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  1. Sold all my crap, got enough money for some bitchin' exercise gear. Bags are packed and I leave for the desolate hills of Leitrim in a few hours. brb fixing life
  2. the new site design is pleasing to my face. also i'm back on track with not being lazy or terrible.

  3. OH GOD DAMMIT ATTEMPT 3 I should rename this 'The Continuing Fails of RocketsMcGuire'. One month out. One fucking month. Unacceptable I say. Between pure sloth and milking shoulder injury for all it's worth I have disgraced myself in the eyes of ...myself, I guess. No one else does or should care. I look to all the distractions in my life, and I will destroy them. No xbox, no tv, no internet. I will return to the fucking mountains themselves where there is nothing to do but exercise. Failure is not an option here. First I'll sell or dump anything that takes up my time, I'll allow myself to
  4. ...aaaand two weeks off can turn into four. I'd like to blame Skyrim and my own lack of will, dedication, and self-control. But I came back, so I'm not all bad. LET'S EXERCISE.

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    2. RocketsMcGuire


      don't get it, it will ruin everything D:

    3. Ba'sini'on


      No it won't! For heaven's sake people use a damn timer! It's not one of those games where you have to find a save point!

    4. RocketsMcGuire


      but the immersion! The detail! The sidequestability! It's so good it's terrible.

  5. one week off can quickly turn to two. inactivity be dangerous yo.

  6. Thanks for the advice. Gonna start on Monday with weekly trips to nearest chemist, they have those machines that tell you your body composition. Last time it said I was 33% fat. That figure did not sit well with me.
  7. Has anyone else found playing guitar less interesting since you started exercising? I don't seem to enjoy it anymore. After eight years I may just do it out of habit. Maybe planking tap solos will rekindle my fire.
  8. Considering joining the RAF or Royal Navy. Job market's a mess, university's a no go, and Rockets needs his money. Besides, gotta keep the traditions going. It's nice to see others working towards the same thing (especially you Daithi, it's pretty much the same situation). Lets all get ripped and look damn good in uniform.
  9. now is the time! DO IT NOW

    1. Ba'sini'on
    2. RocketsMcGuire


      to read, to play, to sex, to eat! Whatever it is, sitting about thinking about it won't make it happen.

  10. So next week I'm starting strength training, specifically the StrongLifts 5x5 program. Is it a good idea to keep measurements of gains and losses? If so what measurements should I take? Curious to know what everyone else does in this matter, and how you record them.
  11. Attempt 2 Things didn't go to plan. But that's okay, failure is part of the process. OF LIFE. Bodyweight exercise is not the way to go right now. I learnt this over two months of hard work, it is useful knowledge that I will apply in my quest to not suck physically. The plan now is to begin the StrongLifts 5x5 program. For the first month or so I think I have enough weights in the house to exercise here, but any heavier than 80kg and it's off to the gym. I failed, I learned something, and maybe hurt myself in the process. Somewhere along the line I might fail again, but at least I have this
  12. I would marry Steam were it not against the laws of Man and God.

  13. level up all the things! New routine planned, finances sorted, and finally beat that bat bastard in Ys.

    1. Ba'sini'on


      Bat bastards in Ys? Well, whatever sounds like a Badass day!

  14. Books bore me now. This is because I only go for things that are similar to what I've already read, and ignore what's different. I'm ashamed and slightly disgusted by my attitude. Not sure if I even like my favourites anymore. Do you ever feel like you only go back to something out of habit or nostalgia? It's like that. But picking books at random won't do any good, so I need recommendations! What are the books you think everyone should read? Don't care what genre, or if you think they're embarrassing. Trying to start over with no preconceptions about any type of literature.
  15. Week 8 A shit week if ever there were one. Exercise One session of bodyweight exercise before I started feeling pain. Either I'm trying too hard or my form is just that bad. Taking the week off to see if I recover okay, if not it's time to see a doctor. Having serious doubts about whether bodyweight exercise is practical for a fat weakling, so I've dusted off the weight set in the garage. Never let personal bias get in the way, especially in something as black and white as exercise. No room for debate when weights are the fastest and most efficient way of losing fat and gaining muscle. Foo
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