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  1. Feeling a little better this week, I did a tiny workout yesterday and a slighly larger one today. If everything goes ok I'll hit it harder on Friday 8/20: 6 pull-ups 10 push-ups 5 Ring Dips 8/21: 20 Squats 3 pullups 10 Ring Rows 15 Push-ups 30 sec(per side) Side Planks Some light stretching and working on my low squat.
  2. I'm finally starting to feel better. Still not great though. I think I'm going to try to hit up some flexibility stuff later today. Last night I was able to do 5 push-ups and 2 pull-ups without being completely out of breath, but still not ready for anything crazy yet. Also not coughing very often today so, I'm thinking that's a good sign.
  3. Thanks, the cold is maybe a little bit better but still bad.
  4. So I've got a cold today I think. So I'm going to skip the workout. If I'm feeling better later I may try to do something light.
  5. 8/5 am gymnasticswod 2(scaled from 3) rounds of 15 Side leg Swings on Right 15 Side leg Swings on Left 2 minutes of Middle Split(just doing frog splits keeping upright, my legs don't go out near far enough for middle split yet) Also I did couple rounds of side plank raises( 5 per side for 2 sets) and 2 rounds of MiniChallege 10 Inverted Rows 5 X Push-up Also I got some Basement work done this weekend, I managed to put varnish on the kitchen island so that will soon relocate, and I was able to select a lot of things for the trash heap from the basement.
  6. Thanks. I actually did some side planks(for like the first time ever) this week, and I think it really did hit some new muscles. Previously I had done Russian Twists for obliques instead but without much actual effort into progress there. About the abdominal fat, yeah I know diet is the only thing, I think finally in the last 30-40 days I've finally started to lose some from the "Love Handles" area, which I'm really happy about. I'll try out the side plank raises, that seems more difficult than just the side planks. I've also been nursing an injury in my 2nd from the top on the left side rectus abdominis, not sure if there is a more specific name. It's severely limiting most things. I took basically 2 full weeks off and it stopped hurting except when trying to do any kind of leg raise or L sit(so I haven't been doing those) and that was my main ab workout anyway I guess. Sounds like this would be better for still working the abs but not the hurt ones. Thanks!
  7. 8/2 am "tabata something else" from crossfit.com Tabata(20 seconds activity, 10 seconds rest, for 8 rounds(I did 4 rounds instead of 8 for scaling)) sets of Pull-ups 6, 5, 3, 1 Push-ups 15, 7, 4, 3 Sit-ups 9, 9, 9, 6 Squats 18, 15, 12, 15
  8. 8/1 pm Ladders(alternating) Pull-ups 1, 2, 3, 4, 2, 2 Ring Dips 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2
  9. Ok, here are the(hopefully) before pictures of my basement and garage. Basement: Garage: ? So Plan of attack(This particular goal isn't super smart, it's really Unspecific, Measurable, Unattainable, Relavent, Time bound, so UMUR Goal? Anyway this may take multiple sprints to complete: 1) Sort and clean out(read throw away stuff) from basement 2) In garage put remaining finsh layers on kitchen island(when it stops raining for more than 5 minutes) and relocate to kitchen(not pictured). 3) Build, or buy some type of shelving for Basement storage 4) Look into re-configuring workout area if necessary for better space utilization 5) Clean up garage, maybe building work bench 6) Post after pics. If I can get to step 2.5 or start on 3 this challenge I'll be happy and call this one good, though it may turn into an epic and be a story on my next challenge.
  10. 7/31 pm Tabata Alternating( pull-ups, ring dips ) Pull-ups 6, 4, 3, 1 Dips 5, 5, 3, 2
  11. I wouldn't feel too bad, I hate trying to cram a workout into lunch time, so there are likely a pool of less people to begin with. Advertising will help I'm sure. Also I looked up how-to, practiced, and failed at a kip-up, lol, I guess that's why you try practice on padding not concrete( still kinda hurt on a padded floor)
  12. Thanks, I don't think I'm anywhere near there I'm trying to get lower ROM on dips and higher ROM on pull-ups. These are of course the areas where you are lacking leverage and require far more strength. I have a feeling I'll still be doing this next(and at least the one after) challenge.
  13. The mudder workout looks crazy, 5 circuits of insane stuff, good job!
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