on Saturday. Before that my girlfriend and I will be participating in International Table Top day at Izzy and Moe's bar about 11 miles from Woodfield. You are welcome to come and join the fun. I'm bringing Sentinels of the Multiverse. http://www.tabletopday.com/item/izzy-moes/
  6. The regular app or the Zombies, Run 5k trainer? In either case remember while running if you are breathing hard enough where you couldn't hold a conversation then you are sprinting, running at an unsustainable pace. Back it off, this is an endurance run. You want to be able to keep running the whole time (run drills for the trainer, the whole mission for the app proper). There will be times to open the taps and sprint. Some drills in the trainer, Zombie Chases in the main app, where you will be asked to run flat out as hard as you can, but if you are already going full out there is no way you'll evade the zoms in chases turned on.
  7. The planning sorta took a back seat after Steve stole my thunder But yeah. I was thinking probably woodfield simply as a well known large location. Though if anyone has any ideas or suggestions for another theater I'm all ears. As a side note April 5th is international Table Top Day. There are some events happening around the area. Don't know if anyone would want to play games before movie or vice versa.
  8. Temptation to call into work is strong...
  9. As I edited just after your post I've never had a Facebook account. Thanks though.
  10. I'll come for Moe's but I'll have to miss the music man. Which of the two locations is the one on the site are we meeting at? Amazingly I have no Facebook so I can't confirm on the event page. Also I'm bringing a +1.
  11. I'll come for Moe's but I'll have to miss the music man. Which of the two locations is the one on the site are we meeting at?
  12. Might be able to make the meet up, don't think I'd be able to stay for the concert.
  13. Had to be a work night. Damn. I work nights and have to be in at work 11pm. Don't think I can swing it. Damn.
  14. Edit... Got my Chicago threads mixed up.
  15. Yeah I meant April sorry for not specifying. Figured a month is a good lead time. Any welcome Munqi
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