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  1. You're so awesome, I can't even describe! Thanks for your really great support I will kick butt this week! I must! I ADORE Insanity! The best workouts and from experience I KNOW they pay off as well. Shaun-T is my heaven and hell haha. He make me laugh and makes me work my butt off. I've been doing that recently too! I've done the DvDs often enough that I memorized some workouts and improv them into warm ups or random strength workouts when I haven't done enough. I agree, they all kick butt. I remember when I first went through Insanity and I had Cardio Power and Resistence. Nah-ah, nooooo haha It was so painstakingly difficult I was always complaining during the workout, but it got done and it felt amazing afterwards. Well...mentally amazing. Cardio Abs is pretty bomb! Its hard keep form, for me, but once you can do it, it's definitely rewarding
  2. SECOND WEEK UPDATE Monday- Lord of the Rings Workout, ya'll! Of course with variations because I don't own equipment and I'm not much of an equipment person Here's the variations: 3 â€YOU SHALL NOT PASS!†Slams Pushups 7 Legolas Bow Pulls Renegade rows without dumbells 9 “One does not simply walking lunge into Mordor†9 lunges, each leg 1 Minute: Hip “Bridge of Khazad Dum†Wallsit for 1 min 3 Riders of ROWhan 3 bodyweight rows 7 Gimli “Shall I get you a box?†jumps. 7 Knee Jumps 9 Helm’s Deep-Squats. 9 bodyweight squats 1 Minute Tower of Orthanc Holds Wall Handstand 3 Eowyn “I am no Man!â€makers 3 tricep dips, one leg up on each side 7 Light of Galadriel raises 7 arm overhead dumbbell presses 9 “Army of Deadâ€lifts 9 pushups 1 Minute Samwise Gamgee Carries Plank for 1 min Tuesday & Wednesday- No workouts. Not the best week. I've moved past it and focused on the positives to get myself back in gear and I know I'll do better after these few weeks Thursday- Supernatural Jump roping again! I'm starting to understand how to push my body harder during this jumping sessions and its actually pretty relaxing because I can get into a state of working out without noticing and ignoring the whiny tired voice and loud excuses I give myself. Friday- OKAY I GOT ANGRY TODAY lol I was ready to workout but there's only one area I can do my workouts without disturbing the rest of the house and that's the same area the video game system is. Well you can guess the kid was on it all day and I didn't kick him out cause I felt kind of bad...but at the same time I didn't. So, a day I shouldn't have missed. Maybe I should have done some pushups and situps on the bed or something... Saturday- Okay, this was a really good day! I beat the kid to the room and he whined but to hell with him and I had an hour of body strength exercises and jump roping as my cardio. For some reason I was really pumped that day and was drenched and shaking when I was done. I don't know what it was, but I felt good afterwards. I even learned how to go high intensity when jump roping to get the heart pumping. Sunday- I haven't been sleeping well the past...since the beginning of 2014, so today I miraculously had this amazing nap after trekking around in humid, hot texan weather, which I've learned is awful, so I was so relaxed I didn't have the heart to workout...I really should have. BUT I'm also learning not to guilt myself because I'm still working hard and it doesn't matter the pace I will get to my goal. So a 3/7 this week, not the greatest but hey, progress is progress And hey, just because I'm slackin' doesn't mean you guys can't make it up for me! Make your goals and work hard everyone! "I don’t believe in failure, because simply by saying you’ve failed, you’ve admitted you attempted. And anyone who attempts is not a failure. Those who truly fail in my eyes are the ones who never try at all. The ones who sit on the couch and whine and moan and wait for the world to change for them."
  3. You are on top of this challenge hard core! School is definitely not going to stop you from advancing your skills Haha, loving these hobbit posts by the way! Smaug is a good metaphor for a challenging day. Week 1 was definitely the setting bar and you'll only get better from there. BRING ON WEEK 2! If it ever feels difficult just stay in the moment and think:
  4. Hahaha, you know my predicament with the running. I'm amazed at anyone who can do it and stick to it You a beast! Thanx for the boost! Very true with the carbs. I just need to go a little at a time, right? That's the best approach Thank you! I'll definitely push myself to stay on track Nuala, you're awesome for looking out for Assassins! Got my update and I'll keep going
  5. HeyheyHey! Here's my late update: Wednesday- I did jump roping for 40 min, mainly to see if I could, and it wasn't too bad! Killed my calves for a few days though, aha. I watched Supernatural as my timer and did fast intervals during scenes with specific characters then went back at a normal pace. I did hit the rope a lot but that comes with practice Thursday- I had assignments due Friday and I finished at 2AM. So... I was sad. No workout. Friday- COMEBACK DAY. I did Insanity Cardio Abs (my form suuuuucked). It was a good work out, and I pushed myself to get the form right, but it wasn't too intensive. Saturday- The family went to a park with a sand volleyball court so I played for 1.5 hours. I haven't played volleyball in 3 years so it was interesting and I shockingly didn't get tired for a while! I think it was the consistency of the sand was easier to move in than an actual beach but I won't dwell on it. Sunday- I usually have break days on weekends because (yadda yadda excuses) so not much to say for that day. Life Goal- I've been doodling on and off throughout the week but I only got some real work done Friday and Saturday, so not too bad but not what I wanted. Food- My family made nachos on Saturday...that's all I got to say. But the rest of the week was average, nothing detrimental 3 MORE WEEKS. JUST 3 MORE WEEKS. I usually don't count down until break since high school but...this semester. If I can get workouts in, so can you guys! Work that body, Assassins! "Close your eyes and imagine the best version of you possible. That’s who you really are, let go of any part of you that doesn’t believe it."
  6. Thanks, gurl! I'm going to push hard til' the end! Thank you, vp! I did make it rather simple so I hope to destroy this So heyheyhey! My first update! Monday- 40min Cardio + Pushups/Squats Tuesday- TurboFire HIIT Mainly cardio with little bits of strength. School is almost done (THANK LORDIE) So the next three weeks you'll see bouts of crazy hard workouts, but mostly simple workouts until I'm out of the pits of essays. But I'll be consistent! Which is what matters the most to me, for now. I definitely stretched some more today because I'm noticing me getting sore easily but that's what happens when one is out of shape. I do wish I loved running more because I did that to lose weight for a sport before, and I dropped a great amount. Its just...running... Eating is difficult to rid of carbs because its in everything I usually have, but I'm definitely cutting down where I can. I drew yesterday! Wooh! And tonight I'll also get a piece going. Let's all start great, Assassins :-D "If you started your workout when you first thought of it, you'd be done already"
  7. Awesome job, gurl! Loving the thought process and Hobbit Theme! Excited to watch this progress, you're going to kill it
  8. Overall QuestTo become a super anti-hero female. Strong, graceful, sassy, and determined. I'll be working on various aspects of my life and fitness is up at the top! Main Quest Lose inches and gain strength Goal 1: Workout 6 Days a week w/ stretching before and after Goal 2: Eat Right (Grains and sweets will be the lowest of any other food group) Goal 3:Stay motivated with fitbud! Life Goal Draw 2 pages (traditional or digital) a day
  9. A steam game, definitely! Preferably Bioshock's DLC Part 1 &2 but I want to wait for a sale cause I'm a cheapo T-T So maybe Braid, Fez, Limbo. What's your landmark?
  10. Hmm, I guess per week makes more sense, cause people needs a break day, but when I wrote it I aimed for daily so I'm good with that Longer landmarks it is!
  11. Oooo, I love the rewards idea. There are a ton of Steam games I can work towards. I wish I could improvise workouts! But I have to plan them otherwise I have no clue if it did anything xD Food I improvise though and that works out but I need to have desserts restraint. PLAYLISTS, YES. I'm always looking for pump up music. And definitely on those books That's a good question about the points. If there are general ground rules, it will be easier to know when to push another to catch up, but then estimating it for ourselves is good for our individual goals that maybe don't measure with each other? Hmm, okay: Workouts= 5 points Good Diet= 5 points Small Individual Goals=2 points Large Individual Goals=10 points Reward Landmarks= 150, 300, 450, 600, 750 etc. Or we can do landmarks like leveling up and make the next reward a little farther away. 150, 350, 550, 750, 950 etc. What do you think?
  12. Thanks for the replies, gals! I'd like the idea of forming a trio group. We'll form a miniature alliance to help level-up ourselves. So far my idea is we can make goals for ourselves each week and have a point system to keep accountable. We can have a googledoc and set out progress side by side and make sure we've on the same track. For example: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ak9_jZjjIhvOdEg0SThmajc1cno1N0tVNnl4cWJ6TWc&usp=sharing This is a basic idea but throw any ideas you think might help kick into gear. @AyeshaSchroeder: I love trading recipes! I'm trying to one-up my cooking skills so maybe we can help out in that field as well
  13. After looking at fellow Rebellions, I am updating more info!: I'm 5' 7", and probably about 165-170. I'm aiming to get down to 135-140, depends on the muscles I'm building. So I'm aiming to lose 30 pounds in 8 months. Sounds fair! A former Californian but officially moved to Texas two weeks ago. I've begun PC gaming 4 months ago and I'm IN LOVE with the Bioshock series. My heart of pounding thinking about Infinite. I'm currently working on Dota 2 and Path to Exile. I love reading, animated movies, learning (more so outside school grounds), drawing, and hiking. Though there is no one around me that ever wants to go, and now mountains are scarce where I live...irony. Thus far my plan is to work on the Rebel Fitness Guide/Rebel Strength Guide that's been sitting around on my laptop. Though eventually I'll work up to TurboFire or Insanity again. I do love punching air and full body workouts. I also want to become a Shadow Assassin. Because of all the obvious reasons.
  14. Literally in the next 10 minutes, I am kicking back into fitness gear! Some background: I've played volleyball for 6 years and that was the highest fitness of my life. After completing my volleyball run, staying motivated and committed to working out has been difficult. My recent attempt was summer last year and I was able to complete to first 3 months of Insanity. Which is INSANE! But I suddenly dropped when school started up and I had a Hip Hop Dance class. Not the best decision. So I've gained all the weight back (and then some) and lost all the beautiful muscles. My life goal has always been to be at ultimate fitness by my 21st birthday, which is in 8 months. So this round of fitness is all or nothing. I really want to stay motivated and go all out to be faster, better, strong, and generally so hot people go, "damn". I mean, how empowering is it to have a visual depiction of how well you take care of your body? Pretty empowering! To stay motivated all the way, I am in search of a fellow fitness partner in crime that will vanquish all remnants of the bodies that couldn't do much to become the bodies that could almost do it all! We would stay in touch via email, nerd fitness messaging, or text and keep each other on track. We could have a google doc where we track our workout progress each day, to compare results and gives tips, and perhaps weigh in weekly/bi-weekly? I've not thought it all through quite yet, but I know we'll figure out a game plan. The main idea is to keep each other motivated--as that's the greatest enemy of all. Also if you want to do the next 6 week challenge, I'm all for it! I've never done this before, so if you need more information, send a word and I'll get back asap!
  15. Overall Quest To become Catwoman. Deadly, seductive, strong, and elegant all in one. To be presented with a challenge or obstacle and to conquer it without a bat of an eyelash. Main Quest Lose the weight and/or inches and gain strength Goal 1: Workout 6 Days a week I'm on the Insanity program right now and I'm beginning Hip Hop Abs today. I'm confident I'll keep to that routine! Goal 2: Eat Right (Big Breakfast, 4 small meals) I'm off soda, I'm drinking more water than I have in years, and I'm doing pretty well with food. I just need to keep up with lowering carbs, upping the veggies, and keeping sweets to minimum. As I've been losing weight I learned that doing strict diets doesn't work for me, I need to mix it up with my body, live it up, and have smaller portion meals throughout the day. So more specifically, keep to big breakfast and small snacks and meal through the day. Goal 3: Keep motivated (I have no idea what else to put here...suggestions are appreciated) My tumblr blog and this thread will be my main motivation to keep on track. I'll visit my blog everyday and post here 3 days a week. Life Goal Do something creative twice a week! Writing in a journal, drafting my story ideas, drawing, doing my wreck-a-journal, whatever! I'm making this goal small because getting healthy is a big commitment and school is starting soon and I don't want too much on my plate to the point which I complete nothing. And that's that! I'll bedazzle this first post later perhaps, but I need to workout, eat, and do some cleaning first. Excited to join you guys!
  16. Hey guys! I almost didn't make this cause I'm beyond tired, but I have to update 3 times a week so I guess weekends are my days! Monday: Pretty good day. My friends are having trouble staying motivated to lose weight so I joined their gym and making us work out together 5 days a week. Apparently they could barely survive 15 min on an elliptical and I got them through 40 min on the treadmill so I think that's a WIN. Kept to my morning schedule, drank only water, and didn't feel like I over ate. Tuesday: Well, friends were crazy sore xD And since I didnt get much strength done the day before, I didn't feel anything xD So I did 30 min cardio on the stationary bike. Then I did 15 min stretching once I got home. No meditating or dream journal, but everything else is fantasmic. Still water. I fixed mother's work pants, which were torn on the inside and now good as new (+1 skill) I'm always reading a little bit everyday, which is good and bad because I get absorbed and never sleep...or do much of anything really. I'm trying to balance out though. Wednesday: I did BW strength training at home. Warmed Up Front Lunges 3x10 Knee Pushups 3x10 Hip Raises 3x10 Planks 3x40sec I could have done more, I always feel like I can do more, but at least I felt sore the next day. Still no meditating or dream journal, but I felt very chipper and full of energy. Which is the reason I like to meditate: get focused, calm, and pumped. So if I can get that way not mediating for one day, I'm good with that. Water still awesome. Cut apart a shirt I stopped wearing to make Slytherin themed arm-warmers. They are very cozy and I'm happy. I noticed my appetite is getting less and less. I eat maybe three "meals" a day and a snack here or there and I'm set. Maybe its because I'm actually drinking the recommended amount of water for once? Or because I watched The Croods and they only eat a few times a week and then I feel shame on our lazy society xD Thursday: One more friend joined us at the gym, YAY! Warmed up on the treadmill, then did "interval training" on the stationary bike. I kept the speed 80-95 RPM and the machine would flux the resistance. I remember during volleyball I could go to 12 resistance easy....now I get tired quite quickly. I did lighting design for 2 dance numbers (+1 skill). I should have had more water cause I started getting headaches. I made the mistake of eating sour gummy worms from the vending machine for a snack...I always regret it. I feel sickles afterwards. The woes of a techy having no real food. I need to prep better for the day. Today: So, I'm working tech week for a dance concert and it's taking up most of my time. This is reallyreally why I want to wake up earlier cause I can get everything done in the morning. So 9AM-9PM, with hour breaks to eat, was my schedule to work today. My workout was basically moving a 2400 pound set with one other person, running up and down aisles to change lights, and any minimal walking I did. Sad day, which I can't make up for til Sunday, really. Unless I wake up at 7AM as opposed to my natural alarm clock which has pushed to 10AM, cause I stay up later and later. This post feels rather disorganized and I still haven't posted my goals pertaining to levels...so much to come back to, AND I WILL! I swears it.
  17. Thank you! I'm very excited to learn and grow within this guild Maybe one day I'll mingle into crossfit but I'm pretty stuck with first controlling my body better. Pushups/Pullup: On my strength days, I tend to emphasize more on upper body so I believe that will push me. Plus I'm always adding to my pushup goals. Let's say I want to do 5 pushups per set on Monday. By Friday I'll try and add 2 more and see how I pan out from there. De-cluttering: Oh wow, that's a good method! I would probably only end up with 3 pairs of skinny jeans, 3 sweaters/jackets, and a few t-shirts for clothes if I used that method xD My de-cluttering method is picking one corner of my room and clearing it completely. Then I make keep, sell, donate, and trash piles. I reassemble my corner then start on another piece of the room a separate day. Eventually I'll have a lovely set up where I can see the floor of my room. I hope. Thank you! I'm feeling very welcomed indeed Yeeeees. I'd like to believe I'm still a child at heart and climbing trees, breaking into cartwheels, and my innate ability to own and know every animated movie ever is something I would always do as a kid. Absolutely! I understand the refreshing feeling from having less. More time to appreciate what you have and general breathing room.
  18. In the beginning there was no light. These beings were born in the darkness. Contained. Imprisoned. Downgraded from intelligent beings with such promise, into savage animals, easy for control. They were bred for work, and trained to destroy. Very few, if any at all, were known to escape this life. But in darkness, there will always be a hope. A flickering light. A light flickered that day and she saw it. One of the few who thought a little more. Who felt capable of more. Wanted more. It was beautiful, curious. She stalked towards the blinding light and tried to catch it. She did not notice if anyone followed. Focused, she ran towards it. What did it mean? She reached... Another world, a brighter world, materialized in front of her eyes. Scared, she shielded her eyes which were accustomed to the darkness. It took a moment but she summoned her courage to adjust to the new environment. Peaking, she instantly became mesmerized. Freedom, passion, diversity. Something she never experienced before. She wanted to learn everything, experience everything, and protect this new feeling. Though her darkness would always be engraved in her, she would try her best to become a better individual for this world. To protect it. Love it. And eventually, love herself... Born in a dark alley. Simple and tainted. Becoming a cat. Curious and independent. TechAlyCat's story begins... Ollo, everyone! This is my first 6WK Challenge and I'm PUMPED! I'm very excited to see how everything pans out and there's so much I want to accomplish, but its best to keep at 4 to guarantee getting them done. Here we go: Starting line: Weight- 165 Height- 5' 8" 1) Move to a different beat Improve Locomotion/FlexibilityDo a decent cartwheel I've been admiring Ido Portal lately and his ideas on natural movement, and its so lovely I want to be able to look that graceful! Parkour, dancing, gymnastics, and even climbing a tree all require a sort of precision and grace in movement that I've dreamed of since I was young. (Training specifics processing...) 2) Pick yourself up, gurl! Do 10 pushups (without breaking a sweat)1 good pull-up I'm doing mostly BW workouts so I want to keep getting stronger. And eventually climb a tree. That would make me the happiest in the world. 3) Hear the colors of the wind growling of your stomach Only eat when you're hungry, not craving foodKeep up avoiding sugar drinks As a techy, I'm not always near a kitchen or healthy food joint when I need to eat so I can't place "no fast food", "no desserts", or "keep to paleo diet" otherwise I'll probably skip a meal or two every day xD which I've done many times before. But I can definitely downgrade my eating. I know when I really need food, and when I'm eating to pass time. I also can read my body's 'healthy' cravings and 'mind' healthy cravings. So my body is pretty good at fat blocking food. And I've been avoiding sugary drinks for a while now and I'm just reminding myself to keep it up I've been eating even less since consuming only water and I avoided soda for a year during a volleyball so I know doing it again should be a breeze. (Measuring diet processing...) 4) The Schedule I am very determined to keep to my daily/weekly schedule because I know how it will benefit me in the long run. Daily Meditate Write in dream journal Workout Tidy/Clean Kitchen/VacuumWeekly Read a book Practice a skill 4x a week Wake-up 30 minutes earlier Then my bonus: De-cluttering my life. My friends and I are planning a garage sale, I'll post books on amazon, and donate many of my clothes. I also want to turn my room into the ultimate shrine/sanctuary and that would help if I have less rubbish. Plus, the less I have going on, the more flexible I am to live in the moment. WELL, I hope I made some sense in all of this. There's a lot more I need to explain I suppose but I wish to post this before midnight. Time to demolish this thing!
  19. Forums are up! Excited for the next challenge :3

  20. I'm satisfied with 80% Paleo. At least I'm avoiding food made out of pencil shavings

    1. Synyster


      That's the best part right??

  21. Oi! HIIT workouts really beat up the muscles the next morning. Its awfully satisfying.

  22. @DeathDealer: Too true! Its all about listening to the body because it knows what's good and bad. And yes, finding a comfortable equilibrium which I've learned in the last few days as I'm changing my diet. I don't think avoiding sugary drinks will be the hardest part. I think its skipping those awesome desserts my friends/family are eating together on the weekends and I'm the only one saying "nope". @tanktimus: For fitness, I'm already hitting hard in the RF guide regime: body weight workouts, HIIT cardio, and I'm going to bribe my friend to go on runs with me. Once I get in a good workout momentum, Ill practice basic parkour movements and drills. Sometime after this I'll also mix in the NF Strength Guide, but this isn't for a while. For extra motivation I'm also planning to join the next 6 week challenge so I'm pretty pumped on that note For nutrition, I know this sounds vague, but listening to my body, mostly. I'll eat only when I'm hungry, not forcing any extra meals. I'm also tracking my calories and really lowering my carb intake. And becoming a violin guru just requires practice every day. Its going to be a part of my morning routine, so hopefully I can stick to it and get into a good groove.
  23. Thanks, tanktimus! Short term goals: Health -I want to slither into Paleo, really limit my portions and eat to benefit my body instead of satisfying cravings. - I'm completely getting rid of sugar drinks. During volleyball I let go of soda for a year so I know I can do this. -Sleep early, rise early. I'll have more time to get everything I want done and make a real breakfast. Fitness -Be able to do 5 good pushups. In volleyball, pushups were like walking. I did them so often it was routine. I want to get back into this. -Slightly long term, but be able to climb a tree easily. Long term: -Become a Ninja Warrior. An assassin's dream, right? -Become accomplished at violin by playing Lord of the Ring's scores. -Cosplay at Comic Con in my new bod ;D I have a million plans running in my head but this is the gist right now. The more I accomplish the more I'll add.
  24. Ollo Rebels! You can call me Aly and I'm 19 years old, 5' 8", and 165 pounds. I'm a theatre, animation, Disney, and Harry Potter nerd. Reading too much is my forte. I get very cranky when I'm interrupted And I'm obsessed with several shows at the moment. Here is my not short fitness tale: Well, I've been overweight since around elementary school yet I've been able to skim by the fitness tests since forever (a lucky gal, I guess) I had my few athlete years: I played every sport possible in 5th grade: from baseball, flag football, basketball, and drill team. Funny enough, when I started doing sports when when I was at my heaviest: 207. This began my momentum into health. I jumped into 5 years of volleyball from 6th-11th grade. The first 2.5 years was learning the skills and game. Once I hit High School I became really competitive against my fellow teammates and wanted to become a starting player and...silently rub it in their faces. I have a very strong competitive streak, guys. This was really my greatest motivation ever for losing weight. Freshman year, our family lived in a neighborhood on top of a hill and I ran up and down once every day to lose my first 10-15 pounds. I just started slow and tried to beat my running time every day. This was the only time it was fun to run because the streets were mostly clear and slopes are just fun. My sophomore year, I joined a volleyball club that really emphasized on plyometrics and fitness. The coach was one of the greatest guys I've met in the sport. I started going to go to the gym at this point and to reach my peak of fitness he made a specific routine to do at the gym 4-5 times a week and my endurance really increased and muscle grew. I also did beach volleyball with the club and let's just say it was the greatest fitness point of my life I've ever had and my vertical was beyond awesome. I was 156 pounds at the point. Junior year I was at my peak of fitness but sadly the coaches and players also hit my peak of patience. The atmosphere and attitude of everyone was awful compared to my club, so I quit and vowed I would keep up my health because it took a lot to get to where I was and once I laid off, it would be really hard to get back. Of course, without motivation I slowly declined into a sedentary lifestyle. I focused on theatre, my future, and tons of thinking rather than doing and lost my strength, speed, and muscle turned into fat. So here I am now, first year of community college, still questioning what I'm going to do in the future and being very dissatisfied with the American schooling system (I've been reading a lot of zenhabits, and self education is just trumping everything) I've been over thinking so much I eventually strayed towards NerdFitness (which I've been lurking for a while) and on a whim bought Rebel Fitness and Strength Guides. Lately my body has been gaining weight quicker than usual and I can't stand it anymore. Steve once said once everything hits bottom, you can still control your fitness and health and this will be all you need to be happy. I truly believe this because I've lived this at one point and I want to stand there again. Well there it goes, guys and dolls! My unnecessarily long back story. Starting tomorrow, I'm beginning my journey to a new person and I believe I will kick some arse. Wish me luck!
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