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  1. Goal #1 didn't have time to run (I need to be out of the house by 6.30 to get to work on time, so running is out every day I work) Goal #2 Breakfast: eggs and fried deer sausage, water Lunch: salmon, dried cherries, apple and water Dinner: sweet potato salad, deer sausage, water and flourless almond cake Goal #3 did my breathing exercises on my walk to the bus stop; am feeling really good Goal #4 didn't have time to do my crunches, but again really pushed at work
  2. Goal #1 didn't run Goal #2 Breakfast: tea and apples Lunch: salmon, dried apricots, some dark chocolate and water Dinner: meatloaf, peppers, dragon fruit (this is a cheat, I love them, but they're still weirdish,) water Goal #3 I'm not sure if it counts, but I walked to the bus stop, it's about a twenty minute walk; I did some breathing and mindfulness exercises on the walk Goal #4 did only the crunches and push ups today; also really pushed today at work
  3. Goal #1 didn't run today Goal #2 Breakfast: apples and almond butter; tea Lunch: dried apricots, peppers and tuna, water Dinner: eggs, peppers, apple and water Goal #3 did about fifteen minutes of meditation before starting my day; feeling pretty good despite the day being chaotic Goal #4 didn't have time to work out; but I now have a job doing cleaning and there is a lot of movement so I'm hoping to get a fair bit of exercise Extras: talked to family no progress on the swearing front finished Headhunter and on to Ghoul (this is not correct order, but I have ghoul in my possession and it's my favorite) Headhunter is a thriller about a group of mounties trying to track down the Headhunter, a serial killer who kills his victims and takes their heads; his victim type is women with black hair. It's a pretty good book, there's a fair bit of gore and horror elements to blend with the thriller/mystery of the story. If you want to read this book stop, there are spoilers ahead. I'm rereading this book because the end was a twist ending where one of the main characters; a female mountie turns out to be the killer, but we don't know this till a much later book. I had to reread because I wanted to see how different the book was when you knew the killer was female, but with a possible dissociative personality that is male.
  4. Goal #1 jogged 30 minutes and walk for three or four hours Goal #2 Breakfast: bacon and eggs Lunch: carrots, cucumber, dried fruit and a chicken breast Dinner: chicken and sweet potatoes Goal #3 did some deep breathing exercises before starting my day, am feeling pretty calm Goal #4 didn't work out today
  5. Well I pushed too hard during exams as it turns out; I got home, had two days of being healthy and then I went down hard with a chest infected of some kind; so I lost a lot of ground. I'm doing better now and am finally off the cough syrup I had to take; I'm really behind in my goals, but will start again tomorrow.
  6. Yesterday was the trip back home, we got home late, but I did manage to get a good 45 minute walk in Today Goal #1 Walked a combined total of one and a half hours split between two walks (one was a creek walk so it sort of counts as balance too). Am also plainning on a 10k bike ride once it cools off a little Goal #2 Breakfast: strawberries, chicken and pepper omlette and tea Lunch: vegtable curry, deer sausage and water Dinner: carrot soup, salad and water Goal #3 Am feeling very relaxed today, it's probably the combination of being finished exams and the fact that I'm tired. I'm going to try to meditate before bed tonight Goal #4 Didn't work out today Extras: I don't have to worry about communication since I'm home for a week I'm still swearing, but am trying like crazy to not swear in front of the family started re-reading Headhunter by Michael Slade
  7. I got home yesterday and thinking of this spent good 45 minutes walking the creek behind our house today.
  8. Ooooh water, I should probably not swim it though; wet Gnoll does not smell good. Time to work on balance; I'm a klutz, so this is going to be good for me.
  9. Ok, exams are over now; I swear i'm going to be getting back into my challenge. Also realised just how unhealthy I am about exams; I really need to destress, actually eat and get out of my room.
  10. Goal #1 did have time to run Goal #2 Breakfast: tea Lunch: left over roast and yams Dinner: same as lunch Goal #3 Tried to meditate, but didn't work; I was too keyed up today Goal #4 did the 20 min work out with added push ups, crunches and supers 2 exams down; three to go
  11. Whoops sorry about that; great form by the way WickedPixie *tries to hide shoe*
  12. Yeah we can do it... but am I the only one worried that something like giant spiders is going to attack us? (I hope that didn't jinx us)
  13. Didn't manage to post last day; so here's yesterday's and today's Yesterday Goal #1 Didn't run Goal #2 Breakfast: tea Lunch: veggie soup and water Dinner: veggie soup and water Goal #3 didn't have time Goal #4 didnt' have time Today: Goal #1 Jogged, forgot about the C25K until I got back. It felt good to get out; though I kept panicking thinking that I should be studying, then my brain kicked in and said "screw it, you need to be healthy if you're even going to have a chance of passing anything." Goal #2 Breakfast: tea and eggs Lunch: sushi (chicken terri roll) its not paleo, but it's the most paleo thing on the campus sushi menu, water Dinner: roast, mashed yams, stewed strawberries, water Goal #3 meditated for about twenty minutes; managed to get out of the horrible mindset and into something a little more relaxed Goal #4 didn't work out, but did the push ups, crunches and supers as study breaks
  14. Thanks guys Goal #1 Didn't run Goal #2 Breakfast: tea Lunch: veggie soup Dinner: omlette Goal #3 spent about 30 mins trying to relax myself; just focused on breathing and body position, I managed to cool down a little and felt better after Goal #4 Didn't do my normal work out, but took study breaks about every hour to two hours that involved doing push ups, crunches and supers to keep the blood flowing to my brain
  15. Goal #1: Didn't run Goal #2: Breakfast: tea Lunch: carrot soup and water Dinner: carrot soup and water (wasn't feeling so hot today, so I didn't eat all that much) Goal #3: Can't turn off my frigging brain, I'm trying to relax and cool off; but almost immediately I start stressing out again. Goal #4: eased up on the work out today; but included the 3 reps of 10 and 4 reps of 30 second supermans. I don't think I'm going to be doing all that well, until exams are over.
  16. Love the story so far.... Vegetarian trolls made me happy
  17. Yeah, the length is what was messing with me too; plus I don't have a lot of kinesthetic awareness, so I have next to no idea how to make my body do what is being demonstraited. That said, I still like doing the katas, becasue when I finally do it right, I feel awesome.
  18. Goal #1: Didn't run today Goal #2 Breakfast: tea and an apple Lunch: scrambled eggs with chopped chicken and water Dinner: veggie stirfry, water Also drank a lot more tea during the day Goal #3 Tried to meditate or at least relax, but kept getting distracted by all that I had to do. Not impressed with myself, I really need to learn to chill out. Goal #4 added 3 reps of 10 push ups and crunches into the 20 min work out. Felt pretty good, and am going to stick there for maybe a week, maybe less before increasing Minor goals: -talked to my parents and texted little sis -didn't really talk to anyone today; so there was not a lot of chances for me to swear -don't have enough time to read right now
  19. I'm derp, just realised that I didn't assign the attribute points for my goals. Here they are: Goal #1 +2 sta, +2 dex (does dex work here, I mean I'm hoping to get more agile) Goal #2 +3 con Goal #3 +2 con, +2 cha (if I'm not stressed and angry, I'll be nicer, so this works) Goal #4 +4 str I think this looks ok, but if anyone has a suggestion please let me know.
  20. Ok the c25k thing sounds cool, I'm going to check it out. Gyro, I'm totally sure what % Paleo I am right now; the only grain based food I really eat pasta and that's about 4 meals a week. I'm preparing to finish up my pasta by tuesday at the latest, maybe sooner if I can give it to the roomies. I'm feeling pretty good about making the change tp Paleo as I have carnivorous tendencies, have family members who are gluten intolerant and because I'm almost positive I'm going lactose intolerant.
  21. Ok, I'm a little nervous about doing a challenge but I'm also excited about it... So here we go: Goal #1: Body Run five km in intervals I'm, not a runner and while I like running, this is going to be the toughie steps to take: -get out 3-4 times a week -stick with the interval plan suggested in the running thread -record the time it took and how long the intervals were Goal #2: Mouth Go fully Paleo Steps to take: -stop buying non-Paleo foods -find a number of Paleo recipies that can be prepared quickly and easily -keep a food log Goal #3: Spirit Practice mindful meditiation everyday This could be intersesting, I really need to calm myself down and stop stressing, but I don't want to regement the meditation since I want to enjoy it and not make it a chore. Steps: - learn to meditate properly -take time everyday -keep record of my stress levels and when I meditated each day Goal #4: Body (again): Do 3 repetitions of 30 push ups and crunches (maybe more) Steps to take: -work out 3 to 4 times a week -start with 3 repetitions of 10 push ups and crunches -work up slowly to avoid injury -record the numbers -possibly exceed the goal I set Sides: These are optional and a little hard to measure, but they're here as a reminder Family: -communicate more with the family, call at least once a week and e-mail at least two ro three times a week F*** -Stop swearing, try paying attention to the words I'm using; desperate measures might need me keeping tally of when I swear the most and possibly using an elastic band to stop me swearing Bookworm: -read a novel every week (depending on work schedule this might have to upped to 2 weeks), write down the titles and small synopsis of the book
  22. This is usually how I feel doing complicated jo work; except there's a lot more swearing and possible falling down. Anyone have any tips on how to not get messed up? I've been practicing aikido for four years but still trip over my own feet; it's making me crazy and I would love any tips that have helped you before, because I want to get better.
  23. Because I want to prove to myself I can do it Because I want the stress relief Because if a bear attacks, I don't have to outrun the bear, I just have outrun my friends and some of the are freaking fast
  24. ^Love BLT and avocado sandwiches too. If you're feeling really fancy, add a little roasted garlic to the mashed avocado.
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