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  1. Omega (per Patricia Briggs): someone outside of normal ranking whose top priority is protecting the group. In my words, a super strong, agile badass who doesn't need their ego to tell them how great they are. See also: someone who doesn't let their injuries and baggage get in the way of doing what needs to get done. My goals for this challenge: 1) Angry Bird workouts 2 times a week - if I can increase my levels by 2 for each category, I shall be really happy. when I'm home, I'll put my current stats here (home in a week) 2) 10k steps 5 days a week
  2. I love this challenge for you!!! Such a great idea
  3. my system is just a sheet of paper with points given for walking, running, strength training, yoga or mental knowledge (aka, taking a free course online). Every 15 minutes earns me money towards a reward, with easy tasks being work 50 cents and hard ones (running) being worth 2 dollars. Pretty simple, but useful so far. Earned 8 dollars, mostly through walking but have one run in and one stretching session. Emotions are on a roller coaster. Admitted to my supervisor that I won't be able to meet quotas with the hours limit in place, and admitted I could use help streamlining my work
  4. really well, actually! I finally have some major closure over my old work, and I tackled my debt situation with open eyes and set up my new reward/tracking method. I also started using a mood tracker and a gratitude journal ap. The gratitude thing is an assignment from my counselor from, oh, last year? Two years a? I dunno, but I told her I wouldmt do it, so it feels like a bit step that I'm doing it now. Thanks for asking!
  5. Holy crap, I found this thread again!!! I seriously could not locate it on my phone's version of the NF website, but having a real computer really helps. Suppose I should delete my other, newly made battle log :/ Okay, so wrote a huge, long post of all the reasons and excuses, then decided I wasn't ready to post those yet So I emailed them to myself for future reference. But, highlights: A special thanks to WAANIE My best counter to my biggest excuses/reasons/rationales: "That isn't a good enough reason to quit / skip". This acknowledges that the reason is valid, just
  6. I have plans!!! Lots of them!!! Especially plans to get healthy and strong and stable. But alas, my perfectionist streak keeps saying "you can't start now - you don't have a cool thread name or backstory or, or, ANYTHING!!! You can't just wing it!!!" But that's what I'm doing. I'm putting this battle log to track my progress until I can get the time to write down my goals in fancy, nerdy style For now, general fitness conditioning is happening, i.e. walking daily plus 1 additional healthy activity of about 10 minutes long (stretching or strength or running). Depression
  7. Okay, enough moping. I did get right back up to walking again, and am at 115+12 days so far with only yhe one missed day l, so yay thanks you guys, you really helped Also, as of 3 days ago, I changed my daily 1% upgrading challenge to requiring one of the following: 1) Walk 10,000 steps 2) run .5 mile (may be split) 3) complete warm-up routine 4) complete 20 minutes of yoga I'm giving myself 1 loot point for each day completed, which is just a dollar but loot sounds cooler. Also, I'm seriously considering taking time off from the monthl
  8. I dont want to talk about it But an update is needed, so... I missed a day of walking yesterday, so I'm 5 frickin days short of my 120 walking goal. Trying to tell myself 115 days is still cool, but...my perfectionist needs a moment. I also did not start my stretching goal. And I did participate a little in the mini challenges, but it didn't feel like I met that goal either. Unhappy start to the challenge. However, I normally start strong and then get worse as I go, so maybe this time I'm doing it backwards? I'm going with that theory
  9. Could someone add me for 10 seconds of protect and 10 seconds of shell? My phone is being uncooperative again. Looks like white mage will be good for me, with numbers that low :/ Here's hoping for more tomorrow
  10. Placeholder until I can write out a better challenge, but in brief, my goals are such: General Conditioning - 120 days of walking outside my comfort zone. A) through 4/13, that means walking 1.5 miles daily OR 1 mile with a hill OR 1 mile with a run. 4/13 is the 120th day in a row Determine if I want to continue past 120 days or start a new, general conditioning plan before 4/13. Flexibility upgrades - 30 days of stretch challenge 1) stretch all major muscles as least once per day (~8 minutes) Strength upgrades 1) participate in mini ch
  11. I just rechecked this thread from a few months that ago - can new people still join the meet up on 3/29? I'm down in Tacoma
  12. Oh where, oh where had Georges gone, oh where oh where can she be??? Sorry, feeling silly and wanted to see how you're doing
  13. Um, reading Brandon Sanderson - the newest of the Mistborn series. When I'm not just rereading a Mercedes Lackey book - she's my all time favorite. Got my 1.66 miles in by mowing the lawn - didn't think it was that big. Water and veggies are behind though oh, and no real workout yet. Man, "losing" my prep day really throws off my rhythm. Tis okay though, I'll be back on track tomorrow
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