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  1. Err... Ummm... Hi? Lost my way. Hoping to get my self back together starting today. No, I will get myself together starting now!
  2. It was hard to drag my butt to TKD tonight but felt better for doing it. PT was moved to tomorrow due to trainers illness (I was a bit seedy after the night before so wasn't complaining, even though it probably would have made me feel better). It wasn't a formal class tonight but it was good to get going again. In the rearrangement post BBQ have put my bike on the trainer in the lounge room so I can pop on a DVD to try to get more time in the saddle and harden my bum again (then I can work harder at it and increase my cardio fitness). Problem I'm finding with the couple of spin classes I've do
  3. Ok... So one of my mates from TKD came to my BBQ/housewarming type low key thing this arvo... So I might have said I'd be at training tomorrow no matter how low key holidays it is! I won't be there wed coz I'm going to an Asian cup soccer match. So, PT better eating and TKD tomorrow. Great start to a new week!
  4. Awwwww crap! This week has been interesting... A combo of Pre Shark week and self inflicted mental stress about unpacking from house move resulted in me taking a half arsed day off then a complete day off life. It was good, I finished a book, read comics, napped, lay on the couch and watched Dr. who. Then shark week arrives and it's nasty and I have no routine at the moment (still on summer holidays) to keep me going in a straight line. Turns out the pizza shop closest to my new house isn't very good compared to my last home which is probably a good thing as I won't want to eat from there in
  5. Erm... Hey! Sorry. Not dead but definitely haven't shown up this week, not even to myself. ...and I bring no gif. *hangs head in shame*
  6. Now that you mention Avenue Q... do these boards ever remind you of the song that goes "is there anybody here it doesn't suck to be? It sucks to be me!" (Yeah, I have that t-shirt)
  7. Ummm... today kind of sucked. I think I'll start again in your time zone! Can't go wrong starting with sleep eh?
  8. Just scraping in to start on time (for my time zone at least!) after returning from a relaxing and refreshing low tech holiday that involved lots of riding down a river on inflatable objects! Much fun! This challenge will be tri-phase... 3 weeks left of summer vacation, a half week of work/transition week, then back at work proper for 2. So, I have to lay foundations now for the year ahead. The ground is prepared: in the last challenge I moved house, explored the area a bit, started being really tidy and clean in my new place and started getting rid of my excess stuff to the tune of over 300
  9. Awesome start! (I thought I'd come and see what you were up to before I put virtual pen to virtual paper for myself ) Ah Spamalot! I found a promotional hand fan for it when I was moving which has been good in the heat. I saw the premier in Melbourne and Eric Idle walked through the crowd at intermission having watched half of it from the punter's point of view. I still hum Finland to myself occasionally!
  10. Ok.... Ummm... Well.... The decluttering is going well. Over 300 items! Really noticing the lack of regular routine and missing my 30 min walk five times a week. Am moving and exercising (yoga, PT, gym) but not getting the small stuff in. Went to the gym by myself this week, a good step. Yesterday went for a long walk with a mate who lives locally and explored a close-ish park. TKD Grading was successful (suspect hangover helped settle nerves...) and after starting learning for the third time this year, got my Blue belt (6th gup). One more grading and I will be as far as I got as an 11/12 yea
  11. I was going to tell you how I'd shifted my plans this week but got really busy at work at the front end of the week and new house busy at the other end... And now it's another week almost gone! Walked 5 mornings this week but my sleep has been more interrupted than usual trying to get used to all the new noises in my new environment. TKD twice this week and a PT session but no yoga due to attendance at a work event. No parkrun as I was out late the night before having dinner with girls I studied Botany with at uni many years ago. I'm pretty sure I'm doing well on this bit of my challenge. Reha
  12. Oi! You! Yeah, you Tanks! What's happening? Tell us what's going on in your world this week?
  13. Hey Big K! So glad to hear things are on the up. Would love a link to your writing. I don't know what it is like from the writers side but the kids at school have got me reading unpublished (and unedited) work on WattPad. Some have great stories that are desperately in need of an editor, some have craptastic fan fiction that the teen girls love, and a lucky few get picked up by publishers. Maybe worth a look? If just for bigger audience and feedback.
  14. Clearing clutter scares the crap out of me too. Whilst moving I got overwhelmed one day just looking at all the boxes in the garage and not knowing how to start. Little by little seems to be the key because each bit, even if tiny, is progress!
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