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  1. Also because promised progress pics Before then after for each shot Sent from my phone, through the banging of weights, to the chimp translators aboard the tardis powered by the dylithiam crystal flux capacitor.
  2. Okay who would have know that a 3 exercise session (each having 3 sets) could exhaust my legs so much. Today workout as follows Squats 5*140 5*160 6*180 Straight leg deadlift (concentration on hamstrings) 5*110 5*115 8*125 Walking lunges 25lbs each hand 7 13 10 I am toast and my legs feel massive. Looking forward to arms tomorrow. Updating measurements from last night later today Sent from my phone, through the banging of weights, to the chimp translators aboard the tardis powered by the dylithiam crystal flux capacitor.
  3. Time for that new challenge thread. Going to do something "NEW" this time around. I am going to count my macros and drop the remainder of my weight by May 15th. Just a little over a month. Going to go ahead and calculate everything tonight. Probably going to drive my wife crazy with my obsessive measuring but hey I need to drop this to get out of here. Will continue with 5/3/1 Monday through Thursday, do an arm day on Friday, walk/run with the puppy on Saturday and Sunday go for a hike. Each day is going to have a different caloric limit I believe due to the nature of the days exercise. Obviously Monday through Friday will be higher due to lifting. ZERO cheat days! Can't afford any anymore. Also going to be doing body measurements (inches) every Saturday and progress pics, Just got myFat Gripz and looking to see what kind of impact they will have on my biceps/forearms. Initial measurements to come tonight Here are my stats: Height: 6'1" Weight: 230lbs Body fat Measurement (calipers): Waist Size: Bicep Size R/L: Forearm Size R/L: Thigh Size R/L: Calf Size R/L: Here are the steps that I went through to figure out my macros. Please yell at me if they are wrong/you know a better way Step1: Target Calories (Weight X Activity Level) = Target Calories Activity Level = 11~ Sedentary Job & Little Exercise 12~ Active Job OR Sedentary Job & training 2-3 times a week 13~ Active Job & training 2-3 times a week OR sedentary Job and train 4-6 times a week 14~ Active Job & train 4-6 times a week OR athletic training OR training multiple times a day So I put myself at a 12 (I have a sedentary job and do work out 4-6 times a week, HOWEVER I am attempting to cut so I knew that this would put me at a deficit. (Only about 250 less but still it's something)) My numbers (230*12)=2760 Calories Step 2: Protein! 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight My numbers 230lbs=230 grams of protein Step 3: Fat Choose between .3 and .6 .3= lower fat higher carbs .6 = higher fat lower carbs Multiply Fat number by body weight I chose .5 on my fat intake; want to keep the carbs lower My Numbers (.5 * 230)= 115g Step 4 Carbs Okay this one took me a little bit of calculating to get the right number s but I think I got them now Total Calories – ((Daily Protein * 4)+(Fat * 9))=Carbs My numbers (2760-((230 * 4) + (115 * 9)))/4= Carbs (2760-(920+1035))/4=Carbs (2760-1955)/4=Carbs 805/4=Carbs 200=Carbs This seems very high so if I go back and adjust my fat then it should lower the carbs. Will plan out food tonight to see if it really is or not So my end numbers are Total calories: 2760 Protein: 230 Fat: 115 Carbs: 200 Physical Goals: Monday: Military Press 5/3/1 Tuesday: Deadlift 5/3/1 Wednesday: Bench Press 5/3/1 Thursday: Squat 5/3/1 Friday: A mixture of Armageddon and FatGripz Arm workout Saturday: Walk/Run with Dog (depending on work schedule) Sunday: Hike with Dog Hit every day A+ Hit 38 days B Hit less than 38 days F UPDATE EVERY DAY! Even if it is a quick YEP I WORKED OUT update. Work on story/book atleast 15 minutes every day (anyone interested in seeing what the book is about PM me and I'll send you the prolouge) Tell me what you think
  4. Okay note to self, when applying icy hot, avoid the nipples. The burning sensation is NOT pleasant Sent from my phone, through the banging of weights, to the chimp translators aboard the tardis powered by the dylithiam crystal flux capacitor.
  5. Okay update from today I'm driving so I can actually give you numbers however I can say that my chest is sore do my second round of 531 today and holy crap dead lift day was tough. Yes I said deadlifts day I know you're going hold on PW you said your chest is sore but today was deadlifts that doesn't make any sense what does cause I just got a new toy for the gym this past weekend they're called fat grips they make it so that the bar goes from being 1 inch to 2 inches so you really have to squeeze tight nor for me to be holding on my last few reps for my dad left I was squeezing not only with my hands but with my forearms biceps triceps and chest holy crap nuggets I am sore and it is amazing will post numbers later right now driving home grabbing dinner then going to movies with beautiful wife then possibly pictures or I might play Lego hobbit with the wife I'm decided yet Sent from my phone, through the banging of weights, to the chimp translators aboard the tardis powered by the dylithiam crystal flux capacitor.
  6. I know I know I've been putting all my time and energy into the wife right now while that sounds dirty let me rephrase she used her going to the gym with me went to the second day in a road today might I add which is amazing for her usual it one day and then three days off because she saw her and doesn't want to do anything else but she went to the second day today and I've been spending a lot of my time just really emphasizing form and going over stuff with her praising her cuddling with her just doing a lot of that to try and boost herself self-confidence Sent from my phone, through the banging of weights, to the chimp translators aboard the tardis powered by the dylithiam crystal flux capacitor.
  7. Sent from my phone, through the banging of weights, to the chimp translators aboard the tardis powered by the dylithiam crystal flux capacitor.
  8. 1) that is why they invented video games, if you have xbox live add me and we shall game 2) found this guy out in the rain waiting for you
  9. we are okay with hearing the kissing parts then!
  10. Sheesh if it keeps up between these two, (Kishi and Starpuck) then within 6 months we are all going to be going
  11. I understand that that is a dangerous cycle to get into, which is why I am not getting into it. My goal was not to cut those things out 100%, but to break the addiction that was there. I want d to be able to still have something sugary when I want it, but not feel the need to devour the ENTIRE package. I would say it is more an exercise in self control now. Anywho more great news. My wife (who I have been trying to get to go to the gym with me for months, decided yesterday that she wants to start doing 5/3/1 with me we are going to the gym to check her maxes today and will go from there. I am super excited because I know once wh starts to lift, and once she gets through one cycle she will be hooked and lov it. Also, here is a pic of my new ride Sent from my phone, through the banging of weights, to the chimp translators aboard the tardis powered by the dylithiam crystal flux capacitor.
  12. Very true Kishi, I celebrated this weekend by having coffee and a cookie or two. Back on the no sugar wagon now. As promised a while ago, here are the workouts from last week/today. Starting a new round of 5/3/1 on Wednesday. Can't wait! Wednesday Thursday Friday Monday Also in personal news, new phone! And new vehicle! Sent from my phone, through the banging of weights, to the chimp translators aboard the tardis powered by the dylithiam crystal flux capacitor.
  13. WOW is it Friday already? Where has the week gone? Alright quick update (pics of workouts will come tonight promise) Sunday ~ took puppy for walk and worked on my left bicep. I pulled it during my Iron marathon the Wednesday before Monday~ did some stretching and rolling out Tuesday~ got out early and went for a run with the pup. First one he has ever done and he did a fairly good job. Wednesday~ Hit the gym for Day 1 of my Deload week from 5/3/1 It went well. Overhead presses at 50% of your 1RM are really easy Thursday~ Day 2 of Deload, Deadlifts were nothing, actually were a little bit more of a struggle because I couldn’t rely on the weight to help me lock in my form (I know sounds weird but I find heavier weights easier to DL than lighter because my body will move correctly with more weight) Friday~ Good day aswell Day 3 of Deaload, Benching was nothing at all. Decided to superset my curls at the end, did a set of 10 at 50lbs straight bar curl then sat down and did a set of 8-10 concentration Arnold curls with a 15lbs. during the 3rd set of Arnold curls( after my 3rd set of straight bar curls) 15lbs was freaking heavy! In other life news, I have a lead on a vehicle, a 04 Subaru Forester 5speed manual (YES!) hoping to look at it tomorrow. Also just got myself an upgrade for my broken phone, I got a iphone 5c for less than a quarter of the price of a new one! Reading….it Ain't happening. I am not going to have the book or even half of that book done by the end of the challenge. However I have started working on my book again. If anyone is interested in reading the prologue then hit me up with a PM and let me know. Mini Challenges Sobriety: I had a beer last Thursday when my great grandmother was in the hospital with a stroke. I didn't have one after the accident and I felt that I needed something to help me just relax. I had a single 22oz Sam Adams that night. I did have 2 small glasses of wine the other night (red of course) besides that I've done good. I am calling it a win Caffeine sobriety: I went 4 weeks ZERO caffeine (okay not completely cause I had green tea but still close enough) then decided one Saturday that I was going to get a coffee because I wanted one NOT because I needed one. That was the whole point of this mini challenge, I wanted to break my dependence on coffee in the morning and I have. WIN! Sugar withdrawals: the wife surprised me with a blizzard 2 days in, and I have had a cookie here and there or a couple spoons of ice-cream HOWEVER I call this a win also because I don't feel the need to eat ALL THE COOKIES! Or ALL THE ICECREAM. So win!
  14. So I have the perfect place for you to test out your zombie virus. It is a residential housing unit for children. teh staff there would be MORE than happy for you to experiment on the little terrors that are there. What you think? cut me in for say 30% of the profits and i will facilitate you with this testing ground.. 30% and a katana to go after the kids that is haha sorry things have been rough lately. I know how you feel. they do get better eventually. Good job with the pet project. hope it keeps going well
  15. WHERE IS CHEECOE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  16. An Iron marathon is where you take an empty a barbell (empty in my case) and you do one curl, then pass the bar to your partner who does 1 rep then passes it back and you do 2 then they do 2, and so on and so forth. You work your way up to 10 reps at one time and then back down to 1. Those last 3 sets (3,2,1) are rough and your feel like a giant Puss for struggling with 3 reps. I love it!
  17. Here are some different shots from my workouts/pup walks this past week. Will do official wrap up later Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. EDIT*** Love this guys mentality and approach, i will definatly be continuing for a while....stupid talking to phone not working right
  19. hmmmm, If I run around with an air compressor on my back could I do the air bending? NVM that there are 3 to a team. we can tag in. Also with your avatar shoudln't your be fire?
  20. Last day of my half of my first round of 5/3/1 holy cow I want this freaking program I've seen my strength six load and I'm not really sore afterwards love disguise mentality ballistic and I will deathly be continuing this for a while next week is my D load week and I think I'm going to be running more during that week as well I've given on till the end of April to lose my remaining 20 pounds so I can enlist I'm going to do it no questions asked it's happening Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. So First real arm workout in a long time plus doing an Iron marathon AFTER a few set of Rest Pause straight bicep curls. It got me feelin like
  22. Merchandising, merchandising, where the real money from the movie is made.
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