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  1. You use your legs for Squats, AND you use your legs for Deadlifts, so logic would dictate that if you warm up, and the lift heavy for your squats, your legs will be toasted and you won't be able to pull as heavy as you normally would on your deadlifts. Therefore, your back would not strengthen as quickly as it normally would and you actually have the potential to injure yourself as your other lifts get heavier. Squats want their own day Deadlifts want their own day
  2. Gainz will come. How advanced are you at lifting? If you know what you are doing check out Mike Rashid on youtube. Guy works his arms once a week and it will OBLITERATE YOU! I do his armogedon workout and can't touch my shoulders at the end cause my muscles are spent. Love the Belgariad referance for the name
  3. Alright I believe I can help you with this due to it being what I am doing (sort of) My lifting schedule goes like this Mon~Shoulders/Upper Back Tues~Lower Back and Hamstings Wed~Chest/Back Thurs~Legs Fri~Arms I run each morning with the pup and trying to work in a run each night. Now I know that looks intimidating when you first look at it but by run I really mean moderate to quick jog ESPECIALLY on friday (the day after leg day is killer) For you, I would make this suggestion, Run 3 days a week and lift 3 days a week (here is how I would split it up) Monday~Legs/Back/Abs Tuesday~ Run Wednesday~Chest/Shoulders/Abs Thursday~ Run Friday~ Back/Abs Saturday~Run it looks like alot, however it will work well. Yes you are working your back twice in the week, however that is most likely your weakest part so it will help to bring that up. Also putting the Legs at the begining of the week as opposed to the end will actualy improve your running (you have a good rest day right before, and then you keep them stretched out and loose all week with your runs) Just my thoughts hope they help! Check out Couch to 5K or Zombies Run 5l
  4. OH Sweet Baby Jesus today is going to Suck major hairy monkey Gonads!!!! On of my coworkers got absolutly smamered last night and is STILL drunk this morning. Besides that this should be fine
  5. Wuv you too Star! and don't worry if the wifey gets offed in some horrific accident, there is the manditory 6month mourning period then I'm coming after you. haha. AND yes you do have strong smexy arms and you should not be ashamed of them! Don't make me come out there and teach you a lesson, I WILL make you the bear!
  6. managable starts are always the best. When I started out if you had told me that I would be training in the "beginer" stages of power lifting now I would have laughed at you. Those look like awesome plans and I look forward to cheering your on
  7. late to the party but going to do this tomorrow morning I have been hitting the snooze button way to much lately.
  8. Popping in to say HI! Not going to lie the ME refference first attracted me here and now the overwelming awesomeness is keeping me. Your goals look good and you are going to kick so much a$$ on the challenge Also have you met starpuck? Starpuck and i did our first PVP against eachother and it was Mass Effect themed. So your challenge is near and dear to my hear. Will be popping in to see how you are faring at keeping the univers safe!
  9. I HAVEN'T ABANDONDED YOU I SWEAR! THE INTERWEBS DIDN'T PUT ON HERE THAT I FOLLOWED!!!! lookin good star keep on going! alos got a new friend for you Jennilovesryan is doing a N7 themed challenge for her first.remind you of anyone?
  10. Following along. a couple questions, what are yoru MFP goals? You say you want to work out on Tuesdays and Thursdays. What kind of workouts are you looking to do? 60oz is a good amount! way to go Final question, Are you ready to kick some butt and become even more awesome than a mother of 2 can be?
  11. Following along! Way to tag Daniel out of the Lion's Den and take the sucker on yourself. Your goals look amazing and look forward to hearing about your success!
  12. Following along buddy! goals look great and totally reachable. I can understand your frustration of your partner not following the same eating plan as you. My wife is the same way. I'm here for ya. Keep up the hard work
  13. Just saw a mass of Rangers go by all jabbering about Smart something or other and talking about goals, figured I'd drop in with them. As I joined in the mob, I found a few stragglers along the road side jennilovesryan here is a N7 recruit looking to slim down a few sizes and eat more paleo! Bookwormdee just joined us here and looks like maybe could use some help with structuring workouts Murph is tagging Daniel out and jumping into the Lions Den herself. Bulwark here has been kicking ass at losing weight so far but their thread is looking a little lonely. How about we give some nerd love
  14. hey all, I am jumping between out campsite and the monastary (monks) but concentrating on lifting and running and Macros this challenge.
  15. Even though i have wandered from the monastary for this challenge (I know but I have concentrate on lifting and running) I still plan on hanging around the monastary and saying hi! Also I am game for DnD and am an okay DM (haven't done anything online before but willing to try it out)
  16. I have been jogging as a warmupfor my lifts, It has been about a month since I did a serious run session, however I think my legs can take it. Yesterday was leg day and I feel fine. the 5 minute mile is not correct at all. As I said, the app was paused for about half a mile so it wasn't timing. I would say I was closer to a 10 minute mile. Still not too bad. looking at getting 1.5 miles in roughly 12 minutes.
  17. This mornings run with pup. App was paused for roughly .5 mile so the time is off however the distance is on. Haven't run in a while so it was rough at times but it was good. Got puppy out. Time to hit the gym for arm day then to work. Maybe a run tonight aswell we will see Sent from my phone, through the banging of weights, to the chimp translators aboard the tardis powered by the dylithiam crystal flux capacitor.
  18. Here is my nutrition for today. I have also done about 4 miles of walking but that isn't figured in. Just goes to show that had I not ate or drank the prepackaged crap from the store I would have been good Sent from my phone, through the banging of weights, to the chimp translators aboard the tardis powered by the dylithiam crystal flux capacitor.
  19. Someone has a hard play time at the park Sent from my phone, through the banging of weights, to the chimp translators aboard the tardis powered by the dylithiam crystal flux capacitor.
  20. MY BUTT HURTS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! those lunges destoryed my legs
  21. if that fails go monk attack something with sharp pointy teeth and knee it in the mouth
  22. can't go back to the iron man case, it is for the iphone 4 and I now have a 5.
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