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  1. I turned 22 today, it's one of those weird birthdays in my opinion because it's not really a mile stone, it's only another stepping stone. I just started thinking about everything that has happened in my life; I've had some very harsh patches and some patches that I wouldn't trade for anything. The three things that I am most grateful for over all are: 1 my family; we don't always get along, but they've always supported me and helped me through the crap that life throws out of nowhere 2 my friends; I'm not all that social and tend to lose connections to people pretty quickly, but somehow this
  2. Goal #1 didn't have time to run (I need to be out of the house by 6.30 to get to work on time, so running is out every day I work) Goal #2 Breakfast: eggs and fried deer sausage, water Lunch: salmon, dried cherries, apple and water Dinner: sweet potato salad, deer sausage, water and flourless almond cake Goal #3 did my breathing exercises on my walk to the bus stop; am feeling really good Goal #4 didn't have time to do my crunches, but again really pushed at work
  3. Goal #1 didn't run Goal #2 Breakfast: tea and apples Lunch: salmon, dried apricots, some dark chocolate and water Dinner: meatloaf, peppers, dragon fruit (this is a cheat, I love them, but they're still weirdish,) water Goal #3 I'm not sure if it counts, but I walked to the bus stop, it's about a twenty minute walk; I did some breathing and mindfulness exercises on the walk Goal #4 did only the crunches and push ups today; also really pushed today at work
  4. Goal #1 didn't run today Goal #2 Breakfast: apples and almond butter; tea Lunch: dried apricots, peppers and tuna, water Dinner: eggs, peppers, apple and water Goal #3 did about fifteen minutes of meditation before starting my day; feeling pretty good despite the day being chaotic Goal #4 didn't have time to work out; but I now have a job doing cleaning and there is a lot of movement so I'm hoping to get a fair bit of exercise Extras: talked to family no progress on the swearing front finished Headhunter and on to Ghoul (this is not correct order, but I have ghoul in my possession an
  5. Goal #1 jogged 30 minutes and walk for three or four hours Goal #2 Breakfast: bacon and eggs Lunch: carrots, cucumber, dried fruit and a chicken breast Dinner: chicken and sweet potatoes Goal #3 did some deep breathing exercises before starting my day, am feeling pretty calm Goal #4 didn't work out today
  6. Well I pushed too hard during exams as it turns out; I got home, had two days of being healthy and then I went down hard with a chest infected of some kind; so I lost a lot of ground. I'm doing better now and am finally off the cough syrup I had to take; I'm really behind in my goals, but will start again tomorrow.
  7. Yesterday was the trip back home, we got home late, but I did manage to get a good 45 minute walk in Today Goal #1 Walked a combined total of one and a half hours split between two walks (one was a creek walk so it sort of counts as balance too). Am also plainning on a 10k bike ride once it cools off a little Goal #2 Breakfast: strawberries, chicken and pepper omlette and tea Lunch: vegtable curry, deer sausage and water Dinner: carrot soup, salad and water Goal #3 Am feeling very relaxed today, it's probably the combination of being finished exams and the fact that I'm tired. I'm going
  8. I got home yesterday and thinking of this spent good 45 minutes walking the creek behind our house today.
  9. As you can probably guess from my name, I really like all the Re-animator movies. I haven't really been paying attention to what's coming out this summer; I love movies but don't usually have the time or money to go, I really want to see Man of Steel though and will find a way to see it.
  10. Ooooh water, I should probably not swim it though; wet Gnoll does not smell good. Time to work on balance; I'm a klutz, so this is going to be good for me.
  11. Ok, exams are over now; I swear i'm going to be getting back into my challenge. Also realised just how unhealthy I am about exams; I really need to destress, actually eat and get out of my room.
  12. Goal #1 did have time to run Goal #2 Breakfast: tea Lunch: left over roast and yams Dinner: same as lunch Goal #3 Tried to meditate, but didn't work; I was too keyed up today Goal #4 did the 20 min work out with added push ups, crunches and supers 2 exams down; three to go
  13. Whoops sorry about that; great form by the way WickedPixie *tries to hide shoe*
  14. Yeah we can do it... but am I the only one worried that something like giant spiders is going to attack us? (I hope that didn't jinx us)
  15. Didn't manage to post last day; so here's yesterday's and today's Yesterday Goal #1 Didn't run Goal #2 Breakfast: tea Lunch: veggie soup and water Dinner: veggie soup and water Goal #3 didn't have time Goal #4 didnt' have time Today: Goal #1 Jogged, forgot about the C25K until I got back. It felt good to get out; though I kept panicking thinking that I should be studying, then my brain kicked in and said "screw it, you need to be healthy if you're even going to have a chance of passing anything." Goal #2 Breakfast: tea and eggs Lunch: sushi (chicken terri roll) its not paleo, but
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