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  1. Fell on my face a lot the past 6 weeks, but I think i can take away from this experience. Fast Food Goal: F. After the first week I gradually started to eat out. No points awarded. Cut Out Soda Completely: C. I had a few to drink, but really have no cravings for it at all. It's too sweet for me now. Salad Goal: D. I had a few salads, but I turned myself off to them when I bought cheap lettuce and it tasted like dirt. Swimming Goal: C. I still am a bit unsuccessful with freestyle. Also, I let a creepy old couple deter me after a few accounts of them sitting and watching me... not
  2. I use these and they work pretty good. http://www.amazon.com/Macks-AquaBlock-Earplugs-Clear-pair/dp/B0009DXASW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1370763495&sr=8-1&keywords=ear+plugs+swimming
  3. Do you drink coffee with your meal? I suggest introducing an apple in the morning. It's weird, but they wake you up.
  4. Alright, so far It's been going well. Today is Salad day and I'm going to have my protein in. Also started to practice swimming. Here it is: 20 min of kicking 10min of floating 5 min of experimenting/miscellaneous. That's 35 min in the pool. So 35 min is going to be the median of time I need to be in the pool 45 max, 25 min. Frequency would be 1-2 times a week for the lowest, 4-5 times a week the highest. No soda has been consumed. Even the miniscule amounts I take back to the server area. No fast food has been consumed. I've taken up a different rout to work in order to avoid
  5. I have the faintest idea... Edit: To be honest, learning how to swin would be rewarding enough. Maybe a trip to my favorite restaurant?
  6. Introduction Hey guys. I've been on the forums here and there. Falling behind. Nearly had a nervous breakdown my last week of college.... Yeah... But I want to be better. Started to go after junk food for comfort and now I'm back where I started from. I've always plateau at the 240 weight. Also, I have a terrible scale in my bathroom and I don't know what weight I'm at right now. Most likely 245-250 again. Also, with my new job at a newly opened restaurant, temptation is right there every time I enter the server area. Starting weight: 245 ish? on a good day? Height: 6'2'' Goal
  7. Have you been stepping on different scales? Are you weighing yourself at the same time as your last weigh in? Have you been consuming larger quantities of water lately? What was the time difference from when you weighed 180 and got back up to 190?
  8. Why not get a kickstarter up and running? Look at Planetary Annihilation. I'm an RTS dabbler and that gme looks Awesome.
  9. Still struggling on slaying this three headed dragon. I need more training if i'm going to endure the volleys of complications this damn thing sends my way.

  10. 4/8/2012 Three eggs Black Tea w honey and sugar Roast Beef Sandwich 12 oz of coffee PB and Banana sanwich green/red tea mix w/ hone and sugar. Sweet tea from work 2 ramen blocks with a tbs of siracha and 1/3 cup tuna.
  11. 4/7/2013 2 cups of coffee /w cream and sugar 3 egg omelette with red bell peppers and onions Banana Mandarin orange Protein shake (three scoops) Carrot whole raw Salad, no dressing. Carrots, Tomatoes, Romane Lettuce, Broccoli Water consumption: 3 whole glasses Workout: Shoulders
  12. I've decided to just pop up this little battle log and log in the foods I eat along with my workouts and how I feel that day. Might as well start making myself accountable, and a little discipline. I'm seeing some results, but I know that my diet has been bleh and not following the workout plans advice. Goals: Weight loss. Losing 1-2 pounds a week or more. Attempting a 20 pound loss before June 15, my sisters wedding. Strength: doubling my starting strength from the beginning of my routine: 75% complete Education: Not only expanding my mind on eating-right, but also in my studies in be
  13. One change I see is that I might have to start wearing a belt soon if I keep at it... WOOT!
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