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  1. Hmm, interesting question. It depends wher it's happening. Is there anything else happening during it to focus on, or is it kind of a break in the whole plot until training is done? If the first, it can just be mentioned in other scenes "sorry I'm late, training went long today" etc. If the second, it could be like "she expected the training to be as dull as it was grueling. She was correct. But it was worth it if it meant a shot at..." That' the approach I'd take I think
  2. There's a lot to take in here for sure. It gets easier, but don't worry about feeling a bit overwhelmed at first - that's totally normal. Don't be afraid to ask questions, everyone here is always happy to help!
  3. Yay!! Grats! Taking on a challenge like that is a big deal. Also, welcome! Good luck on the challenge here too - it's a great group of people here, very helpful and knowledgeable.
  4. Yay! So happy to hear you're sticking with them as well Hollow body planks? Whoa.
  5. Jumping back a bit, that random idea generator looks fun! Maybe I should do it, even writing exercises would be better than the nothing I'm doing haha
  6. Yep, I went with that for the remainder of the week and passed out really well into a solid sleep. I can fall asleep to TV, but it's not a solid sleep, so it needs to be on a timer at the very least. But that would be more for Hubs' sake, and if he's not coming to bed until hours later, I won't even bother turning it on. I'm thinking yours is a good rule! And, as for Week 2's summary: Eating: Only one 10% meal this week, so it was a big success. Exercise 4x a week: Done and done (and done and done) Hollow Body practice 3x a week: Done. And I realized if I point my arms down towards my l
  7. 141.8 I refrained from wings and wine yesterday and I'm really glad I did Apparently once the dam of the plateau broke (awkwardly impossibly imagery...) the losses were free to flow. I'm now 4.8 lbs away from my goal, but have officially squeaked into my goal range! (My weight fluctuates a lot so my overall goal is to stay within 5 lbs of 137). And to celebrate I'm having pizza, wine, and chocolate tonight! LOL Ok, no, not to celebrate! Going over to a friend's place - it's totally unrelated. The pizza is thin crust, fire roasted, and has plenty of cheese-free options so I usually do pr
  8. GAH, it's wing night again at my neighbourhood pub. (Reads post from last week. Reads it again. Reads it again.) Wings are pain and weight gain. Wings are pain and weight gain... Wings are so yummy... Wine misses me.... (reads post from last week)
  9. Thanks guys! This week has been a so-far-so-good deal on all things challenge related. Unfortunately, it's been totally terrible for sleep. Usually, we're a the type to go to bed watching TV. And I do pass out really quick that way. But the Hubs' schedule has changed a bit and he's getting to bed a lot later than me right now. So the thing that helps knock me out is what wakes me up later because I'm getting a TV flickering in my face for 3-5 hours each night. He's not getting the issue, but he also only has the TV on for an hour. The more tired Kily gets, the less nice she gets abou
  10. Ok, first off, that sounds like crazy stupid awesome fun!! We've been wanting to organize something close to that at the park across the street - there are these jungle gyms that are made to look like two forts, so it's a nerf gun storm-the-fort game waiting to happen! But I'm not sure we can manage it, it's a public park that's always incredibly busy and I wouldn't want impede any of the children's play time... I'm glad the change of weather helped give you a much needed boost. It's amazing how swiftly that can make a difference!
  11. Wow, you totally rocked Wednesday! That's so awesome!
  12. Hope the quack is a helpful one! Sending my best thoughts today
  13. Hump (giggle) Sorry, not enough coffee this morning. Or too much? Hmm
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