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  1. Read through the various character class descriptions for the Nerd Fitness Challenges. That might help you figure out your goals a bit more specifically. Any workout program you start with will make a difference with losing weight as long as you stay consistent and eat well, so it's really just a matter of defining more clearly your personal fitness goals and then picking a program that will support you in achieving them. Here's a link to the character class descriptions. http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/33333-real-life-role-playing-creating-your-character/
  2. Sorry for such a late response but I haven't been active for a while. I'm in Gelsenkirchen . Might be cool to meet sometime.
  3. Welcome to Nerdfitness Uglyfacetom. It sounds like you are off to a good start. Best of luck
  4. I'm an exchange student in Germany for the year and just curious if there is anyone close by to meet up with. I live in Nord-Rhein Westfalen and not to far from Essen.
  5. Agreed. Just go on a nice walk every day. Doesn't have to be fast paced. Just walk.
  6. Just realized I forgot to do core this past friday. I'll have to do that tomorrow. Today I'll do legs.
  7. Hey, I noticed you asked this a couple weeks ago and nobody answered. I wanted to check in with you on whether you have since found the answers you were looking for, or would still appreciate someone helping you out.
  8. Week 4- I will make it better than week 3 Today's workout Core and upper body pullups: 4 sets of 6 reps(originally did only 3 sets but then realized I had to do a 4 in order to make sure I wasn't doing less reps than the previous time I did pull ups close to 3 weeks ago) planks: 3 sets of 30 seconds pushups: 2 sets of 10 reps(close & wide grip), 1 set of 6 reps with 2 additional negatives(unassisted dips) Pushing to the limits. Every time.
  9. You will not get "bulky" from lifting weights, even if you lift heavy. That's a misconception that a lot of women have regarding lifting free weights. One of our administrators Stacy, known as "spezzy" on the forums is a shining example of lifting heavy without getting bulky. I wouldn't worry too much about looking like an idiot inside the gym though. It always feels like people are watching and judging you inside the gym, but honestly said everybody is in their own little world. And anyone who does judge you for trying to get fit is a douche. But like you mentioned you can do bodyweight training anywhere, so just decide for yourself which environment you prefer and then roll with it. Best of luck
  10. Welcome to Nerd Fitness Tambudzai! It sounds like you have a good idea for where you want to go with your fitness. Which class do you think you will join for your first fitness challenge?
  11. Week 3- Better be better than week two! Today's workout(I haven't gone to bed yet so this still counts as 11/11/2013 in my book ) legs squats: 3 sets of 10 forward lunges: 3 sets of 8 backward lunges: 3 sets of 8 Another leg day and two upper body days still to come
  12. It sounds like you just ended up with DOMS(delayed onset of muscle soreness). OUCH! I've had that in my quads before and it isn't fun. Do some stretching, massage your quads and make sure you get your daily quota of protein(very important for the muscles). To answer your question, DON'T do this workout every day. Your muscles need time to heal in between workouts. 3 times a week is just fine. Give yourself at least one day in between each workout to heal. If on those off days you're really feeling the need to be active, just go on a walk or something. But resistance training is really something you do every day. You'll get better results from 3 times to 4 times at most per week. I started out doing a Monday, Wednesday, Friday routine, which worked out pretty nicely and gave the option of pushing a couple workouts back a day if necessary. Just out of curiosity, what did this workout you did look like?
  13. One of the benefits of forging strong friendships with cool people from around the world is that suddenly you have double the incentive to go travel the globe; you get to visit a really cool place, but also reconnect with a good friend and experience the real culture of the place with their help. To me it really makes the world feel a lot smaller to know that there are places outside of my home country where I know people. The list continues to grow, but so far my epic quest is going to take me to the following places: 1.) Buenos Aires, Argentina 2.) Melbourne, Australia 3.) Birkirkara and Valletta, Malta 4.) Zagreb, Croatia 5.) Sagaing, Myanmar(Burma) 6.) Bucharest, Romania, 7.) Lille, France 8.) LA, California 9.) Prague, Czech Republic There are plenty other places I want to visit, but visiting friends comes first and foremost. I miss them! The one place I know without a doubt I have to visit before I die is New Zealand though. Middle Earth and Hobbiton are calling
  14. I've got a basic 30# PSE recurve. It's nothing super special but it works pretty nicely for 20-25 yard range
  15. Times Fitness Week 2 Today's workout Arms pullups: 4 sets of 5 reps: 20 total regular pushups: 10 close hand pushups: 10 military press pushup: 10 unassisted dips: 6 I needed this workout. I'm stressed and I just really needed it. Working out is the greatest form of stress relief I've ever known.
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