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  1. Great job hitting 230!!! I'm hoping you can ride that momentum out til the end of week 6 =)
  2. Ha!! Sorry about the push-up - sit - up thing. I'm still super proud of you!!! I hope you are still at it! I'd love to see an update!
  3. I blame my bad moods on lack of chocolate too! =D Lets finish strong!! Clean slate is right around the corner.
  4. WEEK FIVE RECAP Eat at least four servings of either fruit or veggie a day. (CON +3) Did this two out of seven days Week 5 - 29% Track everything I put in my mouth as follows: 7 days on, 9/23 off 8 days on, 10/2 off 9 days on, 10/12 off 10 days on, 10/23 off (WIS +2, CHA +2) Tracked three out of seven days Week 5 - 43% 2 sessions push-ups/crunches/plank and 2 sessions of either an aerobics class or one hour workout per week (STR +2, STA +2) No push-ups/crunches/plank sessions in. No aerobic sessions. Week 5- 0% Do something with hair/make-up or clothes once weekly. (WIS +2, CHA +) Went consignment shopping and bought some super cute winter wedges. I also dressed up Monday for our family day! 100% ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Last time I checked in I had fallen off the wagon. I feel like I'm back on now. I broke everything down and prioritized... for fitness that meant #1 FOOD (eating healthy) #2 Working out. So, no work outs this week, but I did manage to eat pretty great the last few days. Weight this morning was 189.6. I'm not quite sure how that happened with all my ups and downs, but I'm happy. I think it had more to do with my lady hormones/cycle (sorry) than anything else. Gotta love being a woman! Going away really threw me for a loop! No food in the house when we got back and no time to buy any meant lots of eating out and lots of temptation!!! We've got a good bit planned this week coming up - a lot of yard work and going to a pumpkin farm to have a little fun. I'm making it a bigger priority to get my work outs in.. although not to the expense of eating well. Thanks for those of you who have stuck with me these 5 weeks. I want to make the 6th count!!
  5. Good job on the long run. I hope you feel better! I'm glad I'm not alone in going off track sometimes. It is just like life swallows me up! Everyone wants stuff, there are certain things that NEED to get done.. and my health just goes on the back-burner. It's just gonna happen sometimes. Its good to hear that your work-out went better than expected! just make sure you take it slow and listen to your body so you don't hurt yourself. As for me I'm doing much much better. I've re-focused. I started by breaking everything down into priorities and beginning to tackle them one by one. In my health priorities list FOOD is #1 (like they say abs are made in the kitchen). So, I went shopping and preped a ton of veggies, salad stuff, fruit etc. I've got several healthy dinners on standby for this upcoming week. Friday - Sunday I stuck pretty well to eating healthy and tracking my food. =) #2 Priority was working out.. which didn't happen. That is better than nothing!
  6. WEEK FOUR RECAP Eat at least four servings of either fruit or veggie a day. (CON +3) Didn't track. Week 4 - 0% Track everything I put in my mouth as follows: 7 days on, 9/23 off 8 days on, 10/2 off 9 days on, 10/12 off 10 days on, 10/23 off (WIS +2, CHA +2) Same as above Week 4 - 0% 2 sessions push-ups/crunches/plank and 2 sessions of either an aerobics class or one hour workout per week (STR +2, STA +2) 2 push-ups/crunches/plank sessions in. No aerobic sessions. Week 4- 50% Do something with hair/make-up or clothes once weekly. (WIS +2, CHA +) Bought a super cute sweater for my birthday. So girly and pretty!! 100% ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So I'm not super proud of where I'm at. I've fallen off the wagon. Life has overwhelmed me again. I just don't know how to fit 20lbs of poop in a 5lb bag (as my dad used to say). So when this happens working out and tracking my food are among the first things to go. They just aren't as big a priority to me as fit finances, cleaning and spending time with my husband and my daugther... So I'm getting back on track today. Eating pretty well and tracked. Tomorrow back to they gym!
  7. Hey Everyone!! I've kind of been falling away from my challenge. I'm pretty bummed about it. I know at some point I just have to DO IT!! I have to say no to eating too much or the wrong things and yes to exercise.. but I have reached a motivational slump. I feel like I don't have time for everything.. cleaning, keeping track of bills and papers, playing with my daughter, cooking, shopping. I often wind up prioritizing and getting what I can done, but recently I've been having a ton of trouble focusing. I'll be doing one task and then my brain jumps to another and another. I wind up with 3 different things half done. It has been taking a ton a concentration to get just a few things done today. My mom has terrible ADD. She can barely function on a normal level. This isn't the first time I've had problems like this. I'm scared that my brain will eventually become like my mom's.. she can barely have a conversation without jumping off into whatever she wants to talk about.
  8. AMEN!! That has helped me a ton... some perspective. I have the tendency to work and work and work. My husband complains because I can barely watch a tv show.. and even when I am I'm folding laundry or doing the budget or SOMETHING. I can work myself up even when I'm purposefully relaxing because I'm thinking about all the stuff I'm not doing that I "should" be doing. The reality is that spending time with my daughter or husband is more enjoyable and more important than dishes. I've learned to let stuff like that go as much as possible without being officially gross. So I have a happy marriage, a decent daughter and a filthy house. I guess 2 out of 3 ain't bad. Thanks!! I know those days of early wake-up times are very close... I should really just bite the bullet and get up early now because it will have to be even earlier in the near future I'm sure. Yea I really feel like communication is key. I'm blessed to have a husband who works really hard to be on the same page with me. I've learned to talk about something that bothers me pretty quickly and respectfully. Honestly what has helped the most is trying to see my husband with the love and grace God has for him in light of the love and grace God has for me. If my husband does something wack I might get mad for a second, but most often I think right after that, "Is everything I do beyond reproach?! NOT! If God has given us both grace than I can give him some grace right now, and if it become a problem we will talk about it." I'm tempted to make partner communication a challenge!!! But I know better.
  9. WEEK THREE RECAP Eat at least four servings of either fruit or veggie a day. (CON +3) Got 5 out of 7 days this week. Week 3- 71.4% Track everything I put in my mouth as follows: 7 days on, 9/23 off 8 days on, 10/2 off 9 days on, 10/12 off 10 days on, 10/23 off (WIS +2, CHA +2) I am seriously off my "days off" schedule. Now I'm on vacation and I'm just fighting to track period.. so off days are just out until I can get a string of some good days together. Did 5 out of 7 days. Week 2 - 71.4 Average for this goal - 71.4 2 sessions push-ups/crunches/plank and 2 sessions of either an aerobics class or one hour workout per week (STR +2, STA +2) Got all of my work-outs in this week!! Thank you to my craziness that went to the gym on Sunday against the odds, walks with friends and my husband and doing a work-out even after missing a class!! 100% Do something with hair/make-up or clothes once weekly. (WIS +2, CHA +) I was going to type that I was a disgrace to females everywhere because I thought I did nothing. I was wrong!! I bought jeans. It only took me three hours to pick out one pair of jeans...but it was totally worth it. One pair of jeans that actually fits me now lives in my dresser. Woot! 100% ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm in a challenging place in this challenge *chuckle* That place is vacation with my in-laws. They are AWESOME!! Super fun and cool. I'm always happy to go to their place and stay. I know that sounds crazy, but it is true. I'm really blessed. However, eating here is very tough. Lots of eating out and even when we do eat out it is like souther comfort kind of food. It has been almost impossible to track while being here. I have been eating loads of veggies. I've also been eating stuff I shouldn't... like mac n cheese!! argh!! why are you so good! So I'm still working on it. I'm glad for a fresh start tomorrow. This is what I want my life to be like.. choosing healthy foods.. having a healthy body. This is normal. This is good. That should reflect in my behavior. Got my abs/back/push-up routine in today. I only got one set of 15 then 10 of push-ups in. I'm having elbow pain that almost feels like tennis elbow so I eased off some. I'll try again Friday and see how it goes. Planning on at least taking a long walk tomorrow. I didn't bring my running shoes... BOOOO!!! So I'm a little reluctant to wear them to run since my knees don't take kindly to this. =/ I'll let you know how it goes!!
  10. Hey Joltzzz!! I hope you are still at your challenge!! Even if you aren't today is a new day! I'd love to hear about it either way =D
  11. You are going to tell me how you cooked that kale... because the only way I like to eat kale is in creamy sausage soup, lol. I'd love to figure out a yummy way to get that nutrition dense stuff down. Sorry for your slump =( Something I like to remember is that feelings don't determine truth. Even if you emotionally don't feel like going to sleep the truth is that you need to or it will throw you completely off. I've had sleep troubles of my own. Sorry since I know they suck BAD. I'll be glad to hear how your goals go.. especially the playing with your kids thing!! I think you are so brave to be trying all these interesting recipes!!
  12. WORD!!!! Preach!!! When I was doing that I wound up cutting work-outs which left me feeling pretty crappy and I gained weight. Kudos on keeping work-outs in the mix. Good job not being a cliche. and... 100 push-ups!! Whaaaat? Amazing! Your arms must have felt like jelly.. and in less than 7 minutes!!!? I did 40 the other day and felt like I was going to pass out from excitement. Keep it up!! You are so strong! I hope driving school, regular school, work and working out go well this week.
  13. Omgoodness!!!! I love his Kakashi outfit!!!! *awesome* I'm glad you wound up having a good time even though the co-play seemed to be a bust, but you live and you learn.
  14. Hey!! I think 4 out of 7 days without sweets is AMAZING!! I have a major sweet tooth, but I can see how the percentage would be discouraging.. and the tendancy to just chuck the whole day after one slip up can be devestating. Good call on planning for the next challenge instead of changing now. You have talked about your tendancy to get bored and program-hop. Sticking with it now will help you determine how to go forward later?? At least that is what I'm thinking. Keep up the good work!! You seriously, really rock. Also, put your alarm clock across the room so you don't hit snooze. How did you like agents of shield?? We are liking it a lot. My husband keeps pointing out similarities between it and Firefly... like Skye is Kaylee... Maggie is Zoe... Ward is like a 'good' Jayne... Coleson is obviously Mal. I love Firefly, Marvel and Joss Whedon so I don't really care.
  15. Just wanted to give you guys an update on ME. I'm super duper pumped since I actually did 15 push-ups in a row Sunday!! 40 total!! That is a PR for me. Also, I think I have tennis elbow from it, lol. Don't know how that is possible, but my tendons were pretty painful when I tried again today. Also.. I'm at my in-laws place which is hella-awesome! I totally love them (I know I am super duper blessed). The big issue for me this week is food temptations. They eat out very often, and even the food cooked tonight was not too great. Lots of delicious southern comfort food.. serious mac and cheese, potato salad, green beans in bacon and swimming in butter... oh man... it is all so good! I stumbled a little today.. ate some of everything and a little cake. Otherwise I've been pretty proud of myself. Straight off the plane Monday they brought us to a chinese buffet *gasp*. That is a serious weakness for me. I only ate salad (dipped in a little bit of dressing), tons of fruit and veggies and some sushi.. Considering the other options available I'm pretty happy.
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