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  1. so as much as I disagree with the concept of Black Friday, I do like the cheap punching Bag that my wife bought me yesterday! 120 off the tag price BOOOYAAAHHHHH!!!!

    1. Brawlrus


      I'm jealous. What weight?

    2. pwallace


      100lbs. We got it for roughly $100. just got done with my first 3, 3 minute rounds it kicked my ass!

    3. Brawlrus


      Love that feeling, where your arms feel like they're going to fall off at the shoulder and you get that ache in your gut from breathing hard. bagwork is fun.

  2. watchin boondock saints for the first time in years. i love this movie!

    1. moork310


      One of the best movies ever!

  3. birthday dinner tonight and party tomorrow then finalizing my old/modified workout routine, then hittin the gym monday am. been a while but I do need to get back

    1. AdamB83


      Welcome back! Go get 'em!

  4. workin till noon then thinkin bout runnin/jogging/walking to the parents house 10 miles away. first time doin it so it'll be an interesting time.

    1. Ba'sini'on


      Keep us posted!!

  5. off to do that work thing. then hittin the gym. day 4 of spartan. Lookin forward to it!

  6. off to DJ a wedding!

  7. out of work in 30min the off to the gym to Spartan it up! then home to finish gathering music for a wedding tomorrow

  8. has come to realize that I look at NF more than I look at my work email. I also get more activity durring the day on NF than my email.

    1. Ba'sini'on


      Is that good or bad?

  9. booyah! now a recruit not a newbie! movin up in the world.....kinda

  10. time to get ready for work, work, lift, then time to fix the alternator on the jeep. maybe a little skyrim after if there is time. and if i am not dead tired!

    1. Thilde


      Skyrim sounds like a good idea on this rainy day. :) I may have to copycat you on that. I'm off for a run now!

  11. time to get ready for work. livin the american dream, then off to run at the gym. going to give my muscles a little bit more rest and lift tomorrow

  12. getting ready for the 6 week challenge tomorrow. defiantly going to be a fun one.

    1. Thilde


      Let's do this thing! :D

  13. getting ready for the 6 week challenge tomorrow. defiantly going to be a fun one.

  14. just started a food blog of sorts. tell me what yo uthink. I am gonna be adding different recipes

  15. ugh forgot to reset my alarm clock for the right time last night so I "slept in" wokrin then headed to the gym to lift AND run from zombies. then birthday shoppin for my bros, then chores...OHJOY!

    1. Ba'sini'on


      Better than my night, set my alarm for 5 and it glitched and woke me up at 3

  16. almost time to go run from some zombies! love my new running app definatly motivates me better than just going myself

    1. sumdawgtwigg


      One of the big reasons I use it is for motivation!

    2. SpecialSundae
  17. Going to go lift and up the weights today. Last day of the 6week challenge monday so I really gotta push today. gonna start c25k on monday as well gotta get ready for my 5 k

  18. lifted this am. now workin till close THEN staff meeting...UGH not gonna get to swim till late

  19. lifted this morning for the first time. now work for 10 hours straight. UGH tired!

    1. pwallace


      let me clarify, this was the first time I lifted in the mornign not actually the first time I have lifted

  20. oh work...how you bore me...luckily I start my pvp today! gonna got hit the gym hard!

  21. workin on my profile an enjoying a much needed relax day. hitting the weights again monday

  22. relaxin after a hard lift and swim at the gym today.

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