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  1. I love your spoopy poompkin! Cant wait to see what you accomplish with your arms! 😬
  2. Actually really good! I went a different route. My good friend is a distributor for a company that sells protein shakes. They gave me their discount, which thrifty me loves. In the last couple of days, I felt my stomach growl instead of churn in the morning. Sometimes I need to remind myself, this is a small step for big picture goals. Although I went off the deep end as far as being whole30 compliant, I did find that breaking a cycle to start new habits might be necessary. Also, I hope that just getting away from needing smoothies or shakes in the mor
  3. Yep! I’m doing well with it. I took Spanish at the collegiate level several years back. I don’t know why I never stuck with it. Maybe I just need immersion for a while, or maybe an old favorite kids shows but in Spanish? Okay, so (you have to say it like the beginning of this AlbinoBlacksheep flash video from the early 2000’s to get the full effect): Okay so: I’ve been working a crazy amount of hours, decided that I needed to adorn my body in bruises from head to toe (literally) in an epic battle with a pallet (I think
  4. Happy belated birthday new friend! I was saving this for you:
  5. So, at work, I’m part of a little club and didn’t even know it. I started noticing it the last week, but today it became apparent. I have a Jeep. I don’t have a wrangler, I have a compass, but the jeeps all keep parking next to me. One of them backed in (the whole parking lot is empty) just to be in jeep row. Yesterday there was a line of 6 of us... Anyway, I haven’t made it to a park this week. I’ve been working overtime, but Saturday is my day to roam. I’ve also taken up learning Spanish again. I can tell you that I want that jacket,
  6. I resemble this remark. I have about 5 pairs of various sizes of black slacks, and all the sweaters to layer over the shirts... I have a dress I want so bad, that I’m pretty sure I’d walk and extra 600 miles to make it worth the wait. zomg the dinosaurs!
  7. A short update. Today my knee and I are arguing over who wants to be active. A couple of years ago I landed on my right knee, straight down onto it. I haven’t really had any problems since it happened, until yesterday. I had an exceedingly long day at work, again, and cement and standing for 11 hours just takes a toll on the body anyway. I think just strain, because my calves and hips hurt too. My bank account enjoys it, my body not so much. Or maybe since 35 is right around the corner, my body is kicking on a check engine light? So w
  8. Did someone say wine? https://imgur.com/a/0khMi9Y This is the result of my best friend being a sommelier. Annnnnyway, you’re close enough I could deliver Stronkey. lol
  9. Ummmmmm... please no? I’ll be funnier, I promise... just please... spare me from a *virtual kick*. Go, baby, Go! Also, squats are so much cooler spelled with a z. hehehe.
  10. Well you posted LeVar Burton as Geordi, but all I see is But I totally remember the “The more you know” from NBC. I also think you ruined GI Joe for me. lol Well I *was* supposed to take a motorcycle trip somewhere but my riding buddy injured their knee. So now I’m flying solo, and not ready to make that bike trip on my own yet. I could make it a hike trip. I could go to Vegas. Too many options! North Carolina got moved to December, otherwise I’d just extend my weekend away. *******************************
  11. okay so I make it up as I go every time. I’ll be sure to try to write it down. I tried it at a restaurant one time and was like, I could do that! So I did... I’ve been competitively baking since I was 8, so I kind of just know how wet I want it to be when going in the oven, which makes for terrible instructions. But, for my new friend, I’ll make it happen. Bacon jam recipe too? That’s something you can make ahead because it takes all day in the crock pot. Plus it makes more than you need so you can have bacon jam on everything... or share the rest.
  12. That’s my birthday meal, every year that I can remember. It is the perfect fall meal, And it’s on the books for Friday. I told my stepmom that I make excellent jalapeño cheddar corn muffins, so that’s going with it. I make them with bacon jam and cinnamon honey butter. It touches every part of the pallet perfectly. Not especially diet friendly, but a good treat.
  13. I was looking back over my goals and I realized that I forgot to post the scary intimate starting details. I wrote them down, but, I didn’t share them. https://imgur.com/a/AaJgXfB And now you know! Please tell me someone else reacts this way when hearing that phrase: GI Joeeeeeee! I have the day off today, and I am dressed to go hiking. Yay. Not sure which way I’m going to head today, but I have a few places in mind. My plans changed for my October away, so now I have to think of something else to do.
  14. Hey, they’re totally on point! I couldn’t pull that off if I had 3 hours! This is my official look while attempting makeup. 😂 Happy vacation!
  15. This has to be the most feel good cartoon series that I never knew existed. I hope your new steroids are working out well. And, just for good measure:
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