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  1. great job gettin the 20min in there. keep up the pace and the hard work your going to need them
  2. challenge completed! THE POINTS ARE MINE!
  3. going completely carb free is tough when you have other people in your house that aren't carb free. my fianee looked at my meal plans at first and laughed but now that she has seen some of the prelim results she is thikin of going paleo also. What works for me is to take on the mentality of carbs=cigaretts (I know they don't really but hear me out) I tried smoking once and was violently sick from it. So if I associate carbs w/smoking, then subconciously I assosiate carbs w/being sick and I want none of them. Before if I was hungry and shopping, I would walk past the donuts and muffins at th store and I would buy a couple and eat tem on the way home. Now I can walk by them look at them and say "Yep really want some celery right now, or maybe some carrots." If you want to really go paleo then start to associate carbs w/something that you hate or makes you not feel good. It will feel weird for the first week or so but after that no carb cravings...least it works for me. Good job not obsessing over one slip up day. We all have them, all that matters if that you push your hardest next workout and (to quote a good but somewhat corny tv workout actor) "Do your best and forget the rest"
  4. Hahaha I relish a challenge! Starting point: recorded after warm-up of 1/2 mile job w/stretches 1/2 mile run (on track at gym): 6minutes, 32 seconds...you got me beat so far Pull-Ups: 0 Vertical Leap: 10" Push-Ups: 11 regular pushups Toe-Touch: +4 inches Wall squats: 36 seconds Bicep curls, 15lb weight: 17 right, 17 left Ins and Outs: 30 (16 with hands in the air) Completed my workout, 1/2 mile jog/run then finished up w/ 1/2 mile in the pool... I WANT THAT SHIRT!
  5. oh work...how you bore me...luckily I start my pvp today! gonna got hit the gym hard!

  6. Here is the OFFICIAL tread for the PVP throw down between Pwallace and Idealistinfire! Here are the rules: each participants will complete the P90X fitness test with the addition of a timed 1/2 mile. The P90X fitness test consist of: Pull-Ups — do the maximum number of pull up to failure. P90X suggest that you should be able to do at least 3 pull-ups if male, 1 pull-up if female.Vertical Leap — a vertical jump off a single step. P90X suggest that you should have a vertical leap of at least 5 inches if male, 3 inches if female.Push-Ups — maximum number, females may do it off their knees. P90X suggest that you should be able to do at least 15 if male, 3 if female (or 15 push-ups off your knees).Toe Touch — this is the traditional sit and reach test. P90X suggest that your reach should be no less than 6 inches from your toes.Wall squats — sit and hold the 'chair' position against a wall for as long as possible. P90X suggest that you should be able to hold the wall squat for at least 1 minute.Bicep Curls — a test of the maximum number of bicep curls that can be performed at a set weight. P90X suggest that you should be able to do at least 10 curls with 20 lbs. if male and at least 10 curls with 8 lbs. if female.In and Outs — record the total number of ins and outs performed - you should be able to do at least 25. Both contestants will post the results of their fitness test no later than Monday, March 18th at midnight. Each contestant will work out on to their own program. Both contestants will commit to at least 3 workouts per week for the next 2 months. On Monday, May 20th, both contestants will will post the results of their final fitness test. The winner will be the contestant that improved in the most different parts of the fitness test. The looser of the PVP will buy the winner a Nerd Fitness Tshirt. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!!!!!
  7. How are you doin Mongo? Welcome to the Rangers guild! (exuberant round of applause from invisible crowd) We are happy to have you here. What are you lookin at doin for workouts? I have been going paleo for roughly 2 weeks now and I gotta say I love it...so far..... best of luck to ya and let us know if you need support
  8. Here are my measurments that I didn't have when I originally posted Height: 73in Weight: 245lbs Chest Girth: 43 in Abdomen Girth: 41 in Waist Girth:41 in Hips Girth: 43in Waist to Hip Ratio: 0.953im Bicep Girth L/R: 14.5/14.5 Forearm Girth L/R: 11.5/11.75 Thigh Girth L/R: 26/27 Calf Girth L/R:17.5/18 BMI: 28.3 Body Fat %: 27.14 Lean Body Mass: 178lbs wow seems unreal when I actually look at the numbers. I never realized that I compensate w/my right side so much. got to get those bicep measurements up and waist/Hips DOWN! It would be nice if the thighs would go down but my thighs have always been rather muscular so I am not overly surprised by those numbers
  9. workin on my profile an enjoying a much needed relax day. hitting the weights again monday

  10. thanks idealistinfire, I have set it at 2:15 becasue I just held plank in my work out yesterday for 28.6, 24.3, and 21 seconds so I want to push myself (its 2:15 in 3 reps if i have to.) feel free to grab this. I'll be posting my workouts on here later today (at work right now)
  11. Hey everybody, this is my first time doing this sort of thing (EVER) so I apologize up front for any rambling or side tracks that I go on. First let me tell you a little about myself. I am 22 years old, 6'1" 250 lbs (one a good day). I started working out right before finding NerdFitness and I have to say it has helped me to really learn and apply a better workout. Before I was doing (read attempting) P90X many MANY times. I would do great for the first week, miss a day or two the second week then say I was going to get every week, I would maybe do 2-3 days then fall off the workout wagon again with week 4 (cardio week: I HATE cardio or at least I used to). My fiance and I got a membership to the local YMCA and I started to swim as much as I could. At first I was only able to do 10-15 lengths but have worked my way up to 30-50 depending on the day. I was still trying to do the P90X but was just failing on that front as well. So I scrapped it and I started my own workout plan. Just finished my first week and I am LOVING it. So now to get down to the "Good Stuff" *Cue epic voice over* THE CHALLENGES! CHALLENGE #1 HOLD A PLANK FOR 2 MINUTE 15 SECONDS TOTAL (3 SETS HOLDING TILL FAIL) +2 END +1 STR CHALLENGE #2 SQUAT 75 LBS 3 SETS 10 REPS +1 END +3 STR CHALLENGE #3 SWIM 1 MILE DURING ONE SESSION IN THE POOL. (IN 1 HOUR OR LESS) +1 STR +4 END CHALLENGE #4 SWIM 1 LAP COMPLETELY UNDERWATER + 3 END LONG TERM CHALLENGES CHALLENGE #1 EARN A 6 PACK BY SEPTEMBER + 3 END, +3 STR, CHALLENGE #2 HAVE ATLEAST $2500 IN THE BANK FOR MY WEDDING BY SEPTEMBER 2013 (ONE YEAR BEFORE THE WEDDING) +3 WIS CHALLENGE #3 COMPLETE THE 300 CHALLENGE BY SEPTEMBER 2014 (AGAIN FOR THE WEDDING) +5 STR +6END Any thoughts or sugestions would be greatly GREATLY appreciated. also the reason that my weight is not a goal is because I know that looking fit and dropping weight is a byproduct of getting stronger. If I concentrate on getting stronger, upping my weight lifting and keeping my form perfect, then my weight will drop without me obsessing about it. Everything you'll ever need to know is within you; the secrets of the universe are imprinted on the cells of your body.†― Dan Millman
  12. relaxin after a hard lift and swim at the gym today.

  13. Just started reading on these posts and got to say I am impressed. Workin on making my own goals soon but I will definatly be putting more emphasis on the pushup portion of my work out. (doing 3 sets till fail usually 10 reps) so the 50 shouldn't be to much for me. Maybe I'll only count the spiderman pushups that I do. HMMMMMM Questio, If we do 100 do we double the earnings?
  14. How are ya Rookie? Im sittin here across the pond, readin over and I would suggest what I used to do when I boxed. When I had to drop weight for a meet, I would put on my tshirt, shorts, sweatshirt, sweatpants, jacket, then trashbag along with gloves and a hat and I would go for a run. Just tryign to get rid of that water weight. ALSO, try wrapping yoruself in a towel while sitting with you feet in hot water and try rubbing Vicks vapor rub on your chest. Worked great for making me sweat out about 2-3lbs when I had to drop some last minute Hope that helps Just be careful becasue all you will loose is water weight meaning it will dehydrate you a good amount. If you have a chance to rehydrate afterwards then try these methods. otherwise I would suggest finding something else
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