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  1. I'm done with this place. After four years, I'm completely disillusioned by the "in crowd" who can do what they like with no consequences. I've done my best to improve myself and help others but I'm forever an outsider so why the hell should I bother? I'll find somewhere else to track my progress.
  2. Okay. So this is more in theme for Spezzy's challenge but my thread, my rules and I'm now totally in love with Taron Egerton (rather than my previous "ooh purdy" crush). Check this out!
  3. I wouldn't assume the worst, though. It may just be that they suck at cooking.
  4. If your school is anything like my work canteen, the choice to use a pasteurised egg mix is less to do with cost and more to do with health and safety. Chemicals as a whole really aren't that big of a deal because everything is made up of chemicals. It really depends on which chemicals they are, and generally a lot of them are less "scary" than they sound.
  5. I'm doing my usual thing of totally forgetting my challenge, so here's a wee update: Been shit at doing accessories but not bad at not psyching myself out. I had a shoulder issue so didn't fuck with it and chose to look after it instead. Sometimes the right thing is not pushing through. Been AWESOME at nailing my macros, even with Tuesday's blow out. Now sitting around 63.5kg with another couple of kg to go, ideally, but just going to see how it goes. My calories were put up this week after a big drop, so running with 2403c, 152p, 67f, 298c. Okay with fun. Went to see Logan on Wednesday and I'm absolutely furious that we didn't get the Deadpool 2 teaser.
  6. Sooo... I finally went and saw a sports medicine doctor because my physio was concerned about the regularity of the injuries I get in my hips, particularly given that I score a 7 on the Beighton scale (hypermobility on all checked joints except my knees). He went through a few things with me but actually said my back seems pretty healthy and the main thing I need to work on is strength in my left glute and single leg control. Otherwise, he dictated a rather nice letter in which he referred to me as "an elite powerlifter" and "of athletic build" which made it hard not to giggle. I said after that I didn't think of myself as an elite powerlifter and he said that, even if it isn't a prestigious sport, to make it to Commonwealth level is still quite an achievement. He'd know. He's a former international ultra-runner!
  7. I was thinking of starting my reverse diet today but then Avatar put my calories up quite dramatically because I'd lost so much in the last week (debloat, probably) so I'll stick it out a few more weeks and see what happens.
  8. I basically leave him to do his thing in terms of programming, even if it does mean band squats and double pause bench.
  9. After three hours a session, I'm not really looking to add more lifting. I'll do it when it's in my programme.
  10. Did a side by side comparison of myself now and myself three years ago and I still need to cut a bit more to get where I want to be. Not sharing the pics.
  11. A lot of it is telling me things I already know at the moment but it's nice being able to ask Layne Norton questions in the group and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in the reverse.
  12. Yup. It's mostly for the reverse more than the cut, as cutting is easy.
  13. I'm thinking about braving another one in a couple of weeks. Really want to be moving better.
  14. Not for three months, but it was more "in time" = "over the course of time" rather than "in time" = "by the deadline".
  15. Holy mother of f*ck that massage hurt! Hoping it helps but I really need to do that more often. One IT band/lateral quad is so snarled up he could barely massage it.
  16. When ah were a lass, we had to use a broomstick with a coople of pails of stones to lift weights. Noon of this fancy barbell malarkey!
  17. I have regularly seen three bars running on the big black platforms in the front half of FW1 before (two from the floor and one from the stands). Actually, I've seen that happen on the regular-sized platforms too but less often!
  18. Mine are a uni gym and a powerlifting gym. My work gym only has one per building, but that's not bad for an office gym.
  19. What gym do you go to that there aren't even three deadlift platforms???
  20. Yet somehow my weight was down today! I've kinda given up on getting down to 61kg before reversing. I'm just aiming to be consistently under 63kg for a week. Cutting is really getting me down and I know I can make weight.
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