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  1. Tuesday, March 1st, 2011 Let's do this.... F.A.S.T. Class 1 - Double Kettlebell Upper Body Complex Warm up: 50 snatches with a 24kg kettlebell Quick rehashing of technique for single snatching, double snatching, double cleans, double hammer swings, and front squats with double bells. 3-5 reps each just to warm up the movement, moderate weight kettlebells. Complex Movements: 3 double kb snatches then 3 double hammer swings then 3 double cleans then 3 front squats with the kbs in the racked position. Weights: 1 time through with 16kgs, 2 times through with 12kgs, 3 times through with 8kgs. Sli
  2. Ugh, how did I lose half a week already? Monday, February 28th, 2011 Dogs in the AM Early 2.5k in my sexy steel toed boots. HUA. (Side note: I learned what today that HUA is actually an acronym and NOT just the random grunting noise a large group of military people are making when responding to an order! It stands for: Heard Understood Acknowledged.... who'd a thunk??) F.A.S.T. Class - Pistol Day... yay me Warm Up - 25 Snatches with the 16kg per arm Repetitions... ummm... lots and lots and lots. I lost count several times. Regular wall squats, facing the wall, feet slightly more than shoulder
  3. Okay... I've stayed on top of my school assignments but everything else fell under the bus this weekend. Or week. Depends how far back you want to look at it. Thursday, February 24th, 2011 Sacrificed both F.A.S.T. work outs and my BJJ class so that I could take the Greyhound to her final practicum visit to complete that aspect of my 28-Day Challenge. I don't count that as "missing" a workout or class. She's done and we're just waiting on processing to get her scarf and introductory letter. Friday, February 25th, 2011 Dogs in the AM Early It actually wasn't -20 this morning and we walked the do
  4. *smack* And I mean that in the best possible way. You're not going to get stronger by blowing the tendon. If it's not strong enough, you work and then you REST and REPAIR. You DO NOT OVERLOAD to exhaustion and then beat it up again! You're just going to do two things: trash the tendon and groove into your brain that the elbow needs to be protected because it's not strong enough. Mechanically, that means you'll start compensating through your muscle patterning and firing sequences so that you DON'T stress the tendons. Which, technically, will put huge amounts of load onto muscles not made for t
  5. Somebody get a shovel... today is going to be HARD CORE! YMCA in the AM - Deadlift Day Warm up: 2 laps around the track at a good clip 3 x 2 sets with the 45lb bar to assess technique and make a few adjustments 95 x 3 115 x 3 135 x 3 155 x 3 175 x 1 for 3 sets 185 attempted twice - ALMOST got it up the second time Challenges: Okay, first time in a LONG time I've had a heavily loaded bar and I'm doing most of my lifting with my lower back. Grip is also a big of a problem - even with a mixed grip I'm getting pretty wicked uncurling by the time I'm over body weight. (I weigh around 150lbs right n
  6. I never claimed it was inflammatory... it's just comparing the two put me in an interesting position. I had marks taken away on my last discussion paper because the teacher felt I was too aggressive in my stance. *rolls eyes* So this time I put on kid gloves. I can play nice if the teacher can't hack a strong opinion - I really want the grade at the end of the day.
  7. WHAT?!? You mean, pain in your KNEE which is lower in your base chain of support was affecting your leg and hip?!? *pulls a Home Alone* *grins and ducks* Silly thing... You're built from the ground up and it's all one machine, so to speak. Pain anywhere in your body is going to cause the other muscles of your body to compensate and try to relieve the pressure, which can lead to incorrect muscle patterning habits. Those, my friend, are a bugger to correct because you don't even realize you're doing it. Pain means something isn't working right, right? So you adapt. The body will always take the
  8. Grains do nasty things to your intestinal tract... things like ice creams I don't mind cheating on even though I've given up dairy but there's really nothing I WANT to cheat on that happens to be a bread product. I'm more cranky because of not preparing properly and getting into situations where it was cheat or starve. There's no reason for that to be happening. I only have one body, one life, and dammit I've committed to being healthy and that means I have to remember to EAT. *grins* During a busy week it's not uncommon for me to forget to eat or drink anything between the start of work and b
  9. Sorry for the ghosting for the last week or so - school all of a sudden became REALLY heavy in reading and project assignements. I just blew off an entire Sunday in my PJs glued to a computer chair. Ugh. We seem to be heading into the last week! ROLL CALL!!! How does everyone feel like theyre getting along..... Anyone need an extra kick in the pants or band aid..... Thanks, Clawed for keeping everyone tight! Challenge wise for me: Diet: Instead of two cheat meals a day Ive managed to keep it down to three cheat meals this month. Still not necessarily happy, as I really would like to com
  10. We seem to have successfully figured out a way Laz3rshark and I can hit the Y at the same time. That means I will be back doing bar weights on a more regular basis. That being said, he seems to have also screwed up his ankle so I get to do a lot of upper body for the first week. Yay for me. Monday, February 21st, 2011 YMCA - Closed Grip Bench Warm up: 10 with a 30 fixed weight bar 10 @ 45 unloaded 10 @ 55 10 @ 65 10 @ 75 6 @ 85 for 3 sets 3 @ 90 2 @ 95 (UGLY... wow) Cool Down: Back off set of 15 @ 65 I was laughed at because my closed grip bench is better than my floor press... which makes ab
  11. Friday ended up being CRAZY - but I did get my photo shoot in. I'll add pictures to my profile with my head shaved from the cancer fundraiser. Saturday, Feb 19th, 2011 YMCA - Floor Press Day Warm up: two laps jogging around the track 10 reps with the 45 bar empty 10 @ 65 6 @ 75 3 @ 85 for 3 sets Cool Down: Back off set of 15 @ 65 Dear Lord, it's been a long time since I did floor pressing. Today ended up being more of a technique and re-greasing the groove day then a weight day. My bar path was a little inconsistant and I seem to be pulling to the left regularily. That needs to be corrected,
  12. I love Rip. There are days when I wish I could talk to the stupid people in my life the same way.... one day I'll get there!
  13. Hiding under a weight stack... when I can lift my arms again, I'll find my whip..... *beams*
  14. Thursday, February 17th, 2011 SO TIRED! LOL F.A.S.T. Class 1 - Agility Ladder Drills Warm Up: 50 Swings with the 20kg Agility Ladder Drills: Double Foot Hops x 2 In-In-Out-Out each square x 2 each side Lunges Front Foot Each Square x 2 each side Frog Lunges, LOW hips x 3 Two Ladders Together: Two Feet Cubic x 2 (up-up-over-down-over-up - over ... etc) Travelling - Quadriped Movement, Two hands in each square moving across the room to the second ladder each square (Square 1, square 1, square 2, square 2) Travelling - Quadriped Movement, two FEET in each square same as above F.A.S.T. Class 2 -
  15. That's part of the problem, so to speak! I'm not spending ANY TIME on the couch! It's either school, clients, or something domestic... The first time I sat down to watch a movie in the last two months it was one of the nine I get to watch as part of my Leadership Development Course! LOL By the way... 12'O Clock High from, like, 1947 is an AMAZING movie. Next I get to watch Hotel Rwanda...
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